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  1. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    I have ran into the same error as aisy. /home/***/Eternal-Lands/font.cpp: In member function ‘void eternal_lands::Font::draw(const unsigned char*, size_t, int, int, const eternal_lands::TextDrawOptions&, size_t, size_t) const’: /home/***/Eternal-Lands/font.cpp:695:12: warning: ‘tot_width’ may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized] glVertex3i(x + width, y + height, 0); ~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /home/***/Eternal-Lands/font.cpp:878:6: note: ‘tot_width’ was declared here int tot_width, tot_height; ^~~~~~~~~ At global scope: cc1plus: warning: unrecognized command line option ‘-Wno-cast-function-type’
  2. EL-Services

    The bot portion of el-services is operated by sir_odie. You will need to get in contact with him through either the forum PMs or mercator to discuss about getting your bot added to his service.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas RT and everyone. I hope you all have a great and safe holiday season.
  4. You would want to keep the average in the same area (as in the midway point between the min and max) so as to not create a greater influx of gc coming into the game. But there should be an acceptable minimum so that you aren't killing mobs for a pointless gc amount.
  5. I agree with there being a minimum. I hate seeing you guys work so hard and get a crappy drop. Just think the for balance purposes with the minimum increased the maximum needs to decrease.
  6. Special items rates changes.

    For the brod I don't see anything wrong with how the weapon is currently. You can have the break chance if you wish, but the wep is supposed to break gear and we have 2 items that can prevent the effect so that is something pkers will have to consider. And in my opinion decreasing the effect chance will not increase pk as nobody has a problem fighting a casty or Bricker. As for the jagged Sabre of cooling and osmn I don't mind the effect chance increasing, but I still don't see how that would increase the amount being manufactured. These weapons will be used mostly for pk purposes. If I was going to make these weps for the rares I would ask: How many weps on average would need to be made to get the rare? Would the demand and profit from the rare cover the losses from the normal weps themselves? (depending on the chance and the lack of demand as pk is mostly dead I don't see that as being a yes tho I could be wrong.)
  7. From what I have heard and seen in Chanel 6 the ice instance is a very popular instance and can be very profitable even at the drop rates they are currently at. So I agree with revi on this one, if the min is increased the the average would need to be decreased as well.
  8. IP Storage for everyone.

    I am all for the trial period. I would love to be able to mix at ip and be able to answer any potential new players or returning players questions in the process. And the trial period will allow us to see hoe crowded the storage and ip itself would get with the change.
  9. Adding 2 new special days.

    +1 I think all skills should have their day by now.
  10. unable to run client

    Read over this article as it lists several possible fixes for this type of error that you are receiving. https://helpdeskgeek.com/help-desk/instruction-at-referenced-memory-could-not-be-read/ Personally, I would try the scan for system file corruption and the check your hardware health solutions first. I hope this will help you fix the problem.
  11. Elle Yellow Roses quest

    According to my quest log that point is actually in the Tarsengaard Magic School Garden and not in just Tarsengaard. So were you in the garden?
  12. Sound Installation on Linux

    Well with you being new to linux i will take you through the gui. After you have downloaded the sound file go to your downloads folder (/home/(your user)/Downloads. Right click the EL_sound_191.zip folder and select extract here. Then you can copy the sound folder and past it in your /home/(your user)/eternallands directory. And that is also where you will find your sound_warnings.txt file as well.
  13. New and updated trade bot list

    redhead Tarsengaard 192,139 owner shadowgate
  14. How to chat

    Just double tap the camera controls (the two buttons on the left side of the screen)
  15. Items warranty

    I found out by asking asking radu when he gave me my stuff. [04:05:28] [PM to radu: does the warrant on the therm serp end at the end of the month or on the 12th of next month?] [04:05:36] [PM to radu: warranty*] [04:07:08] [PM from radu: all stuff from shop have a 3 weeks warranty]