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  1. without seeing the astro codes, to which i think its better if we don't because there has to be some mystery involved, even if it is el logic, there could be individual high points in the astrology based on when a player is created, there seems to be several bands a player falls into and stays there like two of mine always have opposite astro.

    there may be day and month high points that alter the predictable point of the astro bar itself

    or maybe its just alot simpler than that and i'm over thinking it.




  2. An old post, but i'd like to see more quests added to the mule daily From Tatu which is one option, it would be nice to se a ranging reward from tatu, a delivery of ranging stuff somewhere is one option.


    Another mule idea would be for a mule fight quest, maybe from an existing a/d giver like Haidir, Novac, whimmp side mission " i need you to go under cover as a mule or phoenix to kill ........"




  3. Bluap is it possible  to make it so players could choose to highlight individual storage items a selection of colours so they can make thier own groups up, ie highlight red around all the vegetal flowers and another colour for mixture of power, or same with quest books for gerund etc.

    addition to that would be like the book filter that dims out those not in the filter text, ie: red would dim all those colours not red

    this would be a nice way for a quick check on storage stuff.


    yes i'm aware you can put 1 each of the flowers / books into a item list and name it vegetal collection/quest books too.


    just thinking aloud, as always



  4. some of the things you want will make the game/play too easy, el needs to be and is balanced nicely between easy and hard, personally i didnt like the addition of the 'click near creature' it took the skill out of hunting ws through the trees (tip: use the mini map to click so you dont keep clicking trees on main map)

    With time you will acquire the skills to work around 'features'

    I still think magical interference when mixing is put there to test the strength of your monitor /keyboard  :P

    oh and i like i can leave the ex cape wanting more, i mostly have it set to be one or two under, just incase your last harv finds a rare item. (fail to keep it as you couldn't carry)


  5. could someone tell me which file/folder the line of text is in to have your character name automatically typed / saved  on the login screen is.

    i remember seeing it a long time ago but cant find it again.



  6. there are the 4 indicator bars on the bottom frame of the screen , mana, food, health, emu and optional action points,

    would it be possible to have a way to re order them .

    at the moment the only option is to either show or not show action point bar with right click,

    if we had the option to 'add bar' or 'remove bar' on those same way we can add or remove the skill bars from the bottom display then we could re order them.

    if its just me asking then i guess not, depends it others would want it, i would prefer to have the food bar as far to the right side of the screen as possible so its on the same side as the important stuff.


  7. the purple on black background the dialogue box for the commands is not the best contrast, not sure if thats user changeable in client files?


    a control click onto a number while the box is open would be useful for speed 1-6

    of something that might even by-pass the box if you know what the number related task is it could be activated when you have a summoned animal in play


    ie cntrl z and 1-6

  8.  my fault, indeed i was putting a space after the text, i remember trying the space thing in front of the text when it happened ages ago, didnt think i might have automatically hit the s p a c e b a r

    At least this post will solve a problem if anyone else did it.........................i go stand in the corner now


  9. at location Palon Vertas  [230,61]

    i used #mark 16:32

    i use this time marker when i have killed an invdrag so i can see where it was when i come back, then i remove the mark after an hour 10 mins

    as i use this across alot of the relevant invdrag maps i've only seen it happen on ida and pv


    #unmark 16:32

    at that location it doesn't remove the mark, no message either saying unmarked.

    other map locations unremovable via #unmark

    Palon Vertas  [203,85] (i have been able to remove marks from else where on the north of the map)

    Idaloran  [75,42] few marks around that loc

    being on the spot or not doesnt make a differance


    mac version 1.9.5 , last mod 10 may 2016


    if you really need it i can do a zone coverage of pv and see where the fault lines are

  10. Noticed quite some time ago that #unmark doesnt work on some parts of a map

    Thought i'd mention it as its more annoying that desperately important but might be a simple fix?

    don't even know if that is client side or my side (mac version)


    i can remove the marked spots in logs


    places in question are very bottom left of ida and lower section of pv near cedric


  11. On 3/6/2020 at 6:43 AM, vinoveritas said:

    I would be happy if the way of the behavior would stay the same if you walk outside of range and back into the range with open storage. in some storage's you can then still use storage in others you need to reopen it


    only time i noticed that is if i have traded with another character while the sore window was open on an open air store map