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  1. ip banned

    Thank you for speedy response and resolution of the Problem.
  2. ip banned

    Hello everybody I am playing EL with charname "DeepDragon". Today when I tried logging in, the EL client showed that I have been ip banned (dunno why). I guess it might have been because I have been using vpn to connect to EL . I need to use VPN services to connect to EL server because I am currently staying at the grad school and here the isp has blocked certain ports( or whatever they are called) because of which almost everyone has to use a vpn service to connect to steam and other gaming websites/applications. I can connect via learner server but sometimes that works slower I request to you (Radu and Aislinn) to help me by removing the ip ban so that I can connect via the ip I was using. Thank you . Have a good day. Regards DeepDragon
  3. Alt rules

    I am in favour of implementation of all the 3 rules that Radu have mentioned.
  4. Goal/objective oriented invasions

    you asked questions that are already answered, read the first post by thingrim As for reward, as in current invasions we follow "you keep what u kill policy" for the normal mobs and only the boss mob's drop is shared as it is shared among the players who killed that boss mob, (a temporary team needs to be formed by consent of players as it is done in current invasions). To start an invasion ppl could pay 5kgc each to participate to the npc, if the invasion is not finished and left unattended, the server can clear all the mobs after a 24 hour period for capped invasions upto 145 a/d and 36 hour period for uncapped, also if any peace day or no rosto day occurs in this period, then additional 6 hours added to the period. the caravan (protect vip) type invasion might need too much work, so i am not commenting on it. The invasion is supposed to be started by a npc, so i would say there is no need for mod involvement. And since if the invasion is capped for certain range then over capped players arnt allowed to enter that map, ( different map like invances is need to be used ) hence no rule breaking will occur in terms of over cap ppl killing undercap mobs by summons and magic. Thats all for now
  5. Goal/objective oriented invasions

    I would say that it will be better to create a poll regarding this, it is not too hard to implement i m sure. hence a poll and support for this kind of invasion might get it implemented faster and sooner
  6. Goal/objective oriented invasions

    What you posted here is a variation to the Instances and combined it with Counter strike ( protect vip section). I feel that doing this kind of thing might be possible and interesting But, if a team is needed to be set at the beginning of invasion then the ppl who come online later on wont be able to join, also since the number of monsters is high so it could take more than 6 hours to finish, in between real life work can come up and ppl might have to leave and since other ppl wont be able to join so the balance of team players will be distorted. Also, if the mobs are programmed to come and attack the bot and suppose the bot is supposed to be transported from one location to another, then what will happen is more mobs will be attracted to the bot than to the players, hence while every body is busy fighting the mobs that are currently engaged with them, some mobs at the back could pass to attack and kill the VIP, thereby leading to failure. Transporting the VIP to another location can only happen if the mobs spawn in waves like in instance. Also the movement of VIP from one postion to another would become a major challenge in keeping him alive. thats all i have to say for now.
  7. Server Log

    I was thinking of getting a counter, like u hit this mob today like 5 times, and with max damage dealt is 50 hp. something like our mob kill counter. Will be good to have it. the other suggestion about loot dropped messages. can be implemented only in instances. but the boss mobs there already give such drop msg. Seems implementing it in invasions and invances will add only to the spam ( as revi said). But for instas i think its good to have it. Also i go to instas with the trusted ppl only so for me having the drop counter has no effect .
  8. Sell Hydro ring in store

    Making the ring cheaper from shop will act almost same as if the drop rates were increased. a ring available on el market at say 8-10k gc.. Can also have ring being available at npc for buying say at same price as hydro bars. Might work
  9. Sell Hydro ring in store

    I support this idea. A very good suggestion, Will help stabilize market. Can sell 1 ring for 1 $ and also sell 20 rings for 15$ or 10$ as you would like it.
  10. Need team for ice instance

    I can go this sunday, i.e today Knightrider
  11. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    Belive me "stivy" has all the hydro bars he will need, and a lot of nexus removals aswell I voted "yes"
  12. Need team for ice instance

    Hi, i would like to join the team, 139/144 a/d, full AP, mule, ranging 51
  13. Map Issues Noted Since 1.9.4 Update

    Angler found these walk through rocks You are in Irinveron [465,277] - You are in Aeth Aelfan, the Elven Homeland [52,209] You are in Aeth Aelfan, the Elven Homeland [108,315] thank you
  14. New Invasion Mob (suggestion)

    Well since we are not using such combat system, guess no point in discussing it further . :/
  15. HI, I am DeepDragon. This thought occurred to me few days back, thought i post it here. There are many mobs that are a good challenge in EL. But i feel that there should be some more mobs added to the game, with new look and appearance. Now this mob i have in mind ( Call it Teh_brickcritter) should have high defense.. attack unknown..and the mob has a low chance to hit a player (say 1-10%) which is decided by the gear the player wears, lower grade gear mean more chance to get hit. This mob should have high mirror rate, so that it makes up for the low hit rate. Also considering how we all like to range we give this mob some point defense. Ofc this mob has tank build and quite high hp. Now coming to the part where it gets dangerous , This mob has low attack rate as i said earlier, but if it hits a player then instead of going to underworld one rosto is subtracted from the inventory, ofc when u run out of rosto u go to uw and lose stuff in db . Also to deal damage in h2h having brick in inventory is a must. Now all of this must be making it sound really very difficult and costly to kill this mob, so lets talk about the drops this mob gives. drops: Should be like some 1-15 hydro rings, 1mil-2 mil gcs, and nexus removal stones in rare drops. A/D: attack : unknown Defense: 140-150 Hp: 50000 perks : mirror (40% to mirror), i glow in the dark and evanescence. Can it work or not ? This might be a bad idea to have this mob, but lemme know either way p.s. dont try to fight it on day of brave