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  1. capp IP creatures

    Unfortunately I have to agree, +1 for IP cap Ftr I took 300 beaver on IP and got 3 token, so yes it is something I would do again if there is no cap
  2. Android client, 8th release [fixed on 29th]

    All good here, no problems atm
  3. Android client, 7th release

    i now see the arrows on the blue oblongs, personally i prefered the first version, bt i guess these are more obvious to new andy players long press is when you press and hold the screen, like when you pull up widgets in android etc yes i know you never said you were going to change anything in mini map, i was just saying was all. mini map is more likely to be used but tabletiers so it would have the screen space useage, on a phone i can see your point its something of a brussel sprout i like brussel sprouts
  4. Android client, 7th release

    ok tested a few things, Space bar issue fixed, thanks disconnecting the bluetooth keyboard when client is live causes crash, (el client not responding message) the camera rotation boxes appear as solid blue rectangles only opaque not transparent, no arrows or other features ass with them, they work as before the player mob dots on mini map still to small, the map scale works fine, but doesnt increase said dots at same time still an excellent client, Google pixel C Tablet Are you able to make use of long press in the el client radu? maybe trade with characters and the opening of mini map could make use of this if able to, the latter being long press on map icon
  5. Greed & Blood, Invasion on 14/01/2017

    Great invasion Vanyel, just the one brick to keep the governor happy
  6. Android client, 6th release

    A message i regularly get come up after pressing return when typing on hard keyboard is : 'Video change will take effect at next restart' in cyan colour this doesnt happen when using virtual keyboard only using hard keyboard the space bar does work on the login screen only not related to keyboard issues, is there a way to get the spell short cuts up? if not there is space under the inv short cuts (right hand boxes) also something probably less important to you , is there a way / posibility to zoom in on the mini map like the comp client does, at the present it just enlarges or reduces in size, which is good to keep, though the 1.50 limit is small for tablets, yeah i know you are trying to do the best for all screen sizes.
  7. Android client, 6th release

    yes the o/s keyboard works fine for mine when blue tooth not paired with hard keyboard
  8. Android client, 6th release

    Downloaded the latest 6th client, same as before, the bluetooth keyboard which is pixel c folio genuine one has no working space bar, in either game play or consol screen, the virtual keyboard works fine. thank you for adding a mini map option, much appreciated. If possible could the player and mob dots on mini map be made twice as big? also anyone elso using the mini map, would you like the same? just asking for feed back so Radu knows if many are using it
  9. Android client, 6th release

    i had a same problem using pixel c tab keyboard , space bar not work with el client, i off to work in a min but will try again tonight
  10. Android client, 4th release

    one thing i think would work better would be to replace the l/r u/d blue bars with a thumb toggle, intreasted in hearing other peoples ideas on this you could move the camera 360 degrees without having to lift and relocate. as for the dark issues, free night visors for android users )
  11. El and Android poll

    up and running , great to know i can stay intouch on the go.
  12. Invisible Dragon

    still need potion / spell and stays ins after death
  13. 'Real' 3D EL views (VR)

    one of the places that might be good is the bridges of Zirakinbar [98,253] the height differances would be cool
  14. Android client, 3rd release

    As i am looking at getting a google Pixel C Tablet can anyone reading this let me know if they or friends have had the client on it yet?
  15. Sub folders for the item list

    yeah, i have craft, manu, pot, train, etc infront of my entries too, Great tip, thanks
  16. Expiring bots

    Raised by Bats had 12 days left for end may 2016 , that paid today, we has payment number if needed. Thamks
  17. Let's Invade

    i thought naralik was a good invasion for what was spawned there
  18. Let's Invade

    I can echo these words too, your invasions have be excellent for many skill levels thanks
  19. had the same problem as maxine i was just enquiring about the manu power up and given it without wanting it, but i've never done any Luxin missions this was several months ago
  20. if i set my item list (attatched to inv window) with a normal energy essence or a titanium shield for example, when i go to select it later it selects an enriched energy essence instead of normal and used titanium sheild instead of normal, is this a bug thats been around for a while? i've had to put the used shield and enriched on an alt as it was interfering with quick changes of set-up
  21. the problem i see is if you cap or make rosto easier to get ingame then shop rosto wont be bought. i can think of numerous ways to solve the ingame problem of people not being able to afford them or get them but it wont balance out for shop. Its just one of those things, the el community decides the price by game play, sure there are hiked prices but its not just rostos, alot of items are on sale for a resonable price and a few bots have same thing for twice as much, just like rosto. i'm fortunate enough to be able to buy rosto from shop, not just because it is easy but to support the game too, after all it is a free game i would pay 90k or less for a rosto, i would have to take a few days out making swords or bars to get one but isnt that the "game" there are those that probably only want to goto invasions and fight and not want to do the meanial work to afford rosto ingame. the one thing i dissagree with is things that are only shop item and no way to get in game like pheonix glyph, tiara etc they should be availabe in game some how, not just rely on someone buying them and selling ingame reason i price a rosto at 90K, it is affordable through "el work" and you are protecting several high cost items worth several time the value, nmt cape, swords 4+ peices of armor any cheaper than 80-90k then the shop may not do so well, one way might be to cap the price a bot can sell it for but that will drive the rosto's underground into private sales i say just let it be
  22. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Noticed that thelinor store is marked wrong, icon for it in wrong place WHY have you not marked the stores that dont work! several are unoccupied.
  23. Scammed Asclepius char issue.

    Very Good, we love you too Stouxy and its gret to see caddy back
  24. So-long Eternal Lands

    Bye Talon, glad you found so much happiness too, Have fun xx
  25. While leveling my mule i tend to fight stuff whether it be from not wanting to just park it up or mission stuff i can still do. not sure why mules don't get a/d exp, seems a bit unfair esp the cost of leveling a mule also, a mule would be stronger than an unarmed human so i think there should be an a/d boost when in mule form, it would also give another reason to use the mule glyph asides from just transport.