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  1. I found a servere client sound bug

    You can set time_of_day_flags=0xffff and that sound should play at all times. The following definition is used for day and night in the mapsfx files: day = 0x007e = 0:30 - 3:30 night = 0x0f81 = 3:30 - 0:30 Here's a quick primer on how the flags work: The flags variable contains a 16 bit hexadecimal mask where the lower 12 bits represent the 12 half-hour intervals in a game day. Here is a table that maps each bit to the corresponding game time interval. Bit number: 0015 0014 0013 0012 0011 0010 0009 0008 0007 0006 0005 0004 0003 0002 0001 0000 Start time: 5:30 5:00 4:30 4:00 3:30 3:00 2:30 2:00 1:30 1:00 0:30 0:00 End time: 0:00 5:30 5:00 4:30 4:00 3:30 3:00 2:30 2:00 1:30 1:00 0:30 If you want to define specific times during which to play a sound, it's easier to start in binary, then convert the mask to hexadecimal. For example if I want a sound to play from 2:30-4:00 and then again from 5:00-5:30 I would set the bits to 010011100000. In hexadecimal this is 0x04e0.
  2. Greater feasting potion?

    There are several items that I mix in bulk where feasties are not enough. That said, there are a few options to suppliment the food requirements. Bones and toadstools have been mentioned. If you're unwilling to part with the pp for iedp, rabbit tokens work great for supplimenting toadstools on the very high food items that you're saving for special non-joule days, e.g. recycle day and schools day. Each of these food suppliments have some sort of extra cost associated with them. I can't imagine that the number of Greater Feasting Potions made by chance (even if the chances were relatively high such as on par with EMP and GHP) would be large enough to have any impact on existing food options so I see no harm in introducing this. At the same time, it seems that the only value this potion adds is the novelty value and that brief elation that you get when you mix a rare item.
  3. I absolutely agree with this for a few reasons: It's annoying to mixers who follow the rules. If you're a rule breaker, it's trivial to bypass this. I think anti-macro belongs on the server rather than in some screwy UI feature.
  4. More Mini Bosses!

    I like the idea of more minibosses. I don't like having random low-mid level creatures that mirror. If mirror is part of the package then I say no. I'm not someone who has voiced an opinion on the matter before but I have died from a random Female Gob mirror so I guess you can count me with the unmentioned.
  5. I found a servere client sound bug

    Pull request made. https://github.com/raduprv/Eternal-Lands/pull/111 I don't know how to fix this revi. You can get the updated xml files from github one the pull request merge is made. https://github.com/raduprv/Eternal-Lands/tree/master/dev-data-files/sound-xml
  6. I found a servere client sound bug

    Awesome!!! Now the question is: is this the "correct" fix and how does it get into game distribution?
  7. I found a servere client sound bug

    Hmm, works for me but I'll PM you another link.
  8. I found a servere client sound bug

    Attached here are the fixed files. Overwrite yours and the sounds should work. This was all manually edited so some testing is probably in order. mapsfx_c1.xml mapsfx_c2.xml
  9. I found a servere client sound bug

    I think it's an XML file issue. In sound.c there is a function setup_map_sounds (int map_num) that expects that map_num equals the the id value in the mapsfx xml file. This is not happening because map.c calls setup_map_sounds like this: map.c: setup_map_sounds(get_cur_map(mapname)); The function get_cur_map is provided the filename of the map file and returns an integer with the value of the index of map in the continent_maps array. map.c: int get_cur_map (const char * file_name) { int i; for (i=0; continent_maps[i].name != NULL; i++) { if (strcmp (continent_maps[i].name, file_name) == 0) { return i; } } return -1; } The order of the maps in the continent_maps array is determined by order of the map entry in mapinfo.lst. Therefore to fix this issue, the id of the map in the mapsfx files need to match the positional order of that map in the mapinfo.lst file. I tested this change in both my mapsfx xml files and it works!
  10. I found a servere client sound bug

    The client is finding the ogg files for background sounds. The problem is elsewhere. I don't hear background sounds in DP or VOTD but that's a symptom of the overall issue that background sounds DO play but they don't play in the expected locations according to the locations given in the mapsfx_c[n].xml files. Here the examples I've found so far: In Melinis sewer. Winter Wind plays but that should only be for SRM Mountains, Trassian, Hulda, IOTF, II, Irinveron, Glacmor, Iscalrith. In White Stone at the Isla Prima ship. Here the Wind01 sound is played but I only see Wind01 defined in mapsfx files for North Redmoon mountains. In Tarsengaard Insides. Here Desert01 plays but the only place on C1 that should play that is Tahraji Desert. I also turned on sound debug and when I hear background sounds I get output like this. add_stream: Started stream. Type: Background, Sound: 10, Cookie: 4, Source: 2, F ... Doing stream fade - stream: Background, sound: 10, fade: 1, gain: 0.050000
  11. I found a servere client sound bug

    From what i see, the environment backgroud sounds are played but I think they're played in the wrong places. For example, in Desert Pines I could get no environment background sounds to play. When I go to Melinis sewers, i get enviro-winter01.ogg playing which corresponds to Winter Wind background sound. Looking at mapsfx_c2.xml, Winter Wind is not a sound for the Melinis Caves map but it is for some of the snowy maps.
  12. Expiring bots

    Stub Paid 48B81961PN5883415
  13. At the risk of losing my favorite hidey hole: map2 You are in White Stone - Grahm's Village [104,195] If you sit down, you can completely disappear.
  14. Shop item Cloak of MORE tears

    It will break. I've had to give up a lot of time that should have gone to more productive activities but I figure that is the cost of that shiny armor badge or accuracy boost. It's nice to have things in game that many haven't achieved yet but that can be done by players at any level.