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  1. Expiring bots

    Raised by Bats had 12 days left for end may 2016 , that paid today, we has payment number if needed. Thamks
  2. Let's Invade

    i thought naralik was a good invasion for what was spawned there
  3. Let's Invade

    I can echo these words too, your invasions have be excellent for many skill levels thanks
  4. had the same problem as maxine i was just enquiring about the manu power up and given it without wanting it, but i've never done any Luxin missions this was several months ago
  5. if i set my item list (attatched to inv window) with a normal energy essence or a titanium shield for example, when i go to select it later it selects an enriched energy essence instead of normal and used titanium sheild instead of normal, is this a bug thats been around for a while? i've had to put the used shield and enriched on an alt as it was interfering with quick changes of set-up
  6. the problem i see is if you cap or make rosto easier to get ingame then shop rosto wont be bought. i can think of numerous ways to solve the ingame problem of people not being able to afford them or get them but it wont balance out for shop. Its just one of those things, the el community decides the price by game play, sure there are hiked prices but its not just rostos, alot of items are on sale for a resonable price and a few bots have same thing for twice as much, just like rosto. i'm fortunate enough to be able to buy rosto from shop, not just because it is easy but to support the game too, after all it is a free game i would pay 90k or less for a rosto, i would have to take a few days out making swords or bars to get one but isnt that the "game" there are those that probably only want to goto invasions and fight and not want to do the meanial work to afford rosto ingame. the one thing i dissagree with is things that are only shop item and no way to get in game like pheonix glyph, tiara etc they should be availabe in game some how, not just rely on someone buying them and selling ingame reason i price a rosto at 90K, it is affordable through "el work" and you are protecting several high cost items worth several time the value, nmt cape, swords 4+ peices of armor any cheaper than 80-90k then the shop may not do so well, one way might be to cap the price a bot can sell it for but that will drive the rosto's underground into private sales i say just let it be
  7. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Noticed that thelinor store is marked wrong, icon for it in wrong place WHY have you not marked the stores that dont work! several are unoccupied.
  8. Scammed Asclepius char issue.

    Very Good, we love you too Stouxy and its gret to see caddy back
  9. So-long Eternal Lands

    Bye Talon, glad you found so much happiness too, Have fun xx
  10. While leveling my mule i tend to fight stuff whether it be from not wanting to just park it up or mission stuff i can still do. not sure why mules don't get a/d exp, seems a bit unfair esp the cost of leveling a mule also, a mule would be stronger than an unarmed human so i think there should be an a/d boost when in mule form, it would also give another reason to use the mule glyph asides from just transport.
  11. Mule a/d exp and a/d boosters?

    on a simalar theme can we have characters toughness increased when in mule form, as a mule cant wear weapons
  12. Thinking about getting an Android tablet, always had nexus phone, which is the best compatable to run EL on? my preferance would be stock android though i havent been up to date with the latest android os
  13. El-service.net not reachable

    ok, thanks, btw would this have any effect on the android el time widget? mine stopped picking knowing what the type of days were a couple of days before the el service went down or the two not related?
  14. Forum White list

    Could i ask what a white list is in regards to the game itself, i only heard the term used twice now Thanks
  15. @ there are a couple of things in the darthia one you cant make (those should be manufacturable anyway) but there is alot of stuff you can make yourself, rather than a/d (which i gladly except) they should have a manufacture bonus too, asides the amount it took to make. the unfortunate thing with most manu is the raw ingrediants are worth much more than the final item
  16. Timer on dead creatures

    might be an idea for longer spawn timed creatures, maybe a better implication would be a click on the dead body puts up a message of how long to go, for some longer spawns its useful if you didn't kill it and found it dead, like ivan
  17. Would like to see a purley ranging Daily NPC , ranging seems to lack in Daily quests. also, can we have some dailies in C2, have a couple of NPC daily givers and at least one that keeps you mostly in C2,
  18. like to throw in an idea for a shape shifting creature, every so often it will shift for one normal creature to another, maybe you will be unfortunate enough to catch it mid shift, one of its compulsory ans identifying drops is 10 creature food
  19. PK EVENT - Hold The Fort - Crush the Enemy

    it sounds like a fun event, would it be open to watch only players? some people who cant compete could login using capital letters for thier first and last letters in thier player name, naked and be seated somewhere, thus making them obviously a watcher?

    make the pheonix glyph manufacturable and have the transformed player immune to bombs on the ground, last time i asked the same ground tile is used to determine player location, that way if people want to pk harv runners then the runners have a chance to defend against it, maybe give the pheonix an added "fire" weapon
  21. Harvester medallion breakages

    Yep, someone must have turned the breakage up, since the update they dont last 5 mins, just had one break after 90 pieces of emerald
  22. Not sure what to call it but could we be able to select favorite items from storage in one group? for instance, if you have been harvesting and decide to go fighting you go to storage and store all then select a pre selected group of items, weapons, armour etc in one hit to save you having to click them all each time you change from one to another.
  23. While on/near the boat to portland in desert pines there is no sea drawn to the right of the boat when facing out to sea (east) doesn't interfere with anything just a visual thing
  24. I just tried that out, no, i didn't know about that, i is useful, the idea i was thinking of was one click to load all the items in the items list. At least you can have all of one type of kit in one place, thanks. What does "reload from file" do, from the drop down menu when you right click the kit heading/name