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  1. I agree with Saxum, it would make a lot more sense
  2. Greed & Blood, Invasion on 14/01/2017

    I really enjoyed it too. I kind of like this format
  3. I'll miss you all ...

    Wishing you all the best Loups
  4. Money for invasions

    I agree with FairyTail that our mods do go above and beyond and if people want to show their appreciation for that in game items/gc then that should be up to them. Aquila is also totally within his rights to say 'sorry I can't do an invasion today as I want to work on my own game play for a bit.'
  5. New Stone: Groundhog day

    I like the idea of this. If you logged in right at the end of a day you really like you could just use the stone to get another 6 hours of it In regards to Peace day, to some players it could be considered a good day. When I was a new player it was great to be able to get quests done on maps that I would have been attacked on otherwise. I couldn't afford a MM at that point. Yeah it is annoying if you really like to fight but I don't think it should be classed as a bad day when it benefits some players.
  6. I also like the idea of the carcass becoming visible. Though I guess that wouldn't actually make a difference as you would most likely have to be looking for him to come across a body. Maybe a combination of the two.
  7. Quest logs

    With the new client coming and us all having to re-download the game can anyone tell me how to save my quest logs. I am using a Macbook running lion. Had a quick nose around using finder but couldn't find the folder with all the EL files in it. Anyone who knows more about computers than me got any idea where I should be looking?