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  1. Mercury

    doen't listen to him, he doesn't know anything
  2. JJK, Your Sister Is HOT!!!

    she is not that hot :roll: , i'd still do her 8)
  3. Racoons: combat 5 , come out only at night, dwell near big cities, give 1 bone 1meat 1racoon fur (racoon fur is only used for makeing those David Boone hats) Moose: combat 14, very rarly seen, wander around water (mose like water) and in big forests, give 2antlers 2meat 1moosehide (mosehide can have the same use as deer fur) Turtle: 2 types Small - black with yellow markings shell, combat 8 (with very high defence), hangs out around water, give 1 shell and 1turtle meat (used to make turtle stew if given to some special guy) Large - green, very very rare. Combat 50 (with super high defence), if it attaked and not killed it automaticly runs back in the water, comes out near ports, Gives large turtle shell (can me manufactured into TurtleShield 70 manufacturing and then magicly enhanced to give extra defence acuuracy) and some turtle meat Bobcat - Combat 18 (a bit weaker then wolves), a more comman animal, hangs out where white rabits are (they like rabbits), give bobcat fur which had same use as wolf fur. tell me what you think. i will add on to it as soon as i get more ideas
  4. Win Two Million Gold Pieces

    I voted, we kicking everybodys butts, we have like 2x the votes
  5. Recruiting

    I will join only if i can redo your website, sorry but i hate it . Cuase i can see its not very artsy .... which i can fix
  6. Guild Requirements

    Yea i agree