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  1. SyTy, Luring

    I've never talked to him in my life and he randomly PMed me and tried to do the same thing to me today. Please beware of this lurer, he's up to his old tricks again.
  2. Anybody feeling nostalgic?

    This is so long ago that I don't even remember it, but I stumbled across it in another post May 2006, MEGA Mortos!
  3. Either I missed out on 20k gc or I missed out on losing my best armor. You be the judge. [22:07:15] [PM from DANGER: hi] [22:07:19] [PM to DANGER: hello] [22:08:29] [PM from DANGER: belong to a clan] [22:08:34] [PM to DANGER: dont want to] [22:09:56] [PM from DANGER: wants to do me a favor I'll pay if you come to MM 20kgc sto] [22:10:06] [PM to DANGER: huh?] [22:11:04] [PM from DANGER: and placed his best armor] [22:11:12] [PM to DANGER: ???] [22:12:37] [PM from DANGER: if you can come sto mm] [22:13:39] [PM to DANGER: ...why?] [22:14:41] [PM from DANGER: to do me a favor I'll pay 20kgc] [22:14:45] [PM to DANGER: what favor?] [22:16:08] [PM from DANGER: come with me to bring me to where I ing a fence is to be double load and dwell less and comes armed] [22:16:30] [PM to DANGER: no, leave me alone] [22:16:56] [PM from DANGER: kk] [22:21:25] [PM from DANGER: comes to mm sto] [22:21:28] [PM to DANGER: STOP] I would like an explanation and I can't reach the Ozu GM. From what I've learned, the PK room in MM battle hall no longer works, but maybe he doesn't know that. Also, I must add that I was in Irin polar bear cove at the time and no one was around, so it's not like he saw me out and about - he must have been looking at Players Online and I'm lucky enough to be at the top of the alphabet... my guess.
  4. Selling some sto items

    1 White Robe Skirt 1 White Robe 1 White Wizard Hat 1 White Boots 247 Gem Sanding Paper 1 Harvester Medallion 500 Poison Antidote I'd like to offer 25k gc. I might want the 1309 loom too, but am not sure what to offer yet. I am Amber ingame. Please let me know! I will be on about 6 hours from now.
  5. Player Bio & Location

    Not everybody's on forums, took me over 4 years to join forums. Agreed, JB. And regardless of whether someone is registered on forums, I don't think people regularly have forums open when playing if they would want to know where someone is from or a little bit about them -- unless they really want to know. Otherwise, it takes an extra 5 minutes. It would be cool if you hover over or click everyone (i.e. while sitting at storage) quickly and find out location or a "fun fact" in their bio. Yes, the downside would be client update, so maybe in-game command is more feasible. And again, the bot possibility if an owner wants to put in the effort. I forgot about Gossip! And yes, of course it's possible to ask people where they are from or other details about themselves - I do it all the time. Just suggesting something I thought would be cool and/or a quick conversation-starter with someone you maybe wouldn't normally talk to.
  6. I think it would be really cool if we could look at someone and view where they are from, plus a 1-2 sentence bio/quote/headline/etc either appearing visually with the achievements box (it would probably have to be really small though) or via the chat screen. Ex: You see Amber. Location: Indiana, USA. Bio: I <3 EL! If anyone wants to keep this info private, they could opt out. What do you think?
  7. A little hide and seek

    This was really fun, thanks for the event!
  8. Storage Sale - Breath

    1 Black Purple Striped Baggy Pants 1 Black Tunic Purple Shirt 1 Crown of Life 100k
  9. More use for amber

    Eek, I was just making a play-on word joke with my name! Guess no one got it... As an old/new player, I have 2 Amber, and it took me what felt like hours to harvest them in one sitting. I will hold on to them if I ever decide to participate in an invance. For those that have stockpiles, I would hate to imagine how long it took to get those!
  10. More use for amber

    It WOULD be nice to have more use for Amber...
  11. Selling Everything

    All gone!
  12. Selling 2 Books

    Hello I am selling two books: Titanium Axe Construction (offer) Stars Medallion Building (500gc) Please reply to this or PM me in game. Thanks! EDIT: Prices
  13. HUGE Book Sale!

    I give 15k for all of em. Jez SOLD! Forgot to mention, I have 1 stars medallion book and 1 titanium axe construction book for sale. PM with offers.
  14. HUGE Book Sale!

    Hello. I have the following items for sale: Books: Metal Mining Potion of Physique Isla Prima Ring Building (3) White Stone Ring Building (3) Portland Ring Building (2) Desert Pines Ring Building (2) VOTD Ring Building (2) Ring of Damage Building Sun Medallion Building (2) Unicorn Medallion Building (2) Moon Medallion Building (2) Orc Fighting (2) Troll Fighting Titanium Molding Titanium Smelting Titanium Mining Gargoyles Summoning (2) Bear Summoning Puma Summoning Iron Axe Construction Steel Axe Construction Titanium Long Construction Titanium Short Construction Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction PM me with price offers.
  15. Selling books

    Do you have a price (for 1)?