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  1. Hey y'all. I'm selling those items, please let me know here or in game to STX what you're wanting to buy, thanks Btw: Done ~735k fe's so far... So: Weapons: 78 Steel Long Sword 1 Rapier 11 Titanium Serpent Sword 7 Titanium Axe of Evanescence 5 Jagged Saber 1 Elven Bow 8 Halberd 1 Spear 3662 Fire arrows 1 Staff of Protection 1 Cutlass 1 Orc Slayer 1 Dragon Blade of Mirroring 1 Elven Bow of Wilhelm Hood 1 Emerald Claymore Armor: 2 Bronze Helm Magic: 2 Day of Non Stop Stone 2 Ring of Hydro 1 Day of Faster respawns Stone 2 Day of Summoners Stone 1 Harvester Medallion 3 Day of Alfred Nobel Stone 1 Power Hungry removal 1 Day of Robin Tell Stone 1 Artificer removal 1 Careful guy removal 2 I Eat Dead People Removal 2 Day of Stakhanov Stone 1 Collateral Damage removal 3 Powersaving removal 1670 Harvest/Degrade Indicator 1 Harvester of Sorrow removal 3 Physique Removal Stone 1006 A/D Indicator 7 Conjurer Cloak 151 Little Blue Dragon Scale 1 I glow in the dark removal 125406 Point Defense 2 Unicorn Medallion 262 Blue Dragon Scale 1 Stars Medallion 7 Heavenspawn Medallion 3 Enhanced Unicorn Medallion Essences: 45000 Magic Essence Potions: 214 Yarrow - Wormwood - Tulips Extract 1 Potion of Archery AP Misc: 31 High Explosive Mine 58 RC Mine Detonator 20 RC Mine 115 Pear 324 Mana Drain Ward 150 MI Removal Ward 21 10% Shop Coupon 300 Invasion Token Jewelry: 9546 Silver Medallion 29213 Polished Sapphire And EMP's and CF PM here or STX in game.
  2. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    What I mean is that if astro itself doesn't do the opposite effect. I've been watching my efe's rate and when I am in green, I made less efe's than when at 0.
  3. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Thanks The last thing, Astrology's code itself. Then we'll leave you alone for good ( With this matter at least )
  4. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Hey! I was refering to this matter in particular We'll still bully him with other stuff okay
  5. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Thank you for your willingness to share those codes Last thing I'd like to ask so we can close this matter 4ever now is, could we get a glimpse on the Astrology itself as a whole? Of couse no need to disclose the exact numbers and probabilities ( But would be nice to see ) With that, we all be happy and leave you alone for good Thanks
  6. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Post your tests/numbers/examples here please.
  7. Hi, it's been a well known thing in EL that Child of Stars perk does NOT work as it should, if at all. Or maybe, it's an issue to do with Astro. I've been seeing this a lot as of late. I have Child of Stars perk + wearing Artificer cape, yet I can go 28k fe's without making a single EFE. And then, we have people who make 5k fe's without the cape and without the perk and they get 2 efe's. There has been many instances when people reported this weird behaviour of this perk and Artificer perk ( More like Astro works upside down - The better astro, the less rares you make ) The same issue happened in the past with Evanescence perk for example. Let alone the Armor Master perk, that gave extra armor to your enemy Please, can you, @Entropy , double check if the astro works properly and if/or the Child of Stars perk ( Maybe Artif cape ) work as they are intended to? Final conclusion: I think that Astro does NOT work as it should. My 2 cents. Please, double check. I took a screenshot of my astro, and it seems kinda off I had Artif cape on and also I have Child of Stars perk. https://gyazo.com/20a11a21660184461aded2db2a946f5f [09:52:33] Make rare, the lower, the better; positive is penalty 20 Minutes: 0 40 Minutes: 0 60 Minutes: 0 Thank you! -StouXy-
  8. Books sales

    Hi, selling following books: ( PM me here, post below or pm in game to STX ) 1 Tin Molding 1 Book of Falcon Summoning 30 Book of Potion of Summoning 39 Book of Steel Axe Construction 83 Book of Invisibility 1 Book of Advanced Alchemy 1 Shields Construction 75 Book of Accuracy 71 Book of Poison Antidote 19 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Thermal ( 9 left ) 105 Book of Serpent Sword of Fire 1 Book of Mana Burn Ward 3 Book of Wizard hat of life and mana 60 Book of True Sight 62 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Ice ( 57 left ) 46 Book of Axe Construction 144 Book of Evasion 53 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Magic 24 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Fire ( 14 left ) 1 Book of Hydrogenium mining 3 Big Book of Manufacturing 1 Book of Thermal sword 1 Book of Blue Dragon Sword 1 Arctic Chimeran Summoning 1 Book of Creature Food 1 Book of Boar Summoning 2 Book of Orc Slayer 1 Book of Potion of Body Restoration 1 Book of Steel Molding 1 Book of Orc Fighting 1 Book of RHoLM 6 Big Book of Crafting 1 Book of Goblin Fighting 1 Book of Snakes Summoning 1 Book of Small Landmine 1 Giant Summoning 1 Book of Steel Greaves 1 Book of Steel two edged sword of ice 1 Book of No More Warlock 1 Iron Cuisses Construction 1 Book of Metal Molding 1 Bronze Greaves Construction 2 Book of Gypsum Harvesting 1 Book of Steel two edged sword of thermal 1 Tiger Stone Construction 1 Book of Health Essence 1 Book of Magic Essence 1 Book of Iron Molding 1 Book of Puma Fighting 1 Book of Mule Glyph 1 Copper Molding 1 Crown of Mana Building 1 Iron Plate Mail Construction 3 Book of Iron Mining 1 Book of Titanium Shield 1 Book of Potion of Will 1 Ring of Massive Mana Destruction Building 1 Book of Dragon Blade 1 Book of Snare 1 Book of Bear Summoning 1 Book of Wolframite Mining 4 Book of Puma Summoning 1 Book of Enhanced Weapons 4 Book of Blackpowder 1 Sedicolis Ring Building 7 Portland Ring Building 1 Seridium Mining 4 Book of Humans Fighting ( 3 left ) 2 Book of Fluffy Summoning 20 Book of Titanium Smelting 1 Tin Mining 10 Titanium Long Construction 3 Book of Troll Fighting 1 Book of Ice Dragon Greaves Armor 4 Book of Cyclops Fighting 1 Dvarium Mining 9 Book of Serpent Sword of Thermal 2 Book of Hydrogenium molding 1 Seridium Smelting 2 Book of Enhanced Armor 2 Leather Helmet Construction 8 Book of Iron sword of fire 23 Book of Iron Axe Construction 4 Book of Bear Fighting 6 Book of Dwarf Fighting 9 Book of Titanium Mining 7 Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction 3 Book of Elf Fighting 1 Book of Sunbreaker 2 Book of Potion of Feasting 1 Irinveron Ring Building 2 Book of Ice bolts 1 Harvester Medallion Building 19 Book of Magic Potion 1 Book of Iron Broad sword of fire 1 Sword Construction 1 Desert Pines Ring Building 4 Book of Titanium Axe Construction 11 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 21 Isla Prima Ring Building 29 Book of Crafting Potion 1 Book of Botanics 2 Crystal Processing 4 Disengagement Ring Building 9 Titanium Serpent Sword Construction 1 Book of Gargoyles Summoning 2 VOTD Ring Building 4 Stars Medallion Building 2 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Ice 2 Book of Gold Mining 3 Moon Medallion Building 3 Sun Medallion Building 2 Book of Metal Mining 1 Book of Steel long sword of ice 2 Crystal Technology 1 Book of Anatomy 1 Book of Blue Dragon Greaves Armor 1 Book of Combat Tactics 1 Book of Poisoned Caltrops 8 Book of Titanium Molding 4 Book of Ice sword 1 Seridium Molding 5 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Fire 1 Book of Immunity Removal Ward 2 Book of special swords 2 Book of Fire bolts 5 Unicorn Medallion Building 1 Fluffy Stone Construction 1 Crystal embedding 1 Book of Bronze Sword 1 Book of Nails 2 Book of PK arrows ( 1 left ) 1 Book of Emerald Claymore 1 Book of Pear finder 1 Book of Enhanced Sun Medallion
  9. EFE's giveaway

    Here I'll post the numbers from people who pmed me in the game ( who can't post here ) Alpina's guess: 47 Kenshin's guess: 128 Woelfin's guess: 79 Bizier's guess: 402 Frost's guess: 118 Wo0deh's guess: 134 Xyleon's guess: 112 Moon_Beam's guess: 44 Ultio's guess: 155 Darkii1892's guess: 98 Snat's guess: 222 Binky's guess: 835 Panrell's guess: 155 AppleJoy's guess: 233 Cub's guess: 360 Guiness' guess: 73
  10. EFE's giveaway

    Hello I've been working on a project of making 1 Million Fire Essences for a while now, and I'm almost done with gathering the ingredients. I'd like to do a little giveaway with the Enriched Fire Essences that I will create in the process. I'll be creating 1 Million of essences, and I want you to make a guess, how many EFE's will I create during the process? Whoever will guess the correct amount, (or will be closest)- will win 10% of the EFE's created. Example: I create 50, you guessed 50, you win 5 EFE's. One guess per person please. If there's more than 1 person who guesses correctly, the EFE's will be divided to those players. To finish the project, I'm assuming it'll take at least 2 months from now. Just wanted to announce in advance so more people can make their guesses Please make a comment down below! Cheers - StouXy / STX - ( STX Has Child of stars perk and I'll be using Artificer cape )
  11. Christmas contest! :)

    All the winners of the Raffle are here If you're yet to claim your prize, please let me know here or in the game to STX. Or leave a mercator message. Thank you and congratz everyone!
  12. pps for mixers

    The idea was more of giving them the Pickpoint, not the stone. Because you could create many alts, gather the stones and transfer them to your alt Will elaborate with radu on that in the next interview more possibly.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas buddy! Hope you're doing great
  14. Christmas contest! :)

    Hello everyone, we would like to thank you all for participating and we hope you all had ton of fun There's still few prizes to be given away, we'll let you all know soon enough how it'll go down. Raffle it is though. Need to talk about all the details, but don't worry, should be this year Hopefully. Thank you to all the donors as well! Much appreciated. Thank you all once again, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did -StouXy-
  15. Christmas contest! :)

    Trivia Part will be happening on Isla Prima. Make sure to gather around camp fire at the respawn point Bring your alts possibly so we have more characters for the video