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  1. Daily mission

    Heya,,... I got Dorel mission where Arona sent me to Akiko for a book, but i didnt recieve that book from Akiko. Could u please check it. Cheers.
  2. just question

    Hello, I would like ask if it is possible unban chars 'veronica' and 'arrow' which were banned for multiplay. Thanks for any reply.
  3. Snazzy

    Cheers a lot Aislinn
  4. Snazzy

    Hello Aislinn,... tell me please,... is that ban temporary.?
  5. Snazzy

    Im sorry for my impolite behaviour, but I had got information about that I had to go to work instead my day off,... so I was upset, so I passed my anger to wrong head, honestly I didnt want to avoid discussion about that I just ran to work because I had the highest time to leave my house
  6. Snazzy

    Hello Aislinn and anyone who is reading this topic,... I'd like ask you if you could unban my alt Snazzy, I realize I broke the rule which I unfortunately read after that incident. I had got unexpected situation which I had to solve. I think 5 min AFK on invance isn't too hard sin in comparing 4 years without problem with me. But I still have to apologize you for that. What do you think.? Could you unban me.? I can say I won't do that any more. Thanks a lot.