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  1. Photography stuff

    Web browsing...
  2. Photography stuff

    My night time visitor, 3 am making use of the sigma 105mm ƒ1.4, turns night into daytime without needing any extra lighting, perfect for night time fox hunting
  3. Photography stuff

    alien flower
  4. Photography stuff

    Been after this one for a while, doesn't hang around long for a photograph
  5. El-Wiki.net

    one of the things that i missed the most when the wiki got un wikificated was the ability to change the skill tables for tailoring, magic, crafting etc according to level, base mana, skill level etc was that something that can be change to work again?
  6. Photography stuff

  7. Photography stuff

    Sigma 150-600mm
  8. Photography stuff

  9. tokens in pk

    i suggested the beaver tokens should get a cooldown for the same reason, this way they will allow the osmn to have its effect in PK During normal invasions / gameplay the cooldown shouldn't be a problem
  10. KF proposed changes

    beaver tokens should have a cooldown at least on them, in pk the beaver tokens have made the orc slayer of nullification effect useless. having the effect is one way to end a tedious resource slog in normal use or invasions a cooldown on beaver tokens wont make a difference
  11. Photography stuff

    Vintage lens, Pentacon 50mm ƒ1.8
  12. Photography stuff

  13. rig & reg : very rare harvest finds?

    harvest related, if its in the wrong place delete it or move it,
  14. As alot of suggestions for el are geared towards the fighting i thought maybe a very rare harvestable find could offer rigs or regs to people not built as fighters. yes i know alot of fighters have harvest alts including myself ( limited time these days i only play one char) but they would be as rare as nexus stones for instance.
  15. this is an ideas specifically for gwis rather than a general mob. the pk-ing express is a money in transit affair hence the express what this would consist of is a group of heavily armed mounted riders crossing a larger un-disclosed pk zone like thelinor, TD etc once they cross to the other side of the map thats it 'invasion' over the gwis would just announce its deploy something like "the pony express has entered bandit country" It would be preferable if the wagon art in game could be used as a mobile unit but i doubt that is possible and if it is probably far to time consuming to happen. so the heavily armed mounties that for this unit would need to have guild bot like builds so they not an easy picking, ( can the server get them to travel as a tight group across a map ?) specifically deployed in pk maps only this would bring out the baddest of the bad characters we have in el to attcak the pony express and risk themselves being pk'ed. drops would be a high gold coin amount and metal bars ranging from lowest to highest, this could be a random mix or all of the same, tin, bronze, gold, hydro etc or maybe if the value needs to be bumped up to make it worth while just hydro bars and gc? maybe they would also have high grade armor and weapons drops as an option too? the reason for suggesting this as a giws affair is to keep it rarer, not to be a daily hunted to death mob.