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  1. (edit n/a already exists see reply below) Where you can ctrl + right click on item in item list recipe we can delete or alter quantity, can we have option to add an item to that recipe, either through there or through the right click on recipe name that saves having to remake the whole recipe again either the recipe might be a long one to remake or the recipe may be a break quest list where you dont have all the parts currently for the list but want to add them later,
  2. yep, didn't know that one, thanks Maxine
  3. Alt rules

    fighter, potter/crafter , alrounder for manufacturing and two harvesting mules and a runner you dont need multiply chars to enjoy el, having different type of character means you can do different things depending how you feel, some days i dont feel like monster mashing, some days i dont feel like harving for long periods
  4. Alt rules

    there are people who play several characters as regular ones so limiting them might not be great, limiting un used ones would be very good As for the testing char, i do have one i use for testing el client on different devices while not at home, it would fall under the hammer of an unused char as its not going to be built up. I am still using it to test devices and show people EL and it is still being used for a good reason, i have it because i dont want to log any of my main characters on to devices that are not mine or in shops as demos. Radu i have asked a couple of times if my tester char can be kept as it falls out side some rules and not had a reply in game, name of char is eltester
  5. Alt rules

    As i know of only one joker spawn, and often do dailies with two characters at a time it is possible to accidentally go afk on a spawn i dont know about how are the rules interpreted for that? and how does a mod ask you if you are spawn watching without spoiling you to a spawn location? considering the one joker spawn i know is within sight of a place i afk my hunting mule while other is working, i now move out of sight of that spot just because
  6. I'll probably be hated for this one, would it be possible to add a ranging mob to the game, ie. one that targets players via ranging. As there are only two skunks on c1 it might be possible to add it to them via poison ranging. this would be in the form of a poison spray. though it sounds like a small action for probably alot of work, imagine what that would do in an invasion in mass form maybe it could be a feature of just red tops that poison Another option is to add it to other mob/s capable of natural ranging, (by bipedals like orcs, trolls etc)
  7. Alt rules

    what is your stand on alts placed at token drop spawns like having two alts afk in naralik to farm male goblin spawns?
  8. Rule 6 in game

    6. No Harassment. Harassment is not limited to the type of language used; it encompasses the intent. This includes both clear and implied language or actions that are systematically and/or continually unwanted and annoying. This further includes the distribution, release, or discussion of any real-life, personal, or private information about other players, moderators or volunteers of Eternal Lands. Repeatedly targeting a specific player or persons with harassment will result in severe consequences. I've been playing two or so years, though its not as bad as it was some players continuously abuse the rule this results in other players thinking its ok to jump in and join in, it sets a bad example to new players. not hating, just say what i see.
  9. Mobs that can range players

    yep, invasion mods can use as few or as many as they want, i see them as something a bit different, they can be a good disruptive tool for the invasion mod, like the grizzers. players would now have to carry quite bit of antidote taking up space in emu (if skunks are used with poison spray, orc bowmen would just do damage) with the amount of poison you can get from a few of these buggers in a short space of time they could be responsable for more brick loss. a suitable rare drop might be antidote or body resto pot Might bring the rangers back to invasions as they probably like the challenge of taking out red top rangers one thing this might also alter is the safety of the bethel rocks/caves, if rangers can hit mobs from there that must mean they can range you on the rocks too? of course this depends how complicated it will be to implement ranging from mobs if indeed there were three or four different types of mob that could range implemented, an all red top ranger invasion in bethel would be fascinating to see how players go about dealing with it, just storm in naked and take out as many as they can before they die or try ranging them down, maybe taking out the more dangerous skunks first
  10. Looking for Harvest/Mixing Partner

    I can let you know when / where i am harvesting if you like, i never bag mix, but use caladina as a watcher/healer so other people nearby usually benifit from that
  11. Mobs that can range players

    yes was the intended use of the 'ranging' from mobs, if given top perception then they could get you before you know they are there
  12. Alt rules

    I'll ask a few questions so i know the answers ahead of time regarding using alts together. A. is it illegal to use an alt when you have a daily (ida lion for example) to sit on one spawn to see which lion you killed so your main knows which one to run back to? i ask as this is an action that fits the description of spawn watching but is only a temporary one, but looking at the wording in your op it seems you are referring most to pure 'sit there all day' on lucrative spawns B. also is it allowed to be killing two separate spawns at the same time with two alts, ie one on each of the two sedi tigers, i ask this to make sure this isnt seen as spawn holding or watching, its more a case of multi tasking. when people do want one of the spawns i send one alt away, i don't use them to hog or block spawns C, are we allowed to have an alt to sit out of the way but near by to take and give supplies to your main on a map your main is hunting regular yellow top creatures D are there any rules about using more than one alt at a harvesting item? D1 second alt to heal harvester and any other non connected players that need healing, D2, both alts harvesting same item at the same time, (obviously not blocking that item from others getting to it)
  13. Hall of Outhouses

    Bad idea, i use the hall very often for travel, it can be hard enough at times to hit the outhouse floor to activate the gateway, if there are a group of players in the way it will be much harder, and they could even fall under blocking rule if enough there
  14. Change icons for degraded items

    one useful thing, i have each chars break quest items in items list, when the greaves degraded i could still pull them out without having to remake the list with the degraded ones silver linings and all that
  15. just a quick one, can we make the horse dismountable by clicking on the whistle instead of having to use the the pointy finger on the character. Thanks Laura
  16. Horse whistle click off

    got there in the end Thanks Radu, a great improvment and much more x x
  17. New and updated trade bot list

    Raised by Bats paid for today
  18. Pickpoints spent in batch of 4

    if you don't have food in your food bar the nexus doesn't get applied untill you have positive food, when the minute rolls over it gets added if this is the case maybe you didn't realize the first one had gone into inorganic as it not showed up.
  19. Change icons for degraded items

    agreed, i accidentally traded someone a used tit.......(leave it).........and it got kicked back as it was for a quest, which i changed i know there are some icon changes planned but not sure if degraded weapons are among them
  20. Android client, 10th release

    ok i found a resolve for this problem if the either keyboard not responding after the above senario, double tapping the blue camera bar to recall the virtual keyboard resets both, this may well not even be a problem, just a recall needed to bring keyboards back into play
  21. Android client, 10th release

    hi, both keyboards work fine, problem kicks in when i do as above and put el into background or what ever its called. on bringing app back to play, i no longer can use either keyboard to type messages, i close app and relogin and it works fine till i but it into bg again restarted tablet problem still there i'm not asking for a fix for myself i can very much live with this, its more for your info and other people to test if its device related i havent heard of any other pixel c tab useres yet i will be getting a nexus / pixel 7 inch when it comes out later on for testing el
  22. Android client, 10th release

    When i click on the android square button to put el client into background then bring it back i cannot type messages any more on console or game screens i have to re load the game, i'm not sure if it was like that previously also numbers on storage frame/window still in effect when touching Pixel c tablet
  23. Torch

    you could give fire arrows a light source effect,
  24. text search would be useful. esp when romper room kicks off and you want to find certain game stuff btw is there a soft ignore, ie you ignore someone then all those 'soft' ignores are deleted when you log out and back in? or is that how it works any way
  25. Engineering Quest Flynt gives no exp.

    it does work, yes if you placed them in the wrong coord those ones wont count, if you or a mob stands on a mine that mine still counts. maybe only one or two are out of place for the quest, engineering daily is not cheap, even when you can make most stuff your self on the + side, it is the best quest on the eng daily for exp, beg borrow or steal some more mines and try again