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  1. Adding 2 new special days.

    fair shout , +1 only thing negative to say is it might add two chances not to get day of magic or sun tzu
  2. IP Storage for everyone.

    its already be discussed extensively in game and its not happened, in my opinion it might work with a separate store on ip for over cap players but i cant see it happening if there is a second store for overcapped players 140,170 would be good
  3. i would say yes to this but we have tokens for this.
  4. Hi, Radu is there any possibility you could add gift cards to the shop items, so if i wanted to buy a $100 gift card and give it to another player to redeem in shop.
  5. Christmas contest! :)

    gonna miss the 21st, my 50th
  6. Day of odd bod

    day of odd bod, this day a random1 invasion mob will spawn on random c2 map, kill it and another will randomly spawn again. reason, because the hunt will be fun.
  7. origins of Swords and Armour in eternallands

    reason i was asking is so i can replicate them in real life for an el collection, a few indeed are obvious, without any added info i can get by on looks and ings
  8. Day of the Black Unicorn

    i cant even imagine what i would be like on any kind of high, well ok i can but i doubt you really want to find out
  9. Day of the Black Unicorn

    i always appreciate yours and anyone elses replies,
  10. Day of the Black Unicorn

    Is the black horn a weapon? an item? : Item is the black horn consumed? : no/maybe (depends how rare we want this weapon to be) is it a 100% drop? : yes is killing the black unicorn killed in some special way or just #day? j: ust day if its as rare as manu day its going to be very rare Where is black unicorn? How hard? : black unicorn will be a wanderer like novacs rabbit, can be anywhere on the day How hard is the white? : wont be that hard, Can you kill white on non#day? : no only killable on the day of black unicorn What skill mixes? Level? Other ings? : magic and manu i'm thinking, it depends what this super rare weapon will be What weapon stats? : undecided as yet, something magical as its related to the unicorn/s maybe a weapon that is good and bad? nothing overpowering, maybe something like the SOP with some attacking force ? maybe it has a random chance to heal and a random chance to replenish a % of your mana (nothing crazy) with a random chance to do some magical damage. hmmm what if the magical damage was a random selection from the magic aggressive spells, poison or harm etc,
  11. Day of the Black Unicorn

    but i'm not a mere mortal....................... agree with the new weapons thing i guess but the black unicorn shouldn't be too hard, i guess it depends if we want a really rare weapon
  12. On this day a there is a Black Unicorn, kill it to get a black unicorn horn, only on this day you can use it to kill the ws white unicorn, that drops a white unicorn horn. mix the black and white unicorn horns together in mixing box (levels + other ings?) to create a special weapon, something magical perhaps
  13. Would it be possible to program in for a new quest a rare drop from a regular creature triggering the achievement for that section of a quest. ie the player is sent to obtain a book drop from a snake, the quest would specifically require the player to get the drop rather than just buying one or handing in a previously acquired one. this would be a small part of a longer quest i'm leaning towards this being quite tricky as i know rare drops are put on mobs as they spawn so there is probably no identification for regulare mobs, although i do see 'drop' messages for invasion ones so maybe its possible without a huge re write?
  14. Summer sale

    mmm sweet, happy summer Radu, 4KJ686345L915215N if i not around for delivery is 1,3 and 4
  15. Are there any links or descriptive writings of the origin of swords/weapons and Armour in eternallands, wither any are based on real weapons or if they are all just 'made up' from scratch. Though its fairly easy to guess what most of the blade material is made from in the items description/recopies in most cases is here any material (fantasy or real) info available that's not mentioned in game?