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  2. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    Hi, I installed this new update a few days ago and having a few minor issues, 1. The fine Rotation speed for the camera used to be usng the right hand shift key + arrow keys, Now its the left hand shift key. << fixed this 2. Every time i open EL the screen+EL goes extremly dark. if i go to desktop it goes away. I manage to navigate the options to the gamma option and increase it slightly and it pops back to original brightness. 3. Not sure if this was in the previous client and iv just noticed it but when u click and hold to turn the camera it moves one notch then there is a slight delay then it moves freely. Great client though
  3. Forgotten password

    Hi all, Pretty much what the title says, i had my char copied to PK server a very long time ago and looks like i didnt use one of my usual passwords i would of used and cant remember it. Anyway of recovering this or is it lost in the wind now. Many thanks