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  1. New creatures

    When I think of an RPG or RPG type game, I always think of vampires. Any form of vampire would be great! Vampires, vampire bats, vampire bunnies, etc. Give them life drain spell, only damaged by magic or fire damage.
  2. Items warranty

    I do not believe they come with a 30 day warranty included. But I think that some weapons and armors come with 2 weeks warranty if bought from the shop, iirc. But that policy may have changed since I last purchased. Radu would probably have to confirm that point.
  3. Items warranty

    Antonia, go to shop page and click the PayPal pay button. Then pay the $10 and make sure you include your in game char name and the item you want to insure. That's all you gotta do. Then if it breaks while under warranty pm Radu and he will replace it.
  4. Tonystark bot paid

    Tonystark yearly fee has been paid: Transaction ID: 2K1378646A828732T
  5. Mercators El Time Widget (for Android)

    I reinstalled the EL widget from google play store and it is working prefectly, as it use to. That being said, before i reinstalled it, it wasnt working for over 2 weeks.
  6. NoEL is now recruiting. Honorable adults only guild. If you are interested please visit our forum for more info. http://noelguild.proboards.com Or you can PM Nazeer in game.
  7. Ranging fix

    I agree with the change.
  8. All hydro route to be PK?

    Lots of good comments here...I also really like the idea of removing the armed orc in cave from Novac.