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  1. Selling storage

    Hey, well, time to get rid of some stuff from my storage. Items are only being sold at larger amounts- I updated the minimum buying amounts. Thanks. Who comes first gets first. Post here under the thread or pm me directly in EL to STX. Thanks, have fun. You have 300 out of 300 slots used. Food: (Everything from food can be bought only all at once) 30483 Vegetables 90679 Wine 202472 Fruits 358 Potion of Feasting 58729 Toadstool ( 38792 now ) 6121 Cooked Meat Ores: ( Minimum buying amount for Ores is 50k ) 1 Matter Conglomerate 86072 Honey Comb ( 46072 now ) 151494 Titanium Ore 151688 Iron Ore ( 101688 now ) 17248 Gold Ore 103264 Cinnabar 173402 Silver Ore Metals: ( Can be bought only all at once ) 2355 Silver Bar 5574 Steel Bar 521 Hydrogenium Bar Minerals: ( Minimum buying amount for Minerals is 50k ) 98615 Rose Quartz 37986 Ruby 145554 Sapphire 97805 Diamond 2025 Amber 248433 Sulfur 194714 Blue Quartz 10625 Gypsum 42030 Emerald 262160 Coal 44134 Turqoise 102026 Quartz Magic: ( Minimum buying amount for Magic is 100 for scales, 1k for finders, 10 medallions and 100 for acp's ) 49 Enhanced Sun Medallion ( 44 now ) 28 Medallion of Life ( 27 now ) 2 Random exp giver 1012 Treasure finder ( 812 now ) 810 Potion of Action Points ( 780 now ) 1 Day of Alfred Nobel Stone 1 Medallion of Mana 2787 Pear finder 1 Scotty Died removal 3 Saving Stone 622 Black Dragon Scale 16 Gatherer Medallion 466 Ice Dragon Scale 1 Physique Removal Stone 242 Blue Dragon Scale 188652 Point Defense Essences: ( Minimum buying amount is 50k for normal essences and 20 for enriched essences ) 94 Enriched Life Essence ( 55 now ...53 now... ) 105 Enriched Water Essence 428 Enriched Death Essence ( 400 now ) 128006 Life Essence ( 48006 now ) 985 Enriched Energy Essence 5 Enriched Magic Essence 370983 Air Essence ( 359983 now ) ( 229 983 now ) 8 Enriched Fire Essence 142275 Water Essence ( 100000 now ) 372736 Fire Essence Potions: (Minimum buyying amount is 5k for potions and cf too ) 3176 Poison Antidote 358 Potion of Feasting 6764 Potion of Wildness 6560 Potion of Vitality 11119 Potion of Physique 4743 Potion of Reasoning 1411 Magic Potion 13041 Potion of Coordination 1144 Potion of Will 7176 Potion of Attack 11109 Potion of Defense 213 Refined Vegetal Mixture 13933 Creature food 519 Potion of Summoning 1753 Potion of Manufacturing Animal: ( Minimum buying amount of tokens is 50, for bones it's 100k and for animal parts it's either all at once or 5k+ ) 98 Rabbit token 176 Skeleton token 22 Woodsprite token 7356 Black panther fur ( 5756 now ) 1317 Tiger fur 225 Ogre token 30776 Deer Fur 90 Giant Spider Summoning Stone 2368 Tiger Summoning Stone 573599 Bones 21 Fluffy Summoning Stone 13726 Polar Bear Fur ( 12000 now ) 6414 Brown Snake Skin 428 Snow Leopard fur 24248 Hawk Feather 8400 White Tiger fur 11372 Red Snake Skin 23396 Leopard fur ( 21800 now ) 11788 Fox Fur ( 10000 now ) 10171 Feran Horn ( 9000 now ) 8582 Cockatrice Feather 19172 Raccoon fur ( 16000 now ) 627 Leonard fur 23283 Green Snake Skin 106 Armed Orc Summoning Stone 63 Little Dragon Blue Summoning Stone 24 Goblin token 439140 Raw Meat 1083 Mule Skin 2 Arctic Chim Summoning Stone 125 Giant Summoning Stone 19095 Beaver fur 1005 Puma Fur 6741 White rabbit fur ( 6000 now ) 36 Beaver token 88 Tiger token 33721 Wolf Fur 3 Sslessar Summoning Stone 89871 Rat tail 60287 Brown rabbit fur 38655 Bear Fur 2115 Deer Antlers 274 Snake token 12 Brownie token 10546 Falcon Feather 11 Phantom Warrior Summoning Stone 4 Panther token 104 Female Orc token 251 Spider token 8 Female Goblin token 176 Male Orc token 9 Rat token 1412 Skunk fur ( 800 now ) Clothes: (Minimum buying amount is 1 NV/ 1 shirt/ or 10 per cloak ) 160 Warlock's Cloak 60 Excavator Cape 21 Powersaving Cloak 4 Body Piercing Cloak 32 Cape of passive camouflage 4 The artificer cape 6 Monster Magnetism Cloak 5 Mirror Cloak 20 Conjurer Cloak 3 Mage Robe Shirt 3 Night Visor 2 Cape of The Unbreakable 23 Fast Regeneration Cape Misc: ( Minimum buying amount is 25 pears/ 50 mines/ 25k leather/ 25 serp stones/ 25 bananas/ 25 oranges/ 25 inv token/ 25 mines. Other than that, all at once ) 49 Medium Mine 118 Pear 133 RC Mine 42843 Leather 11 Binding Stone ( 5 now ) 27 RC Mine Detonator 64 Serpent Stone 12 Small Mine 239 Mule Glyph 96 Banana 25878 Bones Powder 6 Enrichment Stone 164 Orange 8 Grapes 2 Black Horse Whistle 1 Dapple Gray Whistle 19 Daily cooldown reducer 26 Invisibility Removal Ward 233 Invasion Token ( 213 now... ) 27 MI Removal Ward 42726 Thread 67521 Empty Vial ( 57521 now ) 33 Mana Burn Ward 13933 Creature food 104876 Yew 18806 Rope 10 Archery Arena Ticket 9828 Saltpeter 49783 Ashes 251516 Wood Logs 192 Mana Drain Ward 56 High Explosive Mine 7024 White Fabric 74223 Mercury Jewelry: 9546 Silver Medallion 30213 Polished Sapphire
  2. EXP Bonus after the kill

    nvm, cba, just do what you do -edit
  3. EXP Bonus after the kill

    I would like to address this in particular AIslinn. Ok, let's take a look. The game was created in 2005?ish, don't know exactly. Now, it's a year of 2018, where people have millions of games to choose from. And what do people want? Do they want to spend 8 hours of training ( in general, on computer playing one game ) or do they want action? Well, sorry to let you down, but they want action. That's why League or Fortnite are the leading games in this age. People, sadly, became lazier and however this might be painful, they won't come to play EL. Actually, what are we trying to save here? It's not about this- the exp after kill. It's about trying new things to make NEW people come to EL. Start with something small and progress from there. You might argue with " Well, fk those people who want something quick", well- I say " fk you, because you can't adjust to the age we live in and you're looking for 1% that still want to spend hours on PC and play MMORPG which takes years to achieve something in. Don't get me wrong, I love EL and the in game mechanics are just awesome, I agree. But people in this age won't come, because everything just takes too long and people are not patient as they used to be. But it's just a fact which radu, you Aislinn, me or no one else will change. So why cry over it? When we can try to do something with it and adjust to the system that is working in 2018? You just CANNOT have the mindset from 2005ish to be working in 2018. We all see EL s just hanging on because of old and hardcore EL players. No new people coming. You have to focus on new players and make something they will like. Sorry to be honest, but put your egos away and focus on something that will work in this age, and not that what worked 10 years ago. Surround yourself ( @Entropy @Aislinn ) with people who know the newest trends in gaming ( not saying it's me by any means ) and put some time and effort to revive EL and get new people to play the game, because EL is very good game, we ca agree on that There's very many young freelancers who are good in coding, advertising, advices ( or w/e the word is- advisory? ) and many more, who will basically work for a nickle. Just find those people, make them work together, motivate them and you will see, that EL could get thousands of people in no time. Not criticising, don't get me wrong. Just trying to help. I play and will play EL even tho nothing changes, but I am sure it could get better. Just let this sink in and maybe you'll see I am right. If you try to prove me wrong on any point- just ask yourself this first: how many new players did we get in 2018? How many of those still play till this day? What are radu's sales recently? As he said on c6 that sales weren't that great lately. Well, when you answer these questions afterwards, you will see, that something is not working as it COULD be. Just my opinion, do or think whatever with it EDIT: And most importantly- don't hate people who are trying to come up with something new. They're helping. And if you don't like the idea, doesn't mean others won't and also doesn't mean the "change" won't be good. We are just trying to help because we love EL. Thank you for your time. -StouXy-
  4. EXP Bonus after the kill

    I love this idea. I only did dailies in EL, but when I came to OL, I actually grinded a/d with this system. It's much more fun. And I bet you people would start training/grinding again lol Just make it as OL has it, problem solved. It's a brilliant idea. And I don't think more gc will come to EL, cos more armors/weapons will break and shit ya know. I am 100% down for this gg -StouXy-
  5. KF 130 cap.

    I am sure it hasn't been changed, collect me if I'm wrong tho radu. Well, 30HP and ~100Mana isn't that much of a difference. Just a slight difference. Also, we'd be going from 170 a/d to 130, so a bit of a downgrade you know.
  6. KF 130 cap.

    Bronze + tit shield is all you need. And armors are just armors, everyone can afford at least bronze, which is completely cool for PK. Yeah, beaver tokens are stupidly OP... But, isn't going from 178 a/d to 130 already a disadvantage for us? I mean, you can;t please everyone, and we, few capped a/d attrib people are demanding this, for sake of lower lvl people to be able to stand a chance against us. So I guess, you can NEVER make something 100% fair, never was able, never will be. But imo, this is already a huge downgrade for us to face lower lvl players. And the mana issue- summon bears and mana drain them for example Ah damn, so I guess then only one cap on entire map is possible :/ Also, noone will go to those PK arenas I can tell you right now, if only change is the cap and new arena. People only use dpa, as it's no drop and on c1. The main problem is c2. Noone knows about it, it's large, "hard" to get there etc etc... Imo, c1 and very largly populated map is the key. my 2 cents
  7. KF 130 cap.

    I think the uncapped place should be one of the forts. As we want to make PK alive, meaning- lower lvl player to make them pk. So I think one fort uncapped would be perfect solution.
  8. KF 130 cap.

    Hello everyone, me and my friends came up with this idea to cap Kilaran Field to 130 a/d and attributes to 40. Because PK could be unfair sometimes. Say 150's person wants to PK but he basically can't. Some 178 guy with capped attributes shows up and fight is over within 10 seconds. This idea would mainly help balance PK in at least one map, and therefore almost everyone would be able to participate in fights. I think more and more people would start pking again, which would be a nice thing to see again. Why 130 and 40 for attributes? So everyone would be equally strong. Well, at range of 130 most people should, by now, be at least a little bit skilled as far as PK goes. Also, 130 a/d is good enough for fighting. And 130's person should already be 40 cap, at least few attributes as well as they can use potions to boost them up. And when both fighters are 130 a/d, they can hit a lot and can dodge a lot. Also most of the fighters, I'd say 97.5% ( ), are already above 130 a/d and have certain skillset in PK. And 130 a/d isn't that difficult to reach anyways. Why KF though? Well, these are the main reasons and I hope you'll agree with me. 1. KF is no drop! People don't really want to lose their expensive armors or weapons. So KF is, in my opinion, the best option. 2. "Well, there's DP arena or other arenas to fight at that are no drop". ... Sure, but which of them are multi? And also which of them are big enough for more people to fight in at the same time? None. 3. KF is very well known location for majority of EL community. At c1, which is way better than c2. And those 2 fights that happen every 4 months are in KF 4. KF is directly connected to VOTD, which I think, is the most used/populated/known map on entire c1. Moreover, there's a storage in VOTD, few steps away from KF. Which is a must for PK. Quick refill of inventory and such. 5. What do we have to lose at this point, right? Anyways guys, that's basically the idea. I hope you'll like it and please, leave your thoughts in comments below, would much appreciate it EDIT: Or also, what is a good idea- Wakko pointed out, that KF could have diff caps. For example: Main map 130cap. One of the forts uncap, second one 150 cap and the little forty fort 100 cap Thanks! -STX-StouXy-
  9. CONTEST CANCELED Ok, after talking to PraXis and Caduceus, we decided to call the contest off. We wanted to make it fair for both parties. Hence such contest has never been done before. There's been a lot of complains and frustration from quite large amount of people. To say it simply-> It's best to call it off and in the future, do the different type of contest. Yo! -PK- guild is doing something that's never been done before! PK contest in Kilaran Field, where you have to kill the Blue Dragon which is gonna be protected by few people. -PK- guild is going to summon a Blue Dragon by using a stone ( Yes, you heard it right radu approved ) and is going to protect it at all costs. Date of the contest: 7th of january 2018 Time of the contest: 9:00 pm ( UTC +01:00 ) We will have a person ( turned into a bot so mobs can't attack it, or in allied guild for both guilds ) recording the contest, and the footages will be edited into 1 highlight video. Every player that wants to fight- needs to either contact us in EL ( STX ,StouXy, Caduceus, PraXis ) or comment that you want to participate! RULES: -The attacking team will NOT be able to smite summon. - All attacking participants will be put into a same guild for contest duration. -No engineering allowed. Whatsoever. No mines/bombs/wards etc... ( even for defending team ) What do we also know? - At least 3 people are going to protect the dragon. ( if attacking team has more than 10 players, 4 people gonna protect the dragon ) - Contest will be 1 hour long, you have 1hour to kill it. - Prize for winner(s) will be around 2 000 000 gold coins. - The dragon will be in -PK- guild. - It's gonna be TON of FUN If the attacking team kills the blue within 1h. They win Sincerely STX/ PraXis/ Caduceus Peace out LIST OF PARTICIPANTS: - Xeron - Abarth
  10. PK contest

  11. Renewing EL website

    Ok, we are finally getting somewhere, I like it
  12. Renewing EL website

    Makes sense. But anyways, my main point is for the DL button - it should be the first thing you see on every page possible