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    next's goat farm
  1. very old players

    just wondering if anyones still around?
  2. Who remembers....

    i remember finding joker continuously for for hours straight
  3. Look what I found

    lol he definitely needs to make new ones
  4. What happened to all the oldbies

    not really ive got it in alot of the big games because i play them when they first come out
  5. What happened to all the oldbies

    i still linger around the forums but to catch me in other games look out for someone called walker 90% of the time its me ive got the name in at least 30 games
  6. street drug?

    meh i dont really care, i dont take them anymore so it doesnt affect me,if other people want to kill off their braincells let them get on with it
  7. Fess up

    yep that led to protests about me comitting kitten genocide
  8. Fess up

    1. Do you eat your cheese paper? no...but ive tried eating one of those boxes they come in 2. Have you ever listened to Barry Manilow cause you wanted to? nope 3. What do you consider your worse habit? killing kittens.... 4. Chick Flicks...love or hate? depends 5. Napoleon Dynamite...great movie or What the....? ...never heard of it 6. China or Japan? japan of course 0_o 7. Donkey Kong or Mario? mariooooo 8. Cats or Dogs? cats, dogs make your hands stink when you stroke them 9. City Living or In the middle of nowhere living? city, cant order a pizza at 3am in the middle of nowhere xD 10. Have you ever been called a goober? not to my face but i wouldnt be suprised 0_o
  9. What's your desktop?!?!

    ok heres mine
  10. Oldbie Poll

    i dont see whats wrong with having a bit of sentimentality towards the game i mean it WAS better back then, it was a smaller community where everyone knew each other and didnt act like total tards all the time...well maybe except me ^^ anyways the oldbies will be here to the end of this games lifespan talking about the good 'ol days..and basically thats the way things are and will be
  11. Whats Ur Real Name?

    my name dont suit me so im not even gonna bother
  12. Reunion!

    i remember you...i think btw...why isnt shyfx on the list michael?
  13. Uk General Elections

    ok if your not english please ignore :lol: personally i think tony blair should be boiled in his own urine by that ginger headed guy from lib dem but hey thats just my opinion
  14. Reunion!

    guess i'll have to stop by no party in el's the same without vart starting the whole group sex thing
  15. Desktop Screenies!

    2 is full 3d with some serious details (watch criminals get beheaded, watch troops go flying with a huge ballista bolt hitting them ^^) and now theres actually a challenge to the game (all the levels dont feel the same anymore )