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  1. Would it be possible to have the option of more channel boxes up top, simalar to the way we can add/delete quick slots to the right If i am in a channel not displayed by the top boxes i can post in it but not see the text in the main (view all) feed.
  2. ok, thanks for the explanation / info
  3. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    Nice one, didn't think of that
  4. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    for info, on char Drucilla 139 m&p breaks / 51368 uses , without fewer tears
  5. New daily fight quest

    Great idea riptide, +1 here Really like this idea, had thought of the same thing too, i not keen on the idea of the finders to locate the mob as that destroys the hunting aspect. could you also add to the same npc/quest 'go kill all mobs on xxx map' this would exclude badaran and unicorn as they are special spawns, i ask this as it would spice up the mix one day you might get the whole map, next it might be just one.
  6. As we have had alot of 'good things" implemented recently how about some negative for balance Strike! : this day all storages are closed still not impossible to do stuff buy makes it a pita day Daniels is dead : this day you can do no magic Butterfingers : today you cant equip anything, due to coding this might be an awkward one to implement but it could just be you cant add any new equipment so if you are already wearing stuff you can still move/use it but once off it stays off Unfused : no mines day as many have ask for i'm not holding my breath for any thanks for the above
  7. Newbies & Magic & Haidir

    if a newbie does the pie contest it boosts you very high up, its one of the builder quests i did on my newbie chars
  8. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    Definatly not, its ment to be a long quest, stop crying because its hard, others have done it there has been alot of 'making el easier' in the last few years, whats next free pp if you cant level quick enough
  9. Indicator for Glow

    i don't think a glow indicator is needed, its a short piece of text to check and even shorter to toggle back if it was already where you wanted it. only thing i would say is to make an alt command for it if anything, like alt h alt b etc on that subject if it is added to alt can we have an alt to toggle mana bars/numerals regarding the 'view opponents extras' mentioed above, i would say we should have normal non effect capes of any colour so we can wear then a, for clours we currently cant wear because we have the ass perk and b, so we can throw a bit of mystery if cloak is an active one i would suggest that the storage/trade icons are different though, just to rule out any scamming of expensive capes for dress capes
  10. After completing all the novac quests could we have invasion only creatures added novac. would be in a random order format, get them when you can. it would be a fun quest to go into invasions to search out and try and kill some of them
  11. Whats missing from the enchanted swords is a shiny black one, serpent sword / short tit / long tit etc of death, has chance to poison opponent when you hit similar builds to the equivalent ones in the enchanted range, another use for enriched death ess,
  12. Serpent sword of death

    Black to compliment armors and clothing , speaking to radu Black is probably not an option , not sure if really dark green, (same reason as black) is an option.
  13. EEE reflects 50% of a spell cast on you back to the caster, one EEE removed each successful spell reflection possibly the success of the reflection depends on a set percentage to work and/or based on the magic / rationality of the players involved
  14. I dont have a phone capable of running el atm but i have been using the android version on my 10inch tablet since it came out, mostly as a companion device for when i away from mac looking at the game from a phone point of view and regarding the launch on G'play store i wondering if it would do better if there was a phone version for screens smaller than 8 inch as well as the current version for 8 inch over. in my opinion i think the control system for phone version would be better with two on screen thumb toggles left side for camera control right side for char movement or vise versa
  15. i respect the alrounder formula for hadair that riptide pointed out, i hadnt thought about that i was looking at it as a pure fighter build that being said shouldnt there be some consideration for fighter builds on an a/d quest i quite comfortable to do those on 121 fight char
  16. Testing 1.9.5 client for Mac

    Loups has had two quits using this version but we still looking into it at the moment,
  17. i killed all three novac dragons with solo mellee, i had offers of help but i wanted to use it as a mark of where the char was at (Harlquin_Knight) if i wanted to range then i would have finished novac a few years ago, the ice dragon took 149 restores, so yes the one was not one i would want to do over and over again. as for the fight perks yes i have eva, mirror, fatal man and i forgot to turn glow on !! p/c is 40/40 a/d was117/121 at the time so a tad under 120's yes it is a pure fighter build not an alrounder
  18. Alot of talk about Haidir , origonal thought was an extra set of mobs to check off as a long term one off quest on novac, nothing to do with haidir that being said i question the text by riptide "130-135 cannot kill Lorcs, giants, acw or dragons." the icy was no picnic for sure but the lorcs giants acw and black dragons down are certainly doable on my 121 char
  19. Raised by bats paid

    Receipt number: 46597134DB707830M raised by bats paid 5 2018
  20. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Is it possible in the new client to be able to open the map of the opposite continent also, so you can open either one from any where Thanks
  21. Korrode's Combat Guides

    better to wear nmt cape as it not break in combat
  22. too many books

    10 or so number un-used books of a kind = one of the bb including the ones not makeable by players
  23. adip1 is a bag jumper

    intreast on that bag is going to be insane
  24. New Forum colors