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  1. Hello Dragoe, As long as you are two, real, unique people, this shouldn't be a problem. As per the forum rules:
  2. need help out of fullscreen--mouse disappeared in FS

    Hello YethQ, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles! Please try opening the client, pressing alt and enter at the same time, then closing the client. This key combination toggles the "full screen" setting in options, and should take effect the next time you open the client
  3. Pickpoints spent in batch of 4

    Hi Schmaki, Please drop me a PM next time you're online, I'd like to go through your perks and stats with you to see whether we can figure out where those missing pickpoints have ended up.
  4. This is very true, new players like to wander and explore. Wouldn't it therefore be better to allow them to explore a busier and nicer looking area where help is readily available? As for a reference point, what could serve that purpose better than a large campfire in a well-lit central area which can easily be accessed at any time with a simple command? I understand the point you make about the regular spawning at the beam potentially being a point of confusion, although players and creatures popping out of nowhere (when logging in, teleporting, etc) is a relatively common aspect of most MMOs, including EL.
  5. Four ideas to increase newbie retention from an experienced player and handler of newbies. Let me know what you think 1. I would like to suggest that the newbie spawn point be moved to the beam. - This area has higher footfall, giving an impression of a busier game. - The area looks far nicer than the dark corner of Isla Prima where newbies currently spawn, creating a more positive first impression. - It's a nicer place to congregate, and may encourage experienced players to hang out around the campfire and help new players, as they used to in the old days. - Bringing the newbie services (Tutorial NPC, Newbie Storage) closer to the beam will make learning how to play the game less frustrating. 2. Already mentioned. In conjunction with idea #1, the Tutorial NPC and Newbie Storage ought to be moved nearer to the beam. - The Tutorial NPC would look nice at 103,146 (next to the book and scroll) facing the campfire. - The Newbie Storage would perhaps be well placed around 96,152, given there's a pile of vegetables and a storage barrel there. If that makes things too crowded, perhaps he could be up nearer the house to the north or even in the vegetable garden next-door. Alternatively, being around 118,155 would give him a lot of space and is nice and scenic. 3. I also suggest that the Tutorial NPC be renamed to something more friendly ("Newbie Helper" to bring it in line with the storage NPC, perhaps? The current acronym name is too confusing and old-school.) and given a small selection of items to sell (minor healing pots, basic armours and weapons, etc) which may be of use to newbies. If you're feeling really generous, perhaps you could even have him buy the various loot/food items which can be found on the island too, because expecting newbies to figure out how to trade or find Reca in the tavern is maybe a little ambitious at first. 4. A "#beam" command should be created with the same function as "#beam me". It just makes it easier to explain and remember, which will be useful if we're giving the beam more prominence for new players.
  6. Goodbye EL

    Sad to see another oldbie go Enjoy your travels, buddy
  7. Expiring bots, may of 2015

    Beaver: 26993494WF9433205
  8. OSoMN, mirror cuis and life drain shield are sold. Drop me a PM if you are interested in the MD cuis
  9. ingame bid from an anonymous player for the orc slayer of mana nullification: 400k
  10. Auctioning off the following items: Titanium greaves of mirroring - Start bid: 500k SOLD Steel cuisses of mana drain - Start bid: 300k Titanium shield of life drain - Start bid: 350k SOLD Orc slayer of mana nullification - Start bid: 400k SOLD Bids in-thread or by PM (I'm "Ben" ingame) - minimum increments of 10kgc, please. Auction ends in 72 hours, or when a BIN price (I will consider BIN offers for all four of the items as a set, not individual ones) is reached. Thanks!
  11. Selling Various Things

    Both sound good, PM me when you're online.
  12. Selling Various Things

    Sounds good, PM me when you're next online and they're yours. (removed from the list as they are reserved for you)
  13. Selling Various Things

    The mat ess is gone I'm afraid. I will do the 20k vials at 5.5 if I don't get a better offer before I see you in-game