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  1. Banned

    Thank you
  2. Banned

    Hello, could I please get unbanned? Thank you
  3. Bot expiration

    Payment for " Bestest " done. Transaction number: 9E9753292V478102S
  4. Banned

    Thank you, I do really appreciate it All understood and won't do the same mistakes ever again. Appreciate your trust.
  5. Banned

    I played EL for a very long time before I started " making profits ". Was in 2015 when I started doing this iirc. And also yes, I was lvling my own char- StouXy, who was supposed to be 100 cap with high eng to bomb 170's players, but then bombs got nerfed and I stopped lvling him at all. I am not going to argue with you honestly, because I am sure loads of people do that. All I can add to it, is that I do really like EL, as like I said, I grew up playing it. As far as unoffs go, I just edited my signature and the "Susje is a c*** " post, that's it. Haven't touched a single post of mine. Just like I told you, it was not very mature and was over the top. If you want me to, I can put it back. No, I haven't been couched, feel free to ask Alphabet about our Skype call. Yes, it was over night, as I finally was shown the real consequences of my actions and reconsidered my behavior and actions. So yes, it was literally over night. One person I talked to made a nice example " You go to someone's house, you stay there and then you start criticising and bashing his home. But the next day you go there again, stay there and do the same criticism again. Next day the same, and again and again...etc..." So yes, it's wrong and I do fully understand that.
  6. Banned

    Because now I see how really wrong I was, I should have known better. Well, I was actively playing, did every invasion, died a lot, did dailies, even harvested etc..But past 2 months I was very busy as it was end of the year and real life got me busy. That's why we didn't even do the Christmas giveaway. Yes, I did cause a lot of headaches. But really, is it really for the permanent ban? I know you hate me Aislinn, but really, is there nothing I did good or helped? Unoffs- no, it was just a suggestion I was willing to do. And no I am not that idiotic to say " show me one previous occasion ". And as far as Kaddy goes, I was the one pming him, asking him to talk to you as I realized I am the one bad here, not you guys. Once again, I am sorry and promise to change. Especially when I publicly declared to ban me if I do one more bashing or say anything stupid etc. Please consider all I said and I hope you'll notice I truly mean it. Thank you. StouXy
  7. Banned

    Uderstood. Yes, I agree, I am a pain in the ass sometimes. And yes, I should talk less, or not talk at all. And I do apologyze for all the troubles I have caused to you, radu, community and unofficial forums too. I won't play dumb, because I know I said loads of sh*t. I admit and totally agree. Only one thing on my defense I have to say: I do care about EL, even if it doesn't seem that way. That's why I even suggested radu the redo of the website to attract more player. Found a coder who would do it for reasonable $. As well as doing the Xmas giveaway with Cher last Christmas ( 2017 ). Wanted to do it this year as well but was very busy irl. And I mean it when I say I care about EL, because I basically grew up playing EL. As far as unoffs go- I also admit, I cause a lot of trouble there, but only towards Susje, noone else. And yeah, it's not very mature and I should stop. So I am willing to go through all of my posts and delete EVERY SINGLE bad comment I made there. Just give me the chance to prove myself. And as far as personal gains go, well, not very happy to say ( because now Susje will have a advantage over me when I say this publicly ) , but I am very far from making profit in EL. Especially after buying STX and STXII chars. And yes, I claimed publicly I am making profits, but in reality...far far from being there. I am very sorry for my behavior and I am more than willing to change my attitude, which would result in : not attacking verbaly radu, you Aislinn or anyone else. -Staying out of all drama -Not bashing anyone on unoffs, especially not Susje -Deleting all the bad comments out there -Behaving well And I'd like to especially apologize to you radu and to you Aislinn. I am truly sorry and I mean it. This is enough of a warning for me and I do actually listen to those and pay very close attention to them, because now I see it's very serious. I know I said this many times, but I'd like to say this publicly here now and for everyone to see. If I EVER become pain in the ass from this point on, please do ban me forever without giving me another chance to play ever again. I am that serious this won't ever happen again. Thank you very much for your time and response. StouXy
  8. Banned

    If the reason is rule 14, then I am very sorry. Did not think that posting pastebin.com link with storage sales is illegal. ( Should have known better ) Did it first time. Till yesterday I always posted the stuff on this forum and for some weird reason yesterday I posted the pastebin link directly. If that's the case, then I am sorry and I promise to never do such thing again. ( As I haven't in the past ) If that's not the case, please do tell me the reason. Thank you and appreciate it. StouXy.
  9. Banned

    Hi, I was IP banned, please could I know why? And if the ban is temporary or permanent please? Thank you. StouXy
  10. Storage sales! X-MAS.

    Updated list.
  11. Alt+1 Won't work for using item.

    Hey, so I have my keys changed as follows: Spell #1 is set to press " 1 " on my laptop. " To use " item in number 1 slot I am supposed to press left Alt+1. Yesterday I opened OBS app and my EL bugged. Today I came back to EL, pressing left Alt key + 1 and nothing works. I can't use an item with this shortcut. Doesn't work for alt+2,3,4,5... Any suggestions what's wrong please? Example: #K_ITEM1 = LALT 1 #K_ITEM2 = LALT 2 for items. And spells: #K_SPELL1 = 1 #K_SPELL2 = 2 I tried rebooting app, PC, uninstalling OBS everything. Help pl0x ?:P Thanks.
  12. Storage sales! X-MAS.

    Updated the list, added loads of new stuff.
  13. Yeah, why only black/ice? Let's do all helms! But what will the prices do? Will they go up? Will they go down ?:P
  14. Storage sales! X-MAS.

    Selling sto's from 5 chars. PM me if anything catches your eye To quicker sales, pm me from what storage it is. Thanks. ( They are red highlighted ) STX3: Food: 6031 Cooked Meat Weapons: 2715 Steel Two Edged Sword Magic: 20 Medallion of Life 88673 Point Defense 150 Potion of Action Points 2 Random exp giver 660 Red Dragon Scale 1 Ring of Hydro 191 Blue Dragon Scale Essences: 99999 Magic Essence 273885 Fire Essence Potions: 203 Refined Vegetal Mixture 1753 Potion of Manufacturing Clothes: 2 Night Visor 2 Mage Robe Shirt Misc: 1 10% Shop Coupon 16 Invisibility Removal Ward 87 Orange 97 Banana 7 Grapes 103 Pear 192 Mana Drain Ward 18 Daily cooldown reducer 2 Binding Stone 213 Invasion Token Jewelry: 9546 Silver Medallion 30213 Polished Sapphire LittleSTX: Weapons: 1 Jagged Saber Armor: 1 Bronze Plate Mail 1 Iron Greave 1 Steel Greave 1 Titanium Cuisses 1 Steel Plate Mail 1 Titanium Shield 1 Red Dragon Cuisses 1 Red Dragon Greave Surpreso: Tools: 8 Alembic 4 Medallion Mold 28 Ring Mold 558 Arrow/bolt head 44 Gemstone hammer & chisel Weapons: 5 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 7 Titanium Axe of Evanescence 2 Titanium Axe 4 Scythe 5 Bronze Sword 1 Orc Slayer of Mana Nullification 1 Jagged Saber of Cooling 2677 Fire arrows Armor: 1 Bronze Helm 1 Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain 2 Red Dragon Greave 2 Blue Dragon Mail 2 Ice Dragon Cuisses Magic: 2 Joules Stone 4 Conjurer Cloak 1 Medallion of Life 297 Red Dragon Scale 1 Day of Tailoring 10 Nexus transfer stone 4 Harvester Medallion 2 Day of Schools Stone 2 Day of Robin Tell Stone 1 NMT removal 2 I Eat Dead People Removal 1 Saving Stone 36733 Point Defense 421 Potion of Action Points 86 Blue Dragon Scale 4 Little Blue Dragon Scale 1 Day of Summoners Stone 2 Day of Non Stop Stone Essences: 3 Enriched Magic Essence 19 Enriched Death Essence 38796 Fire Essence 12507 Magic Essence Potions: 1001 Potion of Body Restoration 308 Yarrow - Wormwood - Tulips Extract 95 Mixture of Power 327 Magic Potion 645 Potion of Will 928 Poison Antidote 73 Invisibility Potion 597 Potion of Great Healing 118 Potion of Speed Hax Animal: 22 Beaver token 7 Rat token 1 Spider token 1 Female Orc token 1 Snake token 130 Giant Summoning Stone 210 Bear Summoning Stone 37 Little Dragon Blue Summoning Stone 4777 Wolf Fur 70 Puma Fur 63910 Raw Meat 4000 Mule Skin 2609 Tiger Summoning Stone 352 Black panther fur 495 Tiger fur 477 Polar Bear Fur 50 Brown Snake Skin 7520 Hawk Feather 490 Fox Fur 1213 Raccoon fur 906 Green Snake Skin 130 Red Snake Skin 96 Leopard fur 98 Leonard fur 7259 Falcon Feather 453 Cockatrice Feather 2231 Bear Fur 814 Brown rabbit fur 9308 Rat tail 403 White rabbit fur Clothes: 4 Conjurer Cloak 1 Tunic of the Ninja 2 Cape of No More Warlock 1 The artificer cape 2 Night Visor 8 Excavator Cape 3 Powersaving Cloak 1 Cape of The Unbreakable 4 Warlock's Cloak Misc: 1 Grapes 41 Invasion Token 21 10% Shop Coupon 171 Mule Glyph 4 5% Coupon 1 Bot Blessing Coupon 182 Mana Drain Ward 108 RC Mine Detonator 31 High Explosive Mine 40 RC Mine 250 MI Removal Ward 36 Skull key 9 Daily cooldown reducer
  15. Bring back old Neno

    Sounds good and fun