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  1. Expiring bots

    Bestest paid - owner StouXy 32E31954KR970170L Thank you
  2. Storage clearance- all has to go

    bump- updated post
  3. Orcs Drops Giveaway

    No worries at all BruSu And yes, I do know, don't worry
  4. Orcs Drops Giveaway

    Oh, I'll only be there 1-2 hours/day And if I see a newbie wanting to go there, I'll just take a break or go somewhere else But so far, only one person came by. But fair point, I don't do this to spawn camp.
  5. Orcs Drops Giveaway

    Yoo, since the 1 Million Fire Essence project is done, I decided to do a different one I'll be killing ( Me and Mar if he's down ) 12 500 Male and 12 500 Female Orcs I think this will take roughly 1-2 months, depends on how fast we'll go The question is: " How many drops will we get? " I'll be giving away ALL of the items except for Tokens and Serpent Stones ( 10% of Stones and 10% of tokens will be given away ) , who will guess the closest So, please copy this to your comment and make a guess ( All drops are combined from both female and male orcs ) : Gold Coins: Male/Female Tokens: Wooden Shields/Wodden staffs/Wooden Hammers together: Pickaxes/Unicorn meds/Tele Rings/Body Resto pots together: Iron Swords/Iron helms/ Iron Hammers together: Books: Serpent Stones: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can win more than one category. With this, you have higher chances of winning multimple items Good luck! StouXy
  6. EFE's giveaway

    UPDATE in the main post
  7. Hey y'all. I'm selling those items, please let me know here or in game to STX what you're wanting to buy, thanks Jewelry: 23213 Polished Sapphire 4546 Silver Medallion Misc: 16 10% Shop Coupon 31 High Explosive Mine 150 MI Removal Ward 300 Invasion Token 38 RC Mine Detonator 324 Mana Drain Ward 115 Pear Potions: 1 Potion of Archery AP 214 Yarrow - Wormwood - Tulips Extract Essences: 35000 Magic Essence Magic: 262 Blue Dragon Scale 2 Day of Summoners Stone 1 Day of Robin Tell Stone 1 Power Hungry removal 1 Careful guy removal 151 Little Blue Dragon Scale 1 Harvester of Sorrow removal 1 Day of Faster respawns Stone 1 Collateral Damage removal 3 Powersaving removal 1 Artificer removal 2 I Eat Dead People Removal 2 Day of Stakhanov Stone 2 Day of Non Stop Stone Armor: 2 Bronze Helm Weapons: 2 Jagged Saber 3 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of Fire 1 Spear 1 Orc Slayer 4 Titanium Serpent Sword 1 Rapier 1 Dragon Blade of Mirroring 1 Staff of Protection 78 Steel Long Sword 1 Elven Bow 3663 Fire arrows 7 Titanium Axe of Evanescence 6 Halberd And EMP's and CF PM here or STX in game.
  8. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    What I mean is that if astro itself doesn't do the opposite effect. I've been watching my efe's rate and when I am in green, I made less efe's than when at 0.
  9. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Thanks The last thing, Astrology's code itself. Then we'll leave you alone for good ( With this matter at least )
  10. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Hey! I was refering to this matter in particular We'll still bully him with other stuff okay
  11. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Thank you for your willingness to share those codes Last thing I'd like to ask so we can close this matter 4ever now is, could we get a glimpse on the Astrology itself as a whole? Of couse no need to disclose the exact numbers and probabilities ( But would be nice to see ) With that, we all be happy and leave you alone for good Thanks
  12. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Post your tests/numbers/examples here please.
  13. Hi, it's been a well known thing in EL that Child of Stars perk does NOT work as it should, if at all. Or maybe, it's an issue to do with Astro. I've been seeing this a lot as of late. I have Child of Stars perk + wearing Artificer cape, yet I can go 28k fe's without making a single EFE. And then, we have people who make 5k fe's without the cape and without the perk and they get 2 efe's. There has been many instances when people reported this weird behaviour of this perk and Artificer perk ( More like Astro works upside down - The better astro, the less rares you make ) The same issue happened in the past with Evanescence perk for example. Let alone the Armor Master perk, that gave extra armor to your enemy Please, can you, @Entropy , double check if the astro works properly and if/or the Child of Stars perk ( Maybe Artif cape ) work as they are intended to? Final conclusion: I think that Astro does NOT work as it should. My 2 cents. Please, double check. I took a screenshot of my astro, and it seems kinda off I had Artif cape on and also I have Child of Stars perk. https://gyazo.com/20a11a21660184461aded2db2a946f5f [09:52:33] Make rare, the lower, the better; positive is penalty 20 Minutes: 0 40 Minutes: 0 60 Minutes: 0 Thank you! -StouXy-
  14. Books sales

    Hi, selling following books: ( PM me here, post below or pm in game to STX ) 1 Tin Molding 1 Book of Falcon Summoning 30 Book of Potion of Summoning 39 Book of Steel Axe Construction 83 Book of Invisibility 1 Book of Advanced Alchemy 1 Shields Construction 75 Book of Accuracy 71 Book of Poison Antidote 19 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Thermal ( 9 left ) 105 Book of Serpent Sword of Fire 1 Book of Mana Burn Ward 3 Book of Wizard hat of life and mana 60 Book of True Sight 62 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Ice ( 57 left ) 46 Book of Axe Construction 144 Book of Evasion 53 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Magic 24 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Fire ( 14 left ) 1 Book of Hydrogenium mining 3 Big Book of Manufacturing 1 Book of Thermal sword 1 Book of Blue Dragon Sword 1 Arctic Chimeran Summoning 1 Book of Creature Food 1 Book of Boar Summoning 2 Book of Orc Slayer 1 Book of Potion of Body Restoration 1 Book of Steel Molding 1 Book of Orc Fighting 1 Book of RHoLM 6 Big Book of Crafting 1 Book of Goblin Fighting 1 Book of Snakes Summoning 1 Book of Small Landmine 1 Giant Summoning 1 Book of Steel Greaves 1 Book of Steel two edged sword of ice 1 Book of No More Warlock 1 Iron Cuisses Construction 1 Book of Metal Molding 1 Bronze Greaves Construction 2 Book of Gypsum Harvesting 1 Book of Steel two edged sword of thermal 1 Tiger Stone Construction 1 Book of Health Essence 1 Book of Magic Essence 1 Book of Iron Molding 1 Book of Puma Fighting 1 Book of Mule Glyph 1 Copper Molding 1 Crown of Mana Building 1 Iron Plate Mail Construction 3 Book of Iron Mining 1 Book of Titanium Shield 1 Book of Potion of Will 1 Ring of Massive Mana Destruction Building 1 Book of Dragon Blade 1 Book of Snare 1 Book of Bear Summoning 1 Book of Wolframite Mining 4 Book of Puma Summoning 1 Book of Enhanced Weapons 4 Book of Blackpowder 1 Sedicolis Ring Building 7 Portland Ring Building 1 Seridium Mining 4 Book of Humans Fighting ( 3 left ) 2 Book of Fluffy Summoning 20 Book of Titanium Smelting 1 Tin Mining 10 Titanium Long Construction 3 Book of Troll Fighting 1 Book of Ice Dragon Greaves Armor 4 Book of Cyclops Fighting 1 Dvarium Mining 9 Book of Serpent Sword of Thermal 2 Book of Hydrogenium molding 1 Seridium Smelting 2 Book of Enhanced Armor 2 Leather Helmet Construction 8 Book of Iron sword of fire 23 Book of Iron Axe Construction 4 Book of Bear Fighting 6 Book of Dwarf Fighting 9 Book of Titanium Mining 7 Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction 3 Book of Elf Fighting 1 Book of Sunbreaker 2 Book of Potion of Feasting 1 Irinveron Ring Building 2 Book of Ice bolts 1 Harvester Medallion Building 19 Book of Magic Potion 1 Book of Iron Broad sword of fire 1 Sword Construction 1 Desert Pines Ring Building 4 Book of Titanium Axe Construction 11 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 21 Isla Prima Ring Building 29 Book of Crafting Potion 1 Book of Botanics 2 Crystal Processing 4 Disengagement Ring Building 9 Titanium Serpent Sword Construction 1 Book of Gargoyles Summoning 2 VOTD Ring Building 4 Stars Medallion Building 2 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Ice 2 Book of Gold Mining 3 Moon Medallion Building 3 Sun Medallion Building 2 Book of Metal Mining 1 Book of Steel long sword of ice 2 Crystal Technology 1 Book of Anatomy 1 Book of Blue Dragon Greaves Armor 1 Book of Combat Tactics 1 Book of Poisoned Caltrops 8 Book of Titanium Molding 4 Book of Ice sword 1 Seridium Molding 5 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Fire 1 Book of Immunity Removal Ward 2 Book of special swords 2 Book of Fire bolts 5 Unicorn Medallion Building 1 Fluffy Stone Construction 1 Crystal embedding 1 Book of Bronze Sword 1 Book of Nails 2 Book of PK arrows ( 1 left ) 1 Book of Emerald Claymore 1 Book of Pear finder 1 Book of Enhanced Sun Medallion