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    Diving, Biking, Swimming, Kayaking, Rugby, Shooting, and listenin to sum funkin ch00nz ! (lol)
  1. Ode to Picky

    i've never broke a picky ! <<see him there, true lub *hugs his picky*
  2. EL 170 Pre RC

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but whenever you try to add a new buddy through the buddy window you always get the "This player is not online or there are too many players with this name" message, it works through #add_buddy <name> though
  3. Alc *grumbles about not being able to get purty water shots now its night time* #edit: i'll get another shot once it's light, i've found a great spot Heres one which i like: And the same one in pink neon : Another one coming soon
  4. EL 170 Pre RC

    Its all great, apart from three things so far. 1) If i turn on shadows, all people+monsters vanish apart from their names and health bars (happened with the old client, so it's probably my graphics card) 2) My Sky&Cam options go back to default every time i leave FP view #EDIT: it just turns off follow camera 3) I found half a rock at 30, 105 in Tarsengaard Magic School Garden
  5. EL 170 Pre RC

    snap, i get around a 10 drop in frame rate, the sky looks awesome, but now ur gonna have to make roofs for caves ect. bug: every time i leave first person my first person settings go back to default #EDIT: loving the lightening ! (try looking up into the rain, very cool)
  6. Rent-A-Ant

    When you make an ant, do you have to call it Ant_<insert_name_here> or can it just be called Poobuns or something untill you want it made into an ant and then have it's name changed ? also, on an off-topic note, try hilighting this guy, it looks funny #EDIT: question answered, ty Learner #EDIT2: I think there should be a way to make them say stuff, e.g you PM it "/Ant_SiD say Radu is teh god" and it says "Radu is teh god" in local, and you could PM it "/Ant_SiD say @@4 Radu is teh god" and it would say "Radu is teh god" on gen chat, or "/Ant_SiD say /radu you are teh god" to PM radu with "you are teh god". Would be fun #EDIT3: sorry can you get your ant to change its clothes once its been botfied ?
  7. Buying cotton

    Noone seems to harvest cotton, so, here goes ! I need up to 50k 40k 30k 20k cotton, I'll pay 0.7gc each. I don't need it all in one go, (atleast 5k cotton in each batch though). If you do have the full amount I'll buy it at 40kgc 25kgc 17kgc PM me ingame, on the forums or post here if you have some to sell please
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Sorry guys, my internet is down, we are trying to get it fixed, as soon as it is i will be back online Apologies to Cissysauce Done ! Delivered ! 1st Feb 08 and aTeh Delivered ! 31st Jan 08 this is the first time i've been on since sunday, i'll get these orders done and delivered as soon as i am back on, or if you feel the need someone else can take over them if you want. Once again, apologies, hopefully i'll be back soon. EDIT: wow, that was a fluke, the guy fixing the internet box just fixed it now ! i'll cya ingame !
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    On queue 26th Jan 08
  10. 1.5.0 Map Bugs

    it is, sorry, my bad
  11. 1.5.0 Map Bugs

    It's at the gap in the cliff, i forgot coords, sorry And here's one of me inside it, ish [FIXED]
  12. Man (player) eating leopard

    If it doesnt ignore MM, ME WANTY !!!!! if it does, ME STILL WANTY !!!!
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    May I ask why u guys skip that my order? We did ? Very sorry, it won't happen again, i'll get on with it now 25th Jan 08 Done ! Delivered ! 25th Jan 08
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    On queue 25th Jan 08 Done ! 26th Jan 08
  15. MaGE sponsored contest this weekend -- Miss it and Cry

    omg, can't you guys just use a bit less painful fonts? Your post doesn't have to be HUGE and BLINKY to catch our eyes >.< lol , true true , niiicee a hide and seek contest....do make it as original and hard as it can get as long as everybody will consider it fun Good luck to everyone,hope to be more and more contestants ! How about extra prizes ? people being able to donate to the cause ? etc ? nah, trying to keep this as MaGE as possible cya'll there, i'll be hiding on the finish line