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  1. The Lay of the Grandmasters way

  2. The Four Suit Rooms

    Says the guy who hid in his secret den when he was giving away a nice prize.
  3. 1.3.3 Map bugs

    The place of magic in Tirnym (no map name for the interior) Coords (326, 198) The door doesn't work to get out, plus you can walk through it as well. Oh and the red tomb at (324, 179) (same area) doesn't give its clue for getting through the barrier anymore (but the green and blue ones still do) Fixed
  4. EL funnies

    whats the Belle picture? You mean this?
  5. AFK Messages

    'I'm AFK taking a shower... no you can't look!'
  6. Bot list

    I like the idea too, particularly if it lists their locations. I spend a lot of time on Irilion, and do trade quite often with the bots there. Its irritating enough trying to figure out what bots are trade bots, and then pm each with loc, to see if they're on Irilion. ><
  7. Bot SPAM

    I'm glad to see the progress made in this thread. To be honest I avoid market channel whereever possible due to bot AND player spam. So its nice to see some progress towards solving at least one problem. I have one concern to raise though, and its about Irilion bots. I am aware that Irilion, and the way there is no longer secret. However, most new players are often given the warning that it is for more advanced players and it is a dangerous area. On one occassion, we had a new player asking questions in 24, who travelled all the way to Irilion to purchase something from a bot, yet didn't know what a monster magnetism cloak was. :/ (an essential for a low-level player on Irilion). Perhaps it might be sensible for these bots to have a warning, or perhaps post only on channel 24? (as many already do, though apparently in addition to 3). I'd be grateful if some Irilion bot owners would consider these concerns.
  8. 3 new medallions

    Before one more person posts it, please no arti perk medallion! ><
  9. PkG recruiting

    I have to agree with Alderan, this is a recruiting thread, not a flame war/spam fest. So lets just leave them to their recruiting... and try not to snigger.
  10. The Legend of Isla Prima

    Actually, that was kind of the point, I made up enigmatic names and titles for them, so that someone (or possibly me) could use them in other stories, rather than have them isolated in this one tale. People so willing to sacrifice themselves, would certainly have a trail of good deeds following behind them. The totems will represent each of the mages, but I've left it open as to what the actual objects are so they could be used as a basis for an event. Errr... getting a bit ahead of myself.
  11. The Legend of Isla Prima

    It kinda bugs me that there isn't an RP reason that newbies start out on IP, and the dead return there, and its safe from invasions, so I decided to throw something out explaining it (this is also based on the short event I wrote, 'The Fall of Isla Prima'). The Legend of Isla Prima In the time of the Great War, when Mortos released his curse upon the world, the island of Isla Prima was thrown into chaos. For reasons unbeknownst to us, those returning from the underworld by Mortos' curse found themselves on that small isle. Some suspect that it was Aluwen's influence, that the confused souls might find some respite on the isolated isle. Whatever the cause, it was not to be. Even in its isolation, it was not free from Mortos' attentions, and those leaving the underworld, soon returned there as his minions ravished the lands. It was then that four powerful mages; Eilhim the Elder, Jiva the Healer, Kriat the Wise, and Serou the Strong; poured their power, lives, and their very souls into four magical totems to seal the island from the chaos of the world. The mages and their totems disappeared, none knowing their fate, but in time Mortos' minions faded from Isla Prima and never returned. Since then, the isle has become a safe haven, free from conflict, and even now, healers still gather at the campfire to heal the wounded as they did in the time of war. Curiously, the isle has also become a beacon for the lost and confused, and those new to the lands. Some say it is the mage's work, but nonetheless the isle has become known as the place of new beginnings, and the place where all journeys begin. But be cautious travellers of these lands. While the totems passed out of time, legends tell that they will return to the hands of the Eternals. Pray that the hands that receive them are just ones, lest this peaceful isle be lost to us forever...
  12. Buyable Nexuses NPC

    Perhaps if it was only limited to nexuses bought with pps, not with bars, then this might help those who already put a lot of pps into nexuses, without allowing people to effectively buy pps for 60hydro bars (or whatever number). But I'm not sure if it can be distinguished between them, so may not be viable. But really, I doubt there are a huge amount of people buying nexuses this way anyway (just look at the poll, only 30% of voters said they'd use it), so it doesn't seem like a huge priority.
  13. World event

    Further difficulty, what if the person chosen doesn't want to save the world? Just look at GIWS, a lot of fighters didn't want to contribute, because its more fun for them if there are no warnings. If the person picked is random, its entirely possible that they might decide its more fun to let the world go to pot, so they can have fun fighting stuff (or bagjumping the unfortunates ). Now, a workable idea for an event would be that the hosts are the chosen ones, and normal players can aid them complete their quest. This is often the format for many ingame events and contests. If you wish to write such an event, feel free, the event's team always likes to hear new ideas. I think what you are most interested in, is the possibility of the involved parties becoming part of the Eternal Lands history, which would be pretty neat. However, as has been said, it would have to be very well written in order to avoid conflict with existing stories (and stories in progress), and obviously get approval to be included.
  14. Total War - PkG

    Gee, thats funny... guess that wasn't you I saw with a different guild tag watching over pookies...
  15. Total guilds war

    Sounds good. I also share the concern that newer players might join a guild without realising its at war, so I do like Kwas's suggestion. Or even just an extra line on the guild info, saying that the guild is currently at war (though not necessarily who with), just so the prospective member knows what they are getting into.