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  1. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Ty Finja, I already have it installed and can open other DDS files without any problem. Anyway, problem solved
  2. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Ok, thank you. I just wanted to add a few extra things on very specific maps (as i'm used to those changes from quite some time), but np then, i'll just do so by using ImageMagick to convert from DDS to PNG, edit with gimp and save back in DDS again
  3. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Thank you very much for all the work. I can't open them with Gimp, getting the message "Unexpected EOF."
  4. [Treasure Hunt] Where is my boat ?!

    Found it (with another alt) : My Position: Port Anitora [125,235] Coordination removal And once again, thanks groomsh for stone and for fun
  5. [Treasure Hunt] Fishing spot.

    Found it - My Position: Tarsengaard - Roanof Island [370,335] Vitality removal, thank you groomsh !!
  6. [Treasure Hunt] Vision from Unolas.

    Found it with my alt : My Position: White Stone - Northern Woods [327,579] Vitality removal Thanks a lot again groomsh !
  7. Auction : artificial removal stone

    The auction is over, ISnipe wins for 1.23m.
  8. [EXPIRED] Starting price : 1,160,000 gc Increments : 10k minimum Or buy it now for 1,380,000 gc The auction will end on Monday, August 25th at 6 pm GMT. You may bid here or ingame (contact joujou).
  9. Forum validation requests

    Thank you so much that's a relief