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  1. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    once again thank you Burn, (from me and Loupie), a very nice update to some excellent mappage, very useful esp the interiors such as the tg mage school.
  2. DP tree stops walk

    if you exit the crystal cavern north then map click the dp north tele pad the first tree stops the walk.
  3. idea for a new rare find stone, Multiplier Stone, it either multiplies your entire storage contents or multiplies a selected item in your storage via you combinding it after its found its value would probaby be X3
  4. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    the text on the map is small for me too, i was wondering if there is a game cure for this where you could change the cursor into a small magnifying lens at a click of an icon? or is it a no go because the maps are unofficial? Obviosly a lot of work has already gone into them and they are very good and much apprciated
  5. Idea: new multiplier stone

    yep, maybe only works on harvestables,
  6. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    we have them too now, thanks Burn and who ever else helped with them, love the bigger blue cross and better detail.
  7. Quest logs

    Thank you, I got the file path I needed when I logged in to the game but had no idea where to enter it. (posted by Loupie)
  8. that joke was beyond beef
  9. Saw a woodsprite in nordcarn sat night mon morning, was wondering how the heck that got there as its not native, just a fluke? just 1 gc on it, is there another quest where woodsprites spawn random, is it possible for it to spawn right on the edge of a map and fall through a doorway? anyone else seen a non quest random creature somewhere it shouldn't be?
  10. Woodsprite seen and killed in Nordcarn

    sorry my bad, again. if you think this thread is a spoiler do you want to delete it.
  11. Thats my Bag

    standing on the bag for x amount of seconds would trigger a teleport nexus, as for trading from a drop bag, mules cant trade, one of the reasons i was thinking was to allow a mule to pick up
  12. Thats my Bag

    We cold have temporary locked bags, the dropper has a special item "bag lock" puts it in bag, then it asks for code, which would be 4 didgit, then the bag turns red which indicates that bag is locked, the dropper and intended gatherer would only know the code for the bag the lock could be on short timer say 30 - 60 seconds, just enough to stop the bj's and short enough to stop people leaving locked bags everywhere bag turns normal colour after timer , if the person trying to pick up the bag doesnt enter the correct code they get an automatic teleport nexus, even if they are standing over it, again to allow the correct reciever to pick it up otherwise a bj could just hold it till time runs out
  13. noticed a visable untexteured polygon for a while while traveling between the dp storage and crystal cavern, the closest walk point to the offending poly is DP 115, 127. its mostly visable from the oppsite bank 104 114 looking across range river.
  14. desert pines, small visable polygon hole?

    while i already have a thread open on DP, the regurding the map view, when you click on the map where the north entrance should be, its about one mountain icon out when you walk to where you put the X on the map there are a few other maps which things dont line up in play mode, too many to list, are they up for fixes too?
  15. desert pines, small visable polygon hole?

    is there a thread / list of whats already seen / fixed so i don't repeat whats already known.
  16. Crowd Etiquette

    I had a near death experience because several people were standing in the DP storage, i was coming back from alch school and had a red snake blocking my path, i had to kill it but got poisoned and came into the storage with just 2 health and still dropping. it was quite annoying to then have to swing the camera around to get quick access to the store man. so yeah, try and sit down if you aint on an in and out run.
  17. Forum validation requests

    That"s understandable, having spoken to others in game i can tell there are alot of much younger players out there. the unfortunate thing is you have two mature adults who enjoy EL very much and we feel unfairly treated as you assume we are not who we say we are. i will PM you with some personal facts regarding my joining and finding el. Bobby
  18. Novac missing quest

    Having recently started an alt i have been doing the novac quest and my alt got a quest my main didn't early on, after the small spider in the crystal caverns you goto a boar in valley of the dwarves which also mentions he wants multiple animals for his potion, its the multiple animal quest my main never got, i'd say i did that section without the multi about 8 months ago ish, is that a new thing?
  19. Novac missing quest

    yep, sorry, i'm guessing it must have been a new addition since my main did the last novac quest i talked to novac with main and i got the second quest which is a longer running side quest thank you for answering anyway, amended sub headed to "question answered"
  20. bots with no gc

    nope, the run out alot, they all have their owner displayed. as for a good reason not to tell, cant see what that would be other than to waste peoples time. i appreciate that genuine bots trying to keep up to date with gc run out when popular stuff is traded in but if bots were to show their gcs they might have an advantage over some that don't as people would go to them first in the same sell prices
  21. Idea for new mixable that helps in fighting

    nice idea but it might be rejected because it would give you a big advantage in fights, you could battle to the death then suddenly come back fully restored and carry on fighting the same opponent.
  22. bots with no gc

    something should be done, been to 4 separate maps to sell stuff and none of the bots have any gold coins i cant see why the gc level cant be displayed like the emu and slots are. that way you still know what they are buying just a matter of waiting for the owner to replenish on that matter there are a few bots that have had no emu for several weeks, is there a system where the owners are automatically notified?
  23. Beware when trading with LightPresent

    its not something i had thought of, bots lowering the price as the get an amount of the item concerned but it seems fair to me, as the owner said, its up to the seller to check the price before final click. one i will certainly look out for when doing multiple trips to a bot on a big run.
  24. makes note, trade with doctorrx for free stuff lol
  25. Just that really, could we have the reading to-go (knowledge), added to the optional indicators, along the bottom bar, (attack , defence etc), availability in the clickable menu would be good, so we can have the book reading knowledge in view and not just viewable on the big stats window. thanks