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  1. Ip Banned

    Thank you Aislinn, I appreciate your understanding.
  2. Ip Banned

    Thanks for the response, that makes sense he must have done just that while I was away. He was the son of a family members friend and I have not since ever seen them again. I am the only player on this Ip and run only one account, FTW. Thanks for working on this issue with me.
  3. Ip Banned

    My chatlog does not show anything. When I realized what had happened I was already banned and couldn't access the game. This will never happen again, I personally would never say whatever got me banned. I was irresponsible for leaving the game up and had no idea the kid would disrespect me like that. Just looking to play EL again as I always enjoyed myself. Thank you, FTW
  4. Ip Banned

    Dear Aislinn, I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to explain myself and possibly regain my ability to play again. I fully understand I am responsible for any rules broken and will honour your decision. The last couple years that I played I used my laptop but the day of the Ip Ban my laptop was in need of repair so I had been using my desktop. That day I had family over from out of town for a reunion party. I walked away and got involved with something else and upon my return one of the younger ones who was watching me play earlier in the day was sitting in the chair and must have typed some offensive things. I have no idea what was said as he wouldn't admit to anything done. I brought this to the attention of the parent who was a guest and not a direct family member. They scolded the kid but the result was me being Ip Banned from the game. I assure you that I'm being transparent and am a decent person who has played the game for probably seven or eight years off and on. My laptop has since been fixed and only plan on playing from it and not where other people possibly have access. It was an unfortunate situational ordeal that will never happen again. I am curious to know what was said and I apologize if anyone was offended. It would be great to get another chance and I hope you understand. Looking forward to being part of the EL community again. Thank you, FTW