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  1. EXP Bonus after the kill

    Yeah, I knew this would happen. Instead of a proper discussion about 1 thing, it turns into another round of bullshit & moaning about the game. So fine, I'll address a couple of points then you can get on with it on your own. Yes, that is what I want. I want a game that takes a long time. Cos that's the kind of thing I like. Your constant bitching about 'action' and 'pk' and acting like you know it all is, well, pathetic. You know how to make a great MMORPG? Really? Then fk off and make one - if it actually works I'll even sign up. But you won't. Cos it is bitching you want, bitching you like & nonsense you spout. And it always will be nonsense cos you lack the skills & balls to make one yourself. Awesome. Well done. Here is a biscuit. You're right, I didn't kill the first dragon, or go to the first wtf or anything like that. Mainly because when I started playing there were no dragons, instances, dailies - there wasn't even a C2! So while I may not be able to run around re-living the 'glory' of past achievements like you can, I know enough. For example, I know you're asking for the game to be the same as every other game out there - why? If you don't like it, follow the advise I gave Stouxy. But, like him, you won't. It'll just be more bitching, more stamping your feet & more tantrums. Another thing I know is that, once again, you are demanding shit that just will not happen. Like going to a vegetarian restaurant & ordering a beef casserole - it's never going to happen. Why not? Well, to put it simply, this is an MMORPG - not a 1st person shooter or such because that is what this is leading to. Seriously, stop flaming, trolling & shouting about what you don't like about the game and saying how much better it would be if it did what you want cos - whether you believe or understand this - this is not your game and it is not only you that plays it. There are lots of people who, like me, play this BECAUSE of what it is & how it works - NOT what we want to make someone change it to for our own whims. So please feel free in joining Stouxy in fkng off & making your own perfect, action-filled, easy af to level, pk-filled game. But you won't. You'll just keep bitching. As I said at the start of this post, this is it for me on this thread I think. Unless something awesome is said you can all just continue your descent into bitching & moaning cos I really don't see this thread going anywhere else.
  2. EXP Bonus after the kill

    *sighs loudly* Did you not read my earlier post? The bit about different methods of training? Cos flee-training is shit. Always has been, always will be. If you're flee-training on mobs cos you otherwise won't get the full amount of exp per mob then you're not training, you're flee-farming. Stop wasting your time & move on to stronger mobs. When training you should be getting 13-15 rounds of exp per mob before it dies. Without fleeing. Yes, it costs more resources - but it levels you faster & you get more gc back so it almost evens out over the long-term. Yes, that is a fact cos I've done it that way and I am now 163/167 (semi-pro level) whereas you call yourself a high level fighter at 140's... You don’t even get the basics yet you claim to win game dynamics arguments, I just laugh
  3. EXP Bonus after the kill

    I love Aislinn np As for the "actual kill bonus" - dude, you have to remember how far this game has come & how much more this game has now than it did even 5 yrs ago. Yes, there will no doubt be more but seriously - I didn't get to these levels (in ALL skills btw) by simply buying stuff in the online shop. I did it by putting in the time & effort through the massively, at times seemingly-endless, training in that/those skill(s). Yes, the 'chronological time' it has so far taken me has been reduced a bit by buying stuff but so what? It's not like poofing bricks helped me level manu - I did that (to lvl 68 iirc) with nothing more than poofing helms in schools, and not always on manu/school #days either. If I do ever get to the point where my char is where I want it (which, incidentally, is a minimum of a few years away I think) then I will simply do the same to OnePiece & after that I'll just have to make another char to do it with. I'm HONESTLY not looking for an argument but people need to understand that an RPG is not a "reach level 100 & win the cup" game, it is a long-term, character-developing style of gameplay that is - and this is very important here - SUPPOSED TO TAKE TIME! There is no cup, no fireworks or anything for 'finishing' an RPG because they -do- -not- -end-. Additionally, I am NOT an example for any kind of argument - good or bad. I'm really not. Quoting me around here will just lose you any argument you try to make cos, you know, it's me I'm also not saying there are not improvements / fixes etc that I would also like to see but if you genuinely want a game you can pick-up/put-down and level at speed for a while until it's finished - go play candy crush or something.
  4. Rain in WTF dungeon map

    I had rain in WTF a few days ago as well. If it is ok to rain/acid rain in WTF map it should also be ok to use horses. But there shouldn't be rain in there cos what if you're on casty when #day changes (like it has done more than once for me & everyone else I have asked) and you get acid rain? instance over rly. Just wanted to confirm it's not just vino though. Thanks.
  5. EXP Bonus after the kill

    Ok. I have thought about this a bit before replying. I am not going to just say what I think, I'm going to try to explain why I do. Unless I get bored quickly. Firstly, what bonus? By which I mean - how much of a bonus? If it's like 10k exp per mob, whether it's a rabbit or a Castellan, that would be wildly out-of-hand. Far, far too much - obviously. So, maybe a bonus of 5% of all the a/d exp you just earned fighting that mob? Easy - get the Bricks R Exp perk cos that's what it does. does it for dailies too. Not just that, it stacks with god's bonus as well as any special #day! So maybe something in between the 2? Ok then - so how much of a bonus? And is it for a/d or just one of them? Possibly the one you have the god for? If so, then no god bonus should be applied too, in order to offset this 'bonus'. Next point: the 'pro's' listed. I don't understand them & this is why: "More encouragement to training than..." - No. The encouragement for training is to be better. Train more, be better. Simple. "No need to save pps for efficient training, so char's capability can also be used without screwing training exp = more contenders for low level invasions too." - If you are having to save your pp's in order to 'train efficiently' then you are not only training wrong, you have no idea how to build a char. Sorry to say it, but it is true. "Mixers who wants to have max carry can also train efficiently" - They can anyway ffs! Remember - just cos you have 'your way' of training does not mean it is either the best nor the only way. " A/D is a nice way to get more pps for those who wants to spend pps on nexuses, mixing is slow exp but mixers can get more pps with fighting too" - Wrong. Honestly, totally wrong. A/d exp does NOT give you more pp's cos pp's come from oa levels. A great many mixers/harv'ers are already max oa so how does a/d exp help them get pp's? How does it help anyone who is oa 179? I am and I can GUARANTEE you that more a/d exp gives me NO extra pp's. "More people for high level instances/invances/invasions mean more breaks, more rosto-burns..." - The most active range is 145+. There are already more people in the "high level" range / events / fights / invasions than the other ranges combined. Btw - if your main is 160's but you have 2 alts in 80-100 or something, those alts DO NOT COUNT here as 'other people'. "More people could be back to the game, especially who disli…" - No. They won't. It is always nice to say "this idea will bring all the old players back!" but not only does it never, ever, work out that way but let's be honest - there are a lot of players who left who no-one wants to see again so this is another bogus point. " When you attend an invasion and kill shitloads of creatures but only get 150k attack exp is pissing off right? This would solve the problem." - No it wouldn't! the reason for the difference in exp earned in invasions is due to the fact that an invasion is predominantly non-stop multi-combat so OF COURSE the def exp will be massively higher. You want more attack exp, go train. And don't flee-train cos that's just pure def exp too. The 'con's': "Even tho the spawns are limited, more gc will be coming into the game..." - Lmao - what? How on earth will having an a/d bonus for each kill bring more gc into the game? Honestly - I am asking how cos it seems like a crazy thing to say. The same mobs get killed, the same gc - surely? "Pissing off people that trained hard to get those levels, but we didn't have dailies when we were 140s and after dailies people got the 150's easy af, right?" - Wrong. It was hard as hell to get where I have so far and I'm not even close to maxiing out yet! And yes, it most certainly WOULD piss off not only me but the other people who have gotten above 140's (140's? really? that is what you call high level? damn...) by doing it the way it is to be done. Who the hell gets to say that we should have done all this just to have everyone else from now on avoid all of that just cos they want it easier?!? You want to be strong, fkn train like the rest of us did. You want the 'pride' of saying how high your a/d level is, work at it. then it is worth having cos you worked for it. Like the rest of us did. "Needs radu to be convinced and work for a exp/kill ratio also decide what to do with team-kills..." - What the hell? This is exactly what I was talking about in the earlier bit! What bonus? You can't just say "I want this thing to make it easier so go figure out how much easier you're going to make it for me. Oh and if I don't think it's enough I'll moan again". Honestly, this is just not on. There are SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many things in game now that make it a hell of a lot easier to level - not just a/d but very much a/d yes - and now you want more? I genuinely do not understand this. All in all, there are so many things now that help levelling - with regards to getting big exp fast - that it honestly surprises me that people still want more. On a #day of Sun Tzu (providing you have spent the time on your char to be able to do this) it is pretty damn easy to get over 30mil a/d exp. FFS! If you want a massive, and I do mean TRULY MASSIVE, amount of oa exp to fly in then train your tailoring level up to the point you can spam white wizard hats in a school on #day of Tailoring. I understand this to be in excess of 60mil exp in the 6 hours of the #day. But noooo, of course people won't do that - it involves actually working on your char first. I do like new ideas for additions to the game, honestly I do. This one, however, seems to miss on too many levels for me. I find it unbalanced, hugely unfair to those who HAVE actually worked to become something better and just a weak way to level without working at it. You should have to work at it - if you didn't everyone would be max levels etc & bored. Besides, if I have worked at something & achieved a good level in one skill or another, I deserve to be able to say that I have reached that level. Just being given levels is pointless. Go play Candy Crush. There have not been many responses so far, but of those: Comparing OL or ANY other game is just laughable. If you like the way another game is made, go play that one. Simple as. As for this one... "sounds good Pros: No more afk farming Cons: Makes life harder for people who want to stay on cap and fight in instances (well maybe the instance monster could give no exp)" - Do shut up you hypocritical, ridiculous moron. You are one of the most prolific afk-farmers & afk-trainers in the whole damn game. Your hypocrisy is sickening in it's blatancy. As for your 'protectionism' over your desire to stay in the same range so you can just farm instances, grow the hell up. This is not about you and your faming so just sod off. I know most people who click on this thread won't even read more of this post than the fact that it was me that posted this so will just disagree with me cos it's me but I don't really care about those people anyway so knock yourselves out with your nonsense replies.
  6. Client update, 195

    Here are the newest maps from Burn: https://elmaps.burningdownthe.net/ As above, download whenever but don't unpack & install until after the update.
  7. Keep in mind that the Vanquisher perk is given for killing a bundle of mobs - ending in ice dragon - and this is done by almost everyone before they're out of the 120's. At the latest. Besides, if we did get the acw / giant / red drag Haidir dailies then it is not beyond the whit of man to add them in such a way so they do not get offered until you are over a certain level. You know, like they already are. Certain people will moan about them being added, just like they moan about this every time it comes up, because of the "huge exp the pro's will get. it's not fair". You know what's not fair? You moaning when your a/d levels are still like 4-6mil exp apart - try feeling the fairness of dailies when you have 50-90mil per level and the best Haidirs are significantly below the top-half of the Daritha dailies. As for how things can be ruined, look at a certain ore deposit. Mines have been slightly changed but it's still annoying af to go so afaik, the numbers going have not changed. Because of a player being... annoying. So more giant & acw spawns please
  8. Mercators El Time Widget (for Android)

    Thanks very much for doing that - your work is appreciated
  9. New Creature Suggestion

    Cool creature! On the condition that it is not some sort of moth. If it is then I'm sorry but moths are 2nd only to clowns when it comes to wrongness & evil. But mainly... I like the way it would be around in the day instead of the night. Most of all though - I REALLY like that there is a strength (a/d or combat or w/e) below which it would not attack. That ticks quite a few boxes for me
  10. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Just to clarify something for my own mind here. When you posted this: I was working (ok, not working. maybe 'spouting' or 'listening to the sound of my own voice' would be more accurate...) under the impression that that was the way it was intended to work. The way I understand it (or understood if it turns out I'm wrong yet again) is this: Because you do not get any more oa exp when you hit oa 179 (ok yes, I now understand you do get some ~77mil - just not enough to obtain an additional pick point) you would get this stone from, I am going to assume for the sake of argument, the Wraith. When you then have this stone in your inventory while playing any & all exp you gain in any skill - manu, ranging, crafting etc. etc. - would be added to the skill-counter's total as usual but IN ADDITION TO THIS the stone would also 'receive'/'absorb' the same amount of exp gained. This would be for the stone to operate as a 'substitute'/'alternative' to (or, in the cases of qualifying under option 2, 'as well as') it being accumulated in the oa bar as well as the skill bar/counter - as currently happens until you hit oa 179(and a bit ;-p). Again, as I understand it, this is being suggested as an addition to the game for those people who have hit the max oa level (who are also over a/d 150) as these people have no way to earn pick points any longer & are left with the only alternative - 'buying' them. I also believe that the second option of "any 5 skills, not oa or a/d, over level 100" was proposed alongside it as a way to include more people & to be more 'fair'. What if it was only for those with 179 oa & 150+ a/d? What if you had a/d of, for instance, 130, but 5 skills over 100 as well as having an oa (due to resetting more than once for build-adjustment, boredom like I did at oa 131 or whatever other reason) of only 155? I believe that WOULD be unfair as those people's chars are obviously at a level only attained by hard work & a lot of effort so to exclude those people/chars from this would be rather unfair & biased purely towards fighter chars which, incidentally, I would be against. Despite what people may assume about my approach to the game Try thinking of it less as a 'stone' and more like a 're-usable, mini oa bar'. And just to, yet a-bloody-gain, try to communicate to those few people who keep saying that this is "just another example of how the game panders to the high-end players" - THINK before you speak for crying out loud! Let me try a different way of showing you how this is not an "easy bonus for players"... Take a new char, then work on it. Then work on it more. Then, when you have that char to 210,229 exp short of hitting oa 117 you will have earned the same amount of exp that this stone will take to "fill up" with 100,000,000 exp. But in that time you would have gained 116 pick points for that char, not the single pick point that the same amount of exp put into this stone would give. Yes - THAT is how hard it would be to gain that additional 'bonus' pick point. HOWEVER - you can hardly call it a 'bonus' of any kind if you have to have it in your inventory while grinding like hell to gain an amount of exp that a great many players have yet to achieve on their chars! When I - finally! - reach the level to qualify to gain this (still only proposed!) stone it will take me 100,000,000 exp (that's 100 MILLION exp) to fill it for 1 whole pick point! In the time it takes me to gain that much exp, I may well be able to earn the gc required to 'buy' multiple pick points! Having said that, I genuinely would like to be able to 'earn' as many pick points as I can. SUPPLIMENTARY SUGGESTION FOR AN ADDITION WHEN THIS IS IMPLEMENTED This is why I also think that if this were to be implemented (which I REALLY hope it is) there should also be an achievement badge you can earn by doing it - as a way to recognise those players who do continue to put in the huge effort & great amount time to better their characters. No perk for it or anything, just something you can obtain & be proud of as it would show how hard you work on improving your character. Maybe rank 1 (bronze badge) would be gained after filling 5 stones, rank 2 (silver badge) would be gained after filling 10 stones then rank 3 (gold badge) would be gained after filling 20 stones. The reason for saying 20 stones is that this would be 2 billion exp (BILLION - with a 'B') which is the equivalent of working for roughly the same amount of exp as you would from oa 0 - oa 179. I don't have any good suggestions for a name for the achievement as yet but, maybe, something like "Experience Addict" or "Punishment Glutton" or even "Busy Bee". I admit, I'm not the best at naming things... And yes, I really do understand how bloody rare it would be for people to attain rank 3 in this achievement -BUT- that is why I think it should be this way as it would be so rare it would add something truly special to the achievement(s) you would have already attained. The things I really do hope result from this post are: people finally stop criticising this idea as a 'freebie for the high-end fighters' & realise how genuinely hard it will be to 'benefit' from; that it turns out that not only did I understand it properly but have managed to make it easier for people to understand as well; that this stone IS introduced into the game as soon as it possibly could be and, finally, that when it is implemented it is done so in tandem with the achievement award I have (albeit roughly) outlined above. I know that this is a pretty wordy post (again. sorry.) and that some of the words may even be considered to be surprisingly long to be used by a knuckle-dragger such as myself but, if you made it this far, I really do appreciate you spending your time doing so. I hope that I didn't end up getting myself tied in grammatical knots, thus making less sense than I'm kind of sure that I managed to. As a final point: given how long this post is - aren't you glad the in-game chat system inherently precludes me talking this much in channels..?... Have fun & play nice,
  11. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Just a couple of points on the numbers & why I think 100mil exp is fair, even a positive thing. Regarding the amount of exp required for OA levels: 100mil exp is actually less than would be required for the, admittedly hypothetical, oa 180. To go from oa 178-179 you need 98,271,880 exp. Assuming that if higher oa levels were introduced & that the exp requirement for these levels were to increase at 5%, as the levels from 91 onwards are, the exp to go from 179-180 would be an additional 4,913,594 making the total required for this step to be 103,185,474. The subsequent levels, still increasing at 5%, would be: 180-181: 108,344,747 - 181-182: 113,761,985 and so on. In fact, by the time you reached the jump from level 192 to level 193 you would need 202,960,084 exp. Regarding the exp needed for oa levels in the 170's (as this was the range given) while it is true that to go from level 169 to 170 is 60mil, by the time you get a few levels further - for instance level 174 to level 175 - you need 80,848,519 exp. With this in mind, if someone does have 5 skills (not a/d or oa) over level 100 my personal opinion is that these people have trained the 'expensive' skills to such a level that, surely, they deserve to be able to reap the slight benefit that this proposal would give them. After all - as I have said in channel 6 before - 100,000,000 exp is not easy to get! You would need to grind like hell to get that in less than a time measured in months!! Also - for the sake of clarity & despite my stats being open so this can easily be seen - I am not going to benefit from this being introduced under either option nor will I be eligible to receive one of these stones for quite some time indeed. I think this is a good idea for the game, not for selfish reasons. I too have looked at a few chars that are not oa 179 but either have or are 'close' to having the required levels to qualify under option 2 and - again, in my personal opinion - deserve to qualify for this slight benefit for the sheer amount of work they have put into developing their chars!
  12. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Not entirely sure I understand. I want to - I do! But I'm not following. As an example you said "Level 120 + 100M is level 132 and a bit." Yes, it is. It also gives that player who levels their char from level 120 up to level 132 - 12 more pickpoints. Your opening line was "Essentially you want to let players who have reached a certain criteria earn double the overall exp?". Erm... how would they earn double the exp? I'm not looking to pointlessly argue with you but I am genuinely a little confused so I guess I'm asking you to explain your point of view a little more clearly. I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, cos I can't. Cos I don't really understand what it is that you're saying. Sorry if it's me being a little dense here.
  13. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    A couple of points I forgot to mention before: I like how it is for a wider range than just "oa 179 only" because it allows for those that have trained various skills to a very good degree but may have reset or are thinking of resetting or, no doubt, a multitude of other things. I think this should be an 'automatic from the wraith thing' and not from the shop. The reason for this is that if this is to be a kind of 'reward' to those players who have attained a certain level with their char(s) through time & effort then buying it would kind of negate it being a reward. Imo rewards are given, not bought. Besides, the bitchers will just say something like "oh! see! more pay-to-win!" and tbh I can't be arsed to listen to that sort of crap.
  14. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Cool. When we were discussing this in channel it wasn't as refined a proposal as this but I think the general consensus was that ~100mil exp would be fair as that's pretty much what you need for the last jump from 178 to 179. Besides, if it were lower you'd just get the bitches bitching again - "why should they get a pp for less than I need to get to lvl <whatever>" etc... I think that 100mil isn't a bad thing anyway - it is a lot to get, yes, but it is also less than it would be for the oa levels subsequent to 179 (assuming a continuation of the 5% increase in exp required per level). I vote yes. Keep in mind though that there will be the usual bitching in later posts by those that think everyone except them gets everything for free when they should be the ones who get it all instead. Fk them. If they were in a position to take advantage of this (not free - worked for) additional way to gain pp's it would be because they had spent the time & effort levelling more than their pointless-bitching-level.
  15. Resolution Problem

    Not sure if I'm going to look daft asking this but: Have you unchecked the box at the top that says "Full Screen"? It's just that it won't let you select user-defined size if you don't. No doubt there are other things that prevent you from selecting user-defined but that is the one I know of. Hope that helps.