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  1. Rayla

    BO$$ guild was actually joking around with each other and laughing about Rayla. cycrosism should not have posted this and he did not discuss it with the guild at all. Rayla did not bag jump our guild we gave her 20 fruits and told her to eat why she waited to jump us they allways jokeing around alot and very good friends
  2. The Story of Hope

    very nice story keep up the work
  3. In Memoriam

    Liquid you are so right about des it not funny she love to fight and kick but with the best them and to know that she will be in are hearts for a life time so matter here or rl love you allways Desdamona
  4. In Memoriam

    MY SWEET DESDAMONA YOU MADE EVERY ONE YOU TOUCH LOVE AND CARE OR YOU AND TOUCH A PLACE IN MY HEARTAND SOUL and i never got say good my my sweet des as i all ways give you a hug and tell you how much i love you and i know there is a very pretty angel call Desdamona i am sorry but i am still here and hopeing you pop up come back to use but i know it not going to happen and i got to deal with my heart Ziara ty for leting me know Lady_BlackStone
  5. In Memoriam

    I will miss her alot MY HEART WILL NEVER BE THE Same with out her in itshe was she was and all around good hearted person and she allways be a Angel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDm2AIw7Myo my song to DESDAMONA i will miss you MY SWEETHEART
  6. In Memoriam

    DEASDAMONA THIS FOR YOU MY SWEET EVEN KNOWING YOUR GONE AND I STILL LOVE YOU ASGNNY/BABHAN/ZIARA/SCYTH/AND TO ALL HER FRIEND THIS IS FOR MY SWEET DEASDAMONA Guardian Angel When I look at her, I can see the pain in her eyes. The lost hope, with only memories left, The world she's living in, feels like a lie. She drains out the pain sometimes, Because she wants to pretend it's okay. The tears at night will make it easier, For her to carry on the next day. "Sometimes good-bye's the only way," Runs through her head. She misses the one person, That God took and lead... He lead her to the valley below, To the heavens high above. He took her hand and showed her the light, Knowing she didn't want to leave the ones she loved. God told her it was time to go, There were only minutes left to spare. She didn't want to give up the fight, She wanted to tell them how much she cared. She slowly let go of her grip, Because the light seemed so near. A last glance, one last squeeze, "We love you, Jacquie." Was the last thing she could hear. She closed her eyes tightly, And slowly spread her wings, She flew above the clouds towards heaven, A world with beautiful things. To this day, she's looking down, To the people she will meet again one day. Knowing that they'll make it through Praying to God, that they'll be okay. I THINK SHE MAKE A GOOD ANGEL
  7. In Memoriam

    Sweet Desdamona she was my best frined and so was Zia and i love them to deathand i will allways keep her close to my heart i first meet her in CT then HIM and I LOVE HER so much i will miss her smilesing face and her trying teach me how to Pk i just can't think about her being die she was a big part my heart i love her so much I WILL LOVE YOU FOR EVER DESDAMONA
  8. Journey of a warrior

    wow i love reading it ............And it is so good and keep me on edge my chair just to see what happens next...................... KEEP UP GRAT JOB AND HOPE SEE MORE
  9. New logo, poll #2

    i like this one the best the dragon and E/L n it and can you put logo on all the capes it would look so cool
  10. Mysterious Contest

    ty crus for your nice words Morning_Star
  11. Crown of Hunger

    I think they need one for all phy/coord/att/def and magic crowns it would be just as good as the COL and COM that would be a good thing
  12. Attack by manhunt

    it over lets go play the game >>>>Yes he return all my stuff hehehehee ty ManHunt
  13. Attack by manhunt

    I accept your apolagise Manhunt !!! i like makeing friends not hurt any one but some time it happens but you got understand this is a game and i made a lot friends and to me it will allways be that way i keep my friends close to my heart even if they hate me You all have a nice day Manhunt have a good day hun Hugs
  14. Attack by manhunt

    your Tooface and say one thing then say something eles
  15. Attack by manhunt

    i was killng polarbear at nc and Manhunt told me come in and i did then he pk me then tell me he missclicks and kills me again and here the chat log to you see for your selfs [PM from ManHunT: come in hun] Morning_Star: i get kill [PM from ManHunT: noone will kill you] [PM to ManHunT: he back with more] ManHunT: oh god... ManHunT: !!! (*) ChaooGie summoned a Polar bear ChaooGie: lol polars lot better to me than bears they just cuter (*) ChaooGie summoned a Polar bear You've entered a Training(PK) area! Morning_Star went the same place that Goldy the Gold Fish went. You have died and gone to the Underworld! [PM from ManHunT: sorry:(] [PM from ManHunT: i misclick] [PM to ManHunT: (((((] Pro_Pain: hey morning [PM from ManHunT: i give back hurry up] Morning_Star: come [PM to ManHunT: comeing] [PM to Ambrosius: :i got pk] Welcome to White Stone, Lakeside Village [PM from Ambrosius: what??] [PM from Ambrosius: by who? [PM to ManHunT: all most there] Welcome to Nordcarn [PM from Ambrosius: whats going on hun? You've entered a Training(PK) area! Morning_Star fertilizes the ground. You have died and gone to the Underworld! [PM from ChaooGie: let me know if u get all ur stuff back] [PM to ChaooGie: no he kill me again] and i don't think it is righthe tells me come get it the kills me again is<,,Morning_Star