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  1. Traitors Row

    I think it would only be for the truly big names. Some random guy getting banned for macro is far different than a top 20 player doing it lol
  2. Alpina and alts banned

    If buying GC is so easy why would you even feel the smallest urge or need to make yourself HE lmao Spend some money and buy HE 10 a pop at npc. Supply isn't even a problem. Braincells are pretty low in supply tho
  3. Alpina and alts banned

    Man fuck that. You threw away money and a super strong character out of pure greed. You could have easily sold all of those HE's and bought them. You could have given them to a dedicated mixer to mix for you. There is a shit ton of possibilites and you chose the most asinine one out of the bunch and then feign regret and sadness after the fact. Why in the ever living fuck would anyone have any sympathy for you? I've known people get perma'd for far less back in the day. You want a "second chance" because you want to get back to taking advantage of the char you paid for. You could have more than doubled your investment if you had the 2 brain cells to rub together to not do something as stupid as macro. hell if you had done nothing Kingpin was one of the biggest GC sellers in the business and he's gone now. You could have jumped on his lost customers. Kindly go cry in a corner.
  4. Harvestables sale

    I'll Buy all BSF / WALs Xerath Ingame
  5. Alpina and alts banned

    Why is every macro apology 99 excuses and always ALWAYS has the "I just love this game so much" line in it lol. Yall aren't even trying to get unbanned. This patently lame excuse is pure entertainment for most readers at best. You fell into temptation for a macro as if it was the fruit in the garden lol. Imagine investing 1k$ into a max char and losing it over 50k HE. Big brain move there. Lmao
  6. EFE's giveaway

    My Guess - 75
  7. In the SKF CM double ogre spawn. The black portion of the floor is near unclickable in certain areas.
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I have no received any Blue quartz from Mia. I'm not sure why you say it was delivered?
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    As much Blue Quartz/Blue star flower as you can muster. -Inferno Ingame.
  10. Nexus removal from NPC

    For people curious there are more things on the line than just instances.. Besides things like loot tables on instances can always be adjusted. With prices so high there is literally no reason to make half the high end items in the game. Making the skills duds. People with equal amount of time invested in mixing skills getting the shaft. Look at CoL for example
  11. Nexus removal from NPC

    Well apart from buying Experience there is no real long term source to dump GC onto. If inflation goes downa nd GC becomes more scarce it will tak emuch longer to acheive capped attributes. And also Mufossa did it and a lot of people who have done it did it with a ton of $. There will be plenty of people who can do it just as well with out the $. but with GC.. but it is 50% harder with the already current inflated price of nexus removals we have now. Inflation is hurting the game in a lot of ways. Prices are higher new players will be scared off.. people dont wanna lose rostos people dont really mix high end items much anymore so binders and serp stones etc are POINTLESS. Also Radu makes a valid point. The potential to increase caps.. leaving more room for even tougher mobs. This game is continually growing. To ever think you've "beaten it" is ridiculous.
  12. Nexus removal from NPC

    I voted 1 mil GC. The game needs a sink. A sink for those with huge GC and for those who are buying a ton of it. It'll help players and give some control over the market. even if marginally.