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    whats an avatar?
  2. The Wake of A Child

    Death came along and said HAS ANYBODY GOT ANY CHEESE? before wandering off into the darkness to find the next people who's egg timers were running out....
  3. i reckon its direct x 9 that messes it up, i reinstalled direct x 8.1 and it worked for a while, then it messed up again, it no longer works for me, entrropy can u try and sort it out for direct x 9 please?
  4. ENTROPY help me plx, winXP

    nope, new patch dont working, i guess im destined never to play
  5. ENTROPY help me plx, winXP

    would it affeect or not??
  6. ENTROPY help me plx, winXP

    firstly, i would like to clear up that i am the person that started this thread, its not all in one folder, and it probably is to do with my windows, would service pack1 cause troubles?
  7. ENTROPY help me plx, winXP

    Ok, as far as i know, all that you said is the case, but nothing is being recorded in the error log, its not read only, but nothin is in the error log. maybe that indicates something? also, mine is the only account on the computer, also, never has it told me im not allowed to do anything due to not being an administrator. im pretty sure its gotta be something else. maybe its just GF4 GOs that dont work with it?
  8. ENTROPY help me plx, winXP

    the following games that i have played have had problems: Medieval total war. (this might have been due to GF4 drivers on GF4 go) Praetorians.(also GF4 Drivers may have solved) Steam and thats about it, everything else works fine.
  9. ENTROPY help me plx, winXP

    I still aint getting anywhere. im telling you its my screwed up winxp HE. ivil damn bugrit. milenium hand and shrimp..... if u got eny more ideas please tell me, allthough ur ideas with the drivers may have fixed problems i was having with other games, as i installed normal GF4 drivers.
  10. ENTROPY help me plx, winXP

    yes i have laptop, if u hav msn or somat can u pm me it cos this takes agesx to get replys
  11. ENTROPY help me plx, winXP

    Its still not working! could it be to do with Gf4 GO card? this is so madning!! i bet u a penny 2 a £1 its my buggered up windows XP home edition. i bet u its that. i really wanna play, my friends that told me about it started 2 days ago and allready they like the best in the entire game
  12. ENTROPY help me plx, winXP

    it works all the way up to logging in, where it comes up again with the error report thing. i havent changed the browser info in the ini file, with xp would this cause the problem?
  13. ENTROPY help me plx, winXP

    ok, i officially kick myself in the head <kicks self in head> OUCH!!! see what ive done to myself!! im gonna look like a nob head for the next week!!