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  1. I can't dance - do or don't

    I have ICD and am happy with it. I don't do much PKing so it has never been a problem for me. I still fight monsters and train on A/D for fun, just don't get it if your a PK'er.
  2. The Greatest EL Player

  3. Man (player) eating leopard

    I like this idea alot. I hope it looks scary
  4. Happy New Year :)

    Happy new year all!!! DRINK UP!
  5. Small storage Sale

    Selling a few things: S2E of Fire - Make an offer Cape of the Unbreakable 6.4kgc 18k Tree Shroom- Make an Offer Enriched Water Essence - Make an offer 44 White Polar bear fur - offer 39 Tiger Fur - Make an offer 2 Tiger Summoning stones - 400gc each 53 Black panther fur - make an offer Post here or PM me in game
  6. I Eat Dead People

    I was not sure if i should get scotty died until this very moment. Now there is no doubt in my mind!!! And I LOVE the name of this perk
  7. Harvesting Frequency Irregularity?

    Just a thought: I know when i have a bad connection sometimes there is a delay on knowing when i have harvested an item. For example, if i am harvesting and there is a skip in the connection i wont see any exp above my head for like 20 seconds but then see all the exp + above my head really really fast. Don't know if anybody else has ever had the same thing happen, but i suppose its possibility
  8. New Medallions

    Don't get me wrong, i agree. It should break to keep some demand for the crafters, but a HIGH brake rate will hurt crafters. People are not going to buy them in the first place unless, like you say, the cost is worth the benefit. If a harvest med got a good amount of mileage i would buy them again and again, and as a result give our crafting friends good profits
  9. New Medallions

    I agree with option number two. One can invest a few thousand gc on a exc cloak that lasts a life time. I am willing to shell out alot more for harvesting items if they are worth the investment in the longrun. I think this medallion will be a nice change to harvesting, which i think we all agree can get boring, I just dont want to sink 10k every few loads of Ti ore.
  10. New Medallions

    I got my Harv med and i loved it until after 120 tree shrooms, 23 hydro ore, and 138 titanium ore mother nature decieded to destroy it with a radon pouch. From now on I will be using harv meds for tree shroom hourly exp only , then back in storage they go! Funny how i had a titanium shield and greaves on when the radon pouch destroyed it. Guess the radon passed right on through the titanium
  11. El Lottery

    I was there to try it on the test server. I think this will be a very fun NPC Great work!!!
  12. The death of Lamp Post man

    Exactly what Ohmygod said. You know that there are invasions in votd. After two years you should know about the hieght attack thing. If you have a magic sword and want to go afk just to look cool, have the sense to carry a rosto. Im sorry you lost that stuff, and im sorry you got bagjumped, but in all honesty you could have avoided it by just sitting on ip if you wanted to look cool to newbies. Just my thoughts
  13. What is your political compass score?

    Thats me al right, good test. Economic Left/Right: -5.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.46
  14. Netdude is Annoy and lied callin people scammer

    LOL!!! Yea... I always get a laugh outta netdude. He has joined the ranks of supernoob stardom with vampirnegra <--- spelling ?
  15. New Tool Album

    I just bought the new Tool album: 10,000 Days. I had read alot of bad reviews by tool fans, but I have to say that I have no clue as to what they are talking about. The album is different then Lateralus and Anema, but it is amazing on its own. It shows an evolution for the band. I you have not heard it, check it out. If you have ,what do you think?