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  1. Buying silver ore

    I am buying another batch of silver ore. @2.65gc/ea. Total sum I am buying for now is 200k. Leave me a message. Thanks EDIT: Bought 105k sivler ore already. I am missing 95k silver ore now. Dzikrator
  2. Buying silver ore

    Hi! As the title says, I am buying silver ore. @2.65gc/ea Total sum I am buying for now is 120k. Leave me a message. Thanks Dzikrator
  3. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    I haven't voted as it's not sophisticated question. On one side I would agree on raising attribute cap to 60 so various builds might be created, on the other hand that would lead to overpowering some characters which have a lot of gcs. If the idea would be up to me I would raise the cap to 60, but total pps used to distribute between attributes would be 240 in total. Which would make ppl think about what they really want to do. Tank, hitter, mage and so on. As said about restricted maximum pps used - that is said as agreeing on revi's idea. But I do not agree on that 288 max pps used as character would be still good at everything. It would restrict some things and it would make people consider where to put it, but experienced players would know exactly what to do. With 240 pps for attributes it would mean that they would consider every aspect of each attribute which would lead to character classes.