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  1. Ideas for Tokens

    Remote store access token would be cool.
  2. capp IP creatures

    Beaver furs are a maia daily. I always go to IP for that, because it's just the best spawn. I agree with revi, wait a week or two and see if it really is an issue before doing something silly.
  3. The Fully Random Joker

    What if: Relocation takes much longer, but every game day he adds an additional item, to make it more attractive to search for him if not found for a few days? maybe on new days a server message saying how many items he has? Oh, and on relocation he loses all except 1.
  4. Create a new invasionmeter

    If you replace EME with EnE it could even be a single use item and still cheaper. PS That is, till EnE prices start skyrocketing, I suppose...
  5. Duel/Tournament of AFG

    Well, it's for a bit of fun. So what if someone's spider beats my spider, his spider cant beat my bear. Summoning level will have less impact than clever strategy (the order in which you play your cards), and a randomness is built in, overall fair for all.
  6. Steam?

    isuspect eldevin tanked becausr of limited gameplay, Took me few months to max level, if you max a skill like tailoring, you can make a wizard hat which never breaks, never gets lost, you only ever need one. Gets old fast, that game.. nothing to do with steam
  7. Steam?

    Eldevin had a huge influx of players after they released on steam,(maybe 18 months ago?), I was active there when it happened I also think steam community as a whole pretty willing to spend real $ on games, would be good for game, and good for radu
  8. Goal/objective oriented invasions

    I'm in favour of more interesting/ different invasions I'll add some of my own ideas later, first some questions: What determines the stats of the VIP? (a/d, attrib if any). Can he fight back when attacked, or only rely on defense? Someone mentioned in 6 that this VIP should act much like creature summoned by leader, with summon option available, your thoughts on that?
  9. How about your possible missions are limited depending on how far you have progressed in the tutorial? That way you'll never get anything above your paygrade.
  10. Repairing Dragon Armor

    How about this: Manufacturers can break down damaged armors to the components, and reassemble them, with a chance to lose random components (ie the damaged ones)
  11. New Mage Spell Ideas.

    I'd like mage upgrades, my ideas: Mage should be able to support in invasions, instances etc protecting, healing etc. with AOE spells. It's ok for these spells to be expensive (relatively). These spells should require magic nexus. In many games healer is as important as tank. Mage clothing with bonuses (hats, robes, gloves tailoring skill?) requiring high human and magic nexus to equip. Maybe some ranged spells (fireball?) I'm not really in favor of AOE attack spells The magic on my char is pretty good, but I struggle for example with FT daily, with magic better than melee I think it should still be feasible for me to engage one of these and protect myself with magic so I can compete without having to use dozens of dis rings. And spell kills should count...
  12. Weird new daritha ?

    Yay, I can post in forums, ty Aislinn After update on 30 May an unexpected/unannounced new Daritha quest appeared. She asks for 10 iron swords, when you give those she says she wanted 10 iron helms. You get the reward after giving the helms.