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  1. Mercators El Time Widget (for Android)

    Thanks very much for doing that - your work is appreciated
  2. New Creature Suggestion

    Cool creature! On the condition that it is not some sort of moth. If it is then I'm sorry but moths are 2nd only to clowns when it comes to wrongness & evil. But mainly... I like the way it would be around in the day instead of the night. Most of all though - I REALLY like that there is a strength (a/d or combat or w/e) below which it would not attack. That ticks quite a few boxes for me
  3. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Just to clarify something for my own mind here. When you posted this: I was working (ok, not working. maybe 'spouting' or 'listening to the sound of my own voice' would be more accurate...) under the impression that that was the way it was intended to work. The way I understand it (or understood if it turns out I'm wrong yet again) is this: Because you do not get any more oa exp when you hit oa 179 (ok yes, I now understand you do get some ~77mil - just not enough to obtain an additional pick point) you would get this stone from, I am going to assume for the sake of argument, the Wraith. When you then have this stone in your inventory while playing any & all exp you gain in any skill - manu, ranging, crafting etc. etc. - would be added to the skill-counter's total as usual but IN ADDITION TO THIS the stone would also 'receive'/'absorb' the same amount of exp gained. This would be for the stone to operate as a 'substitute'/'alternative' to (or, in the cases of qualifying under option 2, 'as well as') it being accumulated in the oa bar as well as the skill bar/counter - as currently happens until you hit oa 179(and a bit ;-p). Again, as I understand it, this is being suggested as an addition to the game for those people who have hit the max oa level (who are also over a/d 150) as these people have no way to earn pick points any longer & are left with the only alternative - 'buying' them. I also believe that the second option of "any 5 skills, not oa or a/d, over level 100" was proposed alongside it as a way to include more people & to be more 'fair'. What if it was only for those with 179 oa & 150+ a/d? What if you had a/d of, for instance, 130, but 5 skills over 100 as well as having an oa (due to resetting more than once for build-adjustment, boredom like I did at oa 131 or whatever other reason) of only 155? I believe that WOULD be unfair as those people's chars are obviously at a level only attained by hard work & a lot of effort so to exclude those people/chars from this would be rather unfair & biased purely towards fighter chars which, incidentally, I would be against. Despite what people may assume about my approach to the game Try thinking of it less as a 'stone' and more like a 're-usable, mini oa bar'. And just to, yet a-bloody-gain, try to communicate to those few people who keep saying that this is "just another example of how the game panders to the high-end players" - THINK before you speak for crying out loud! Let me try a different way of showing you how this is not an "easy bonus for players"... Take a new char, then work on it. Then work on it more. Then, when you have that char to 210,229 exp short of hitting oa 117 you will have earned the same amount of exp that this stone will take to "fill up" with 100,000,000 exp. But in that time you would have gained 116 pick points for that char, not the single pick point that the same amount of exp put into this stone would give. Yes - THAT is how hard it would be to gain that additional 'bonus' pick point. HOWEVER - you can hardly call it a 'bonus' of any kind if you have to have it in your inventory while grinding like hell to gain an amount of exp that a great many players have yet to achieve on their chars! When I - finally! - reach the level to qualify to gain this (still only proposed!) stone it will take me 100,000,000 exp (that's 100 MILLION exp) to fill it for 1 whole pick point! In the time it takes me to gain that much exp, I may well be able to earn the gc required to 'buy' multiple pick points! Having said that, I genuinely would like to be able to 'earn' as many pick points as I can. SUPPLIMENTARY SUGGESTION FOR AN ADDITION WHEN THIS IS IMPLEMENTED This is why I also think that if this were to be implemented (which I REALLY hope it is) there should also be an achievement badge you can earn by doing it - as a way to recognise those players who do continue to put in the huge effort & great amount time to better their characters. No perk for it or anything, just something you can obtain & be proud of as it would show how hard you work on improving your character. Maybe rank 1 (bronze badge) would be gained after filling 5 stones, rank 2 (silver badge) would be gained after filling 10 stones then rank 3 (gold badge) would be gained after filling 20 stones. The reason for saying 20 stones is that this would be 2 billion exp (BILLION - with a 'B') which is the equivalent of working for roughly the same amount of exp as you would from oa 0 - oa 179. I don't have any good suggestions for a name for the achievement as yet but, maybe, something like "Experience Addict" or "Punishment Glutton" or even "Busy Bee". I admit, I'm not the best at naming things... And yes, I really do understand how bloody rare it would be for people to attain rank 3 in this achievement -BUT- that is why I think it should be this way as it would be so rare it would add something truly special to the achievement(s) you would have already attained. The things I really do hope result from this post are: people finally stop criticising this idea as a 'freebie for the high-end fighters' & realise how genuinely hard it will be to 'benefit' from; that it turns out that not only did I understand it properly but have managed to make it easier for people to understand as well; that this stone IS introduced into the game as soon as it possibly could be and, finally, that when it is implemented it is done so in tandem with the achievement award I have (albeit roughly) outlined above. I know that this is a pretty wordy post (again. sorry.) and that some of the words may even be considered to be surprisingly long to be used by a knuckle-dragger such as myself but, if you made it this far, I really do appreciate you spending your time doing so. I hope that I didn't end up getting myself tied in grammatical knots, thus making less sense than I'm kind of sure that I managed to. As a final point: given how long this post is - aren't you glad the in-game chat system inherently precludes me talking this much in channels..?... Have fun & play nice,
  4. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Just a couple of points on the numbers & why I think 100mil exp is fair, even a positive thing. Regarding the amount of exp required for OA levels: 100mil exp is actually less than would be required for the, admittedly hypothetical, oa 180. To go from oa 178-179 you need 98,271,880 exp. Assuming that if higher oa levels were introduced & that the exp requirement for these levels were to increase at 5%, as the levels from 91 onwards are, the exp to go from 179-180 would be an additional 4,913,594 making the total required for this step to be 103,185,474. The subsequent levels, still increasing at 5%, would be: 180-181: 108,344,747 - 181-182: 113,761,985 and so on. In fact, by the time you reached the jump from level 192 to level 193 you would need 202,960,084 exp. Regarding the exp needed for oa levels in the 170's (as this was the range given) while it is true that to go from level 169 to 170 is 60mil, by the time you get a few levels further - for instance level 174 to level 175 - you need 80,848,519 exp. With this in mind, if someone does have 5 skills (not a/d or oa) over level 100 my personal opinion is that these people have trained the 'expensive' skills to such a level that, surely, they deserve to be able to reap the slight benefit that this proposal would give them. After all - as I have said in channel 6 before - 100,000,000 exp is not easy to get! You would need to grind like hell to get that in less than a time measured in months!! Also - for the sake of clarity & despite my stats being open so this can easily be seen - I am not going to benefit from this being introduced under either option nor will I be eligible to receive one of these stones for quite some time indeed. I think this is a good idea for the game, not for selfish reasons. I too have looked at a few chars that are not oa 179 but either have or are 'close' to having the required levels to qualify under option 2 and - again, in my personal opinion - deserve to qualify for this slight benefit for the sheer amount of work they have put into developing their chars!
  5. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Not entirely sure I understand. I want to - I do! But I'm not following. As an example you said "Level 120 + 100M is level 132 and a bit." Yes, it is. It also gives that player who levels their char from level 120 up to level 132 - 12 more pickpoints. Your opening line was "Essentially you want to let players who have reached a certain criteria earn double the overall exp?". Erm... how would they earn double the exp? I'm not looking to pointlessly argue with you but I am genuinely a little confused so I guess I'm asking you to explain your point of view a little more clearly. I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, cos I can't. Cos I don't really understand what it is that you're saying. Sorry if it's me being a little dense here.
  6. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    A couple of points I forgot to mention before: I like how it is for a wider range than just "oa 179 only" because it allows for those that have trained various skills to a very good degree but may have reset or are thinking of resetting or, no doubt, a multitude of other things. I think this should be an 'automatic from the wraith thing' and not from the shop. The reason for this is that if this is to be a kind of 'reward' to those players who have attained a certain level with their char(s) through time & effort then buying it would kind of negate it being a reward. Imo rewards are given, not bought. Besides, the bitchers will just say something like "oh! see! more pay-to-win!" and tbh I can't be arsed to listen to that sort of crap.
  7. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Cool. When we were discussing this in channel it wasn't as refined a proposal as this but I think the general consensus was that ~100mil exp would be fair as that's pretty much what you need for the last jump from 178 to 179. Besides, if it were lower you'd just get the bitches bitching again - "why should they get a pp for less than I need to get to lvl <whatever>" etc... I think that 100mil isn't a bad thing anyway - it is a lot to get, yes, but it is also less than it would be for the oa levels subsequent to 179 (assuming a continuation of the 5% increase in exp required per level). I vote yes. Keep in mind though that there will be the usual bitching in later posts by those that think everyone except them gets everything for free when they should be the ones who get it all instead. Fk them. If they were in a position to take advantage of this (not free - worked for) additional way to gain pp's it would be because they had spent the time & effort levelling more than their pointless-bitching-level.
  8. Resolution Problem

    Not sure if I'm going to look daft asking this but: Have you unchecked the box at the top that says "Full Screen"? It's just that it won't let you select user-defined size if you don't. No doubt there are other things that prevent you from selecting user-defined but that is the one I know of. Hope that helps.
  9. Ranging fix

    Just wanted to clarify a couple of points. Firstly, this is not solely about serping - one incident or in general - it is predominantly (for me at least) about the fact that it is wrong. It's not how it should work & just because "something has always been this way" does not automatically make it ok. A ranger is, in essence, a distance attacker. Attacking, as it were, from a range. If that was not the way it was supposed to work, why would anyone bother to level their ranging skill in order to be more effective over a greater distance? Or you can think of it from a more roleplaying point of view - who fights mobs hand-to-hand? The stronger fighters. Who stays clear of the melee and aids their comrades by shooting arrows into things? The archers / rangers. Who, let's face it, are normally the pasty-skinned 'mysterious' elves. All that fey stuff, flowing robes and whatnot... That aside, if this is a roleplaying game, how can anyone play a role that doesn't work completely as it should? When this was talked of before, I'm almost certain I remember Radu saying he could fix it so the mobs wouldn't flee due to a ranging attack without it having any other effects. By which I took it to mean it would not alter anything else - such as how pinning mobs works. Admittedly this is mostly an inference as opposed to a clear confirmation that pinning would not change but I'm sure if you asked him he'd be able to say 'yes' or 'no'. Also, and this is just a minor point, if you're going to quote someone in order to make a point at least use the whole quote & not just the part(s) that suit your purpose. Not only did I not mention anyone getting banned but - as far as I have seen at least - nobody has. Put this with the misquoting thing & I could easily refer to your post where you are the first person to have proposed, and I quote, "...all serpers..." "...scumbags who should be banned...". See - it's easy to twist something you don't agree with but it's silly so please don't. Which brings me to my final point here. Not so long ago Saxum died in the 145200 invance then got all mad about it & said he wasn't coming back etc. Do you know why he died? It's because a mob I was fighting was pulled from me by an archer helping from the wall. This mob then attacked Saxum which, in addition to the mob he was already fighting, proved too much for him and he died. That would not happen again if this was fixed so, you know, just putting that out there too... Please understand that I'm not trying to be argumentative - it's just that some of the things I have said, either here or in channel, seem to have been a little misconstrued & I just wanted to clear it up. Hope I have but maybe not... Thanks.
  10. Ranging fix

    Ok. My vote: change it please. Thanks.
  11. Ranging fix

    Hi I have to say that this has been a puzzle to me for a long time. I mean, if a tank is fighting it why on earth would a mob flee then attack the person who is ranging from too far away? Not only does it make no sense at all, it is annoying as hell. Both for the team who have to quickly re-adjust what they are doing in order to continue fighting but also for the (normally pretty new) ranger (who refuses to listen to what they are being told) who inevitably dies. And yes, it would put any newer player off of participating in an invasion again. The ONLY benefit to this 'feature' is if you are the type of scumbag who is trying to pull the mob from the tank so you can steal the drops. Cos you're probably too weak to work said mob &/or isn't playing as part of a team cos of being a scumbag shunned by people who like being in a team. Or possibly mentally deficient and/or morally corrupt. Or all of these things. In all honesty I thought this 'feature' was intentional because it makes no sense to have it & I genuinely thought that if this were not the intention it would have been fixed long ago. Shows what I know... So yes - please, PLEASE fix this nonsense so that the mob being tanked can not be pulled (unintentionally or cos a scumbag is on the rob) away from those who are actually putting in the effort and so actually do deserve the drop(s) from said mob. Thanks.
  12. New creatures

    I've tested it in 2 different types of armour so I'll put the results here. While they were not 'exhaustive / extensive' tests I think they give a good idea. Also, reds hit me harder but this mirrors a lot too so it does make for quite the sudden drop in hp. Additionally, I was using damaged armour in the first test. Test #1: CoL, uni med, dmgd iron plate, iron shield, aug pants (already broken iron cuisses), dmgd iron greaves. Using shield spell & attribute pots (phys, coord, vit, wild, att & def). Weapon used was dmgd sunbreaker. Killed 5 breakers but during this had to restore 43 times - I also had to diss at one point as I was out of mana despite also md'ing them as I fought them. Test #2: CoL, moon med, titan plate, iron shield, titan cuisses, titan greaves. Using shield spell & attribute pots (phys, coord, vit, wild, att & def). Weapon used was dmgd emerald claymore. This time I also killed 5 breakers but only had to use 26 restores with no diss needed as I managed to keep up with my mana this time. I also noted the drops on these. They were: 488gc, 128gc, 524gc, 278gc & 434gc. In my opinion this is a very good mob that just needs a little adjusting to make it what (I think) was being hoped for. I recognise that new things rarely work first time around so I'm just posting my opinion / suggestions - I do really like the mob in & of itself. I would say it is far to resource-heavy to be a viable help to most chars in their break quests while dropping too much for the top-end chars to not be tempted to farm them. I think the hp is right - it needs to be something that you can beat on for a good while in order to get those all-important crits that break your stuff but you need to be able to survive the process too. I also believe that along with any adjustments that may be made to it's stats, the drops should also be slashed. The reason being that, as I understand it, this was intended as an aid to people doing the break quests & I am afraid that if it were to have it's stats adjusted while leaving the drops as they are it would just be something that was farmed by certain people - thus greatly reducing it's use / availability for the wider community. I want to emphasise that I really do like this mob & the purpose it has been added for! It only needs a bit of an adjustment before it is the perfect addition to EL but I would like this to happen in tandem with the drops being slashed - it is an aid to quests, not a farmable resource or whatever. I agree with the kind of changes suggested by D34DLY - but - I would personally favour lower crit to hit & more crit to dmg. I also agree that a drop of 25-50gc as well as having no special drops would be good. As I said, it is meant to be an aid - not a resource. Thanks for reading, be groovy & have fun,
  13. All hydro route to be PK?

    Wow - this got a bit... erm... yeah. But since the topic has been raised First of all, while I am very much in favour of teamwork, I fail to see how making the harvesting cave pk too would be a good thing or would promote working together. I also said in my post "...(except the harvesting cave ofc...)..." so why would that make you think I would like it to be pk? Seriously... Secondly, I also agree wholeheartedly with Wizzy's post. Let's be honest here - it is wrong. Whether or not there is a 'prescribed' rule about the hydro route, it is certainly in clear defiance of the very spirit of the rules. Yes, there are written rules, but there is also a - again very clearly recognised / acknowledged - 'group awareness' that this really has crossed the line. Ok, hydro is not a spawn, but it IS a resource. Not only that - it is the ONLY resource in the entire game that can only be accessed at one place. He is blocking the resource through his actions - a rule clearly stated, now continuously broken again. Whether or not it is said that "he isn't blocking it because you can do this or that or w/e to get around him" I would say that that is just nonsense. If you don't agree with me - try it. Unless you are one of the very, very few chars who can walk through without worry (which I would also like to make clear are also the players who do not need to do so!) it is not possible to view this as anything other than blocking a resource. Seeing players return is a good thing! However - every single one of them that I have seen has commented on this and how ridiculous it is that it has been allowed to continue. They don't comment on the many great improvements &/or changes brought in over the time they have been away because they are so stunned / pissed off about this still going on! This is not what people returning to the game should be focusing on is it? I don't believe so as it causes them to overlook the great things here - of which there are many but all of which sadly continue to be overshadowed by this nonsense. This truly is a shame given how much work has been put into this place. Despite the fact that I have said this many times, let me be clear - I do have alts. I also play them in what I believe the spirit of the reasoning behind removing rule #5 was - as individuals who happen to help each other out when required. They do different things and while they do interact they are NOT there simply as tools to be used by my 'main' character or for specific tasks to gain some sort of advantage. Yes, Fairy is me pretty much but 1 alt makes things Fairy could never even try to and the other is a kind of harvester who does things differently to Fairy so I can see how that turns out differently over time. Neither of them are used for anything like the subject of this topic but - most importantly I think - they are also continually levelled in their own fields. They are not stagnant in their development nor are they only logged in when something is needed for Fairy - they are logged in to do their own things too! They do not level as fast, nor are they as intensively played, as Fairy but then - that's because Fairy is my main. Bloody obvious really. However, the point remains - they are not stagnant & they do continually level at (what I think) is a bloody reasonable pace for any character not run by an obsessively active player like me! A quick point on the whole "Stivy brings Radu rosto's" thing. Do get a grip! If you are strong enough to beat him you do not brick & if you are not you go in non-drop armour to protect against the cold etc & do your best to not be noticed before you can make it. Which is pretty damn rare I admit. Which is why when I have been, I have gone in leathers etc!! If your a/d is too low to simply walk through & you are going in top gear that needs a rosto in inv for when (not if, but when) he jumps you then you're a mug. Honestly - it is foolish. And before anyone says "but I need the bronze armour for the rad protection" or something just as stupid let me stop you - take he's ffs!!! Watch your char as you harv & when your health gets low - bloody well heal yourself! Going in full bronze indeed... a ridiculous idea by foolish people... It is just as Alphabet said - it is invasions that bring the bricks in & if you want proof go here: http://www.el-cel.com/info/awards.php Now look at the 'Castle Builder' part for the last few years & when you don't see my name but you do see 'Valcaz' that is the time I was playing on that char for a while too. Only 2 of those were lost to Stivy - WHILE I WAS CLEANING LEFTOVERS FROM A PORTALS INVASION THAT WERE ON IMBROGLIO!!! Not one has been lost on a hydro run - NONE! Now try to tell me about how it is good for Radu's $$ income for Stivy to be there. Mainly so I can laugh in your face. Despite what anyone may or may not say - this may be referred to as 'the Stivy/hydro thing' but is NOT about either - it is about the way this has been allowed to go on so damn long, it is about how a 'community' in this (supposedly 'community-based') game feels about one player being given carte blanche to behave this way - to the detriment of the community as a whole as well as this game which we do all actually care a very great deal about!! Some who may not interact with the community as much may not even be aware of the true depth of feeling over this. I cannot stress how bad this is for the feelings & general moral / well-being of the community. And I haven't even touched on the way this has destroyed the market for fe's / bars / s2e's etc nor how badly this has impacted the ability of new players to advance their chars through being a part of that market but, maybe, that would be more suited to a thread regarding player-retention... I don't know if this post helps or hinders, explains or confuses the issue further but I kind of felt compelled to say these things as this seems to have changed from a 'make the route pk?' thread to a 'this is the real issue here' thread. I mean it when I say this is not about a person or a resource but the situation - how it effects, and is perceived by, the community as a whole. (the whole community being everyone I have ever spoken to about this with 100% of them all feeling the same - I know I haven't spoken to every single player ever...) I'm sorry if this is a little long, but I said all of the above in the hope that it helps to help EL. You all know how I feel about this place so I couldn't not say it. And if you read this far, thanks. I appreciate you spending the time to do so.
  14. All hydro route to be PK?

    I like the idea. Making it all pk with no safe spots (except the harvesting cave ofc...) would even the field & I also believe it would promote more teamwork which I am always in favour of. This wouldn't change the fact that there are also the (admittedly, very rare) hydro rings as well as the snake token/Redeemer options available too. Maybe it would also put an end to one on the most irritatingly-recurring topics of moaning on channel too. Maybe... Don't worry though, I'm sure we'll find something else we can continually moan about later if needs be So yes - it's a yes please from me
  15. Auctioning wizard hat of life and mana

    $70. Really want that hat...