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  1. Ip ban ^^

    Tyvm Aislinn ^^
  2. Ip ban ^^

    https://imgur.com/a/ogcxrgA i know, the chat log prove nothing. i'll wait for Aislinn or a mod that can verify this.
  3. Ip ban ^^

    WTF? my ip got banned cuz i reseted it, if you came to talk shit for no reason, don't come.
  4. Ip ban ^^

    Hi, I had some problems with my internet today, I fixed it and now I have a banned ip
  5. Unlock Please

    Name: xOverHellx I know I've broken the rules multiple times. this time, I was banned just for having created another account. but I did not know I could not create another account. peopl apologize for that. I wish I could go back to playing with xOverHellx.