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  1. Mule a/d exp and a/d boosters?

    on a simalar theme can we have characters toughness increased when in mule form, as a mule cant wear weapons
  2. Thinking about getting an Android tablet, always had nexus phone, which is the best compatable to run EL on? my preferance would be stock android though i havent been up to date with the latest android os
  3. El-service.net not reachable

    ok, thanks, btw would this have any effect on the android el time widget? mine stopped picking knowing what the type of days were a couple of days before the el service went down or the two not related?
  4. Forum White list

    Could i ask what a white list is in regards to the game itself, i only heard the term used twice now Thanks
  5. @ there are a couple of things in the darthia one you cant make (those should be manufacturable anyway) but there is alot of stuff you can make yourself, rather than a/d (which i gladly except) they should have a manufacture bonus too, asides the amount it took to make. the unfortunate thing with most manu is the raw ingrediants are worth much more than the final item
  6. Timer on dead creatures

    might be an idea for longer spawn timed creatures, maybe a better implication would be a click on the dead body puts up a message of how long to go, for some longer spawns its useful if you didn't kill it and found it dead, like ivan
  7. Would like to see a purley ranging Daily NPC , ranging seems to lack in Daily quests. also, can we have some dailies in C2, have a couple of NPC daily givers and at least one that keeps you mostly in C2,
  8. like to throw in an idea for a shape shifting creature, every so often it will shift for one normal creature to another, maybe you will be unfortunate enough to catch it mid shift, one of its compulsory ans identifying drops is 10 creature food
  9. PK EVENT - Hold The Fort - Crush the Enemy

    it sounds like a fun event, would it be open to watch only players? some people who cant compete could login using capital letters for thier first and last letters in thier player name, naked and be seated somewhere, thus making them obviously a watcher?

    make the pheonix glyph manufacturable and have the transformed player immune to bombs on the ground, last time i asked the same ground tile is used to determine player location, that way if people want to pk harv runners then the runners have a chance to defend against it, maybe give the pheonix an added "fire" weapon
  11. Harvester medallion breakages

    Yep, someone must have turned the breakage up, since the update they dont last 5 mins, just had one break after 90 pieces of emerald
  12. Not sure what to call it but could we be able to select favorite items from storage in one group? for instance, if you have been harvesting and decide to go fighting you go to storage and store all then select a pre selected group of items, weapons, armour etc in one hit to save you having to click them all each time you change from one to another.
  13. While on/near the boat to portland in desert pines there is no sea drawn to the right of the boat when facing out to sea (east) doesn't interfere with anything just a visual thing
  14. I just tried that out, no, i didn't know about that, i is useful, the idea i was thinking of was one click to load all the items in the items list. At least you can have all of one type of kit in one place, thanks. What does "reload from file" do, from the drop down menu when you right click the kit heading/name
  15. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    once again thank you Burn, (from me and Loupie), a very nice update to some excellent mappage, very useful esp the interiors such as the tg mage school.
  16. DP tree stops walk

    if you exit the crystal cavern north then map click the dp north tele pad the first tree stops the walk.
  17. idea for a new rare find stone, Multiplier Stone, it either multiplies your entire storage contents or multiplies a selected item in your storage via you combinding it after its found its value would probaby be X3
  18. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    the text on the map is small for me too, i was wondering if there is a game cure for this where you could change the cursor into a small magnifying lens at a click of an icon? or is it a no go because the maps are unofficial? Obviosly a lot of work has already gone into them and they are very good and much apprciated
  19. Idea: new multiplier stone

    yep, maybe only works on harvestables,
  20. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    we have them too now, thanks Burn and who ever else helped with them, love the bigger blue cross and better detail.
  21. Quest logs

    Thank you, I got the file path I needed when I logged in to the game but had no idea where to enter it. (posted by Loupie)
  22. that joke was beyond beef
  23. Saw a woodsprite in nordcarn sat night mon morning, was wondering how the heck that got there as its not native, just a fluke? just 1 gc on it, is there another quest where woodsprites spawn random, is it possible for it to spawn right on the edge of a map and fall through a doorway? anyone else seen a non quest random creature somewhere it shouldn't be?
  24. Woodsprite seen and killed in Nordcarn

    sorry my bad, again. if you think this thread is a spoiler do you want to delete it.