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  1. pls unban me

    i did not do anything worng i just logeed out then the next day got banned my chas name is Angrin thanks
  2. im banned again ...

    hello i hope you can put my char Angrin in the white list again ( i still dont understand how come my ip is banned again ) well my e-mail is in my profile and i like to play again.. i hope i dont get banned again and again because im tired of posting -_- can you pls unban me... Thank you
  3. Hello i want my char named Angrin no to be banned anymore.Because the only thing i did is just download the game and save it in my pc. the weird thing when i loaded the game this ip banning mesage came out. i went in my friends to make a char. i found the game really convinient and somehow eyepoping. the game is magnificent. pls send the verification in this e-mail if my char or ip is back to play EL (gevejay@surfshop.net.ph) thank you
  4. ip adress banned?

    Well thanks alot i appreciate it.il go to the link and post. i hope i can play EL..
  5. ip adress banned?

    ok thanks for the info. where can i locate the white list in the forum i tried looking i cant find it <_< where in the forum..
  6. ip adress banned?

    ok so i downloaded the game it was cool but when i try making a char the game dosnt make me 1.. what should i do its obviouse the game works perfectly ?? i never had a chance to try the game yet .. :angry2: oh yeah its says my ip adress is banned when the start up screen appears (the connecting to sever part) . the part when you click then after clicking the username and password page appears.