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  1. Hmm damnit, but you're right ofcourse. Just thought they were the (001357 (12347U1235 in Morrowind. (For those of you who can't or won't read 1337 (leet), it says coolest creatures... ah nvm) And dah, ofcourse we kicked that guys ass! Nardo took one of his bones and made it possible for us to transport anywhere we've been! But I guess that was just two secs before the forums got deleted, and we had started out in this big wasteland... o.0 Hmm... the new forums were the worst thing that ever happened to HML... But still, I'm in favour of some elemental creatures. Not mentioning any though, Tum might go mad again and remember it's original game
  2. Back from the ... ill

    Hehe... I'd love to see you flying to the Netherlands, as long as you don't kick my butt Ehh, missed ya too. Just been back for two days, already seen you guys haven't started a decent RP... We really need to get working on that one, although all my inspiration is *magically* drawn to the Wake of a Child right now... Maybe I'll even dload the game tomorrow, when I finally got this friggen router to work :@ (Hate no network, no L@ns o.0) As long as you know I'm going to have a little chat with you pretty soon
  3. Back from the ... ill

    Ehhe, expected you or Nardo to come up with that one Well, at least it'll be grassy... And ArenA like But I don't think I'll put in goals or something And yeah, feeling loads better now, letting off steam helps a ****load... You really missed me? Man, makes me feel even better as I did two secs ago!
  4. *Jumps up and down* *Sticks his hand into the air* *Jumps some more* 'Can I say something too?' (OK; yeah right... ignore zthat if you want to ) OK; like, I know this is a little late, but I'd like to see Atronarch like things in EL. I know, it'd be a real hard ripoff from Morrowind, but still. For those of you who don't (want to) play Morrowind, or haven't seen an Atronarch in it yet, here goes: Atronarchs are humanoid creatures, a little taller than the average human, and they're subject to an element. (Like, you've got the Ice Atronarchs, the Fire Atronarchs etc). This element would be comparable to the Atronarchs skin (red for fire, blue for ice/water, yellow for electricity, you get it). Clothes would prolly burn the instant they tried to put them on, but to make it more fair to the Atronarchs (Who doesn't wants a 30 lvl cloak to fit your skin?), the element should prolly be radiated through it's skin. Cool huh? (Within seconds after reading this you should forget it's a big ripoff )
  5. Back from the ... ill

    Yeah, guessed so about the map, was surprised not to find a PM from Moony in my inbox saying *Where the **** is your map? You aer teh suxx!* when I logged in yesterday... Ah well. For the time being I'll pass on the new map though, although I've got a little ArenA in the works. (Heh, that's a joke only Dutch people'll get ) I'm working on the cities though, shouldn't take too long to get a descent list up and running. Maybe I'll make a thread about it. But we'll see. Anyway, good to be back, and be liked back And Killer, I remember you Aira and I fought you a looong while back, but since Aira and you made up, I started to like you too
  6. The Wake of A Child

    (Eight days later) 'You've got to be kidding me! Two months ago she was perfectly allowed to come in!' 'I'm truly sorry sir, but there's nothing more I can do. She did attack one of those birds.' 'Ahh man, have you got any clue how long her last meal was?' 'I don't sir, but it still is a fact that she showed violent behaviour. I cannot grant her access to Cassa.' 'Well then, fine! I'll let her stay here for the night then, my bussiness should be done by then.' The Elf raised an angry indexfinger. 'If anything happens to her while I'm away, you know you'll be sorry.' Then he burst out of the guard's office, his face still red with fury. Why wouldn't they allow Cath in now, she could about two months ago. If he had only fed her before taking her to that guard again. But that was the past now, he told himself sternly. He should be searching for Lolen now, not thinking about what he could've done. But Geelef's attempts to find Lolendalia were fruitless. She wasn't at the hotel he'd left her, nor at the market or in any of the shops. When he asked the innkeeper of the hotel, he said Lolen had left for a small town up north. Bondara was it's name. Five minutes later the Elf had retrieved Cath from the guards and was running fullspeed along the northern forest. Not long now... Just a few hours and I'll be there. But his predicament seemed to be untrue. Bondara was much further away as Geelef had thought. Finally arriving at a interjunction, he sat down to get some breath. After a while, his eye could a small could of dust to his left. As that cloud became slowly bigger, he could see it was an old man walking along the road, carrying a big staff. 'Hail! Could I bother you with a small question?' said the Elf, keeping a growling Catherina down to the ground. The man stopped dead in his tracks. 'A question, you sais? Ahh yeah... You... you want to know where... no, not where... how much further Bondara is... True?' The elf nodded silently. 'How did you know, if I may ask, what my question would be?' 'My dear son, I'm Vasha, the great Seer.' Geelef raised his eyebrows. 'Oh... Yes, but ofcourse you are.' Clearly this man was out of his mind. 'But as great as you are, I still don't have an answer.' He hadn't the time to listen to the stories of an old man. The man nodded. 'Yes.. You need to find someone... someone you care about really much.. love? No... But also yes... the love of a father, of a guardian.' Vasha smiled. 'Hurry along, Bondara is a fourday walk from here. Two days if you run - at you're speed that is.' When the Elf was long out of sight, Vasha was still staring at the point he dissappeared from view. 'Yes...' he mumbled. 'You really are the one...' Then he smiled and turned away, back on his former path. Geelef was surprised at the accuracy of the man's words, as excactly fourty-eight hours later he found himself to step into Bondara. This time he didn't bother to attend a guard's office to let Cath in, he just took her along. 'Be quiet, we don't want attention drawn to us!' he snapped at her, when she kept growling at a few birds. 'You'll have dinner in an hour or two.' He tucked himself into his coat a bit more tightly, it was chilly outside. But it didn't seem to help. 'Weird...' he said thoughtfully, but further not paying any attention to the cold that penetrated his coat. He burst into the first tavern he saw, walked up to the bartender, who looked pretty scared at the sight of the stranger with his staff and his tiger, but who still replied when Geelef asked if he'd seen a girl, Elvish, known as Lolendalia. 'I-I h-h-have, sir... She s-stays at the Bundance hotel, first street t-to the left...' The elf nodded curtly and swooped out of the tavern just as fast as he had entered it. Following the bartenders directions, he soon found the Bundance hotel, entered it, almost run up to the bartender, dragged the information he needed out of him, and then rushed up to Lolendalia's room. Coming to a halt just before it, he took a deep breath, then knocked on the door. Lolens soft voice came out of the room. 'Who's there?' 'Lolen? It's me, Geelef.' he said. A small scream came through the door. 'Geelef?' He heard some stumbling, then the door flew open, Lolen stood behind it, her hair losely over her shoulders, smiling. 'You're back!' she said, before giving him a huge hug, smiling broadly. Then she let go of him, her smile fading. 'Good you're back, but there's something not right... This cold... Do you feel it too?' 'Yeah,' the elf replied, tucking into his coat once more. 'But before we get to that, you need to know what happened to me, and I need to know what happened to you. Then we'll see into that weird cold.' (( It's good to RP again Hey Arafin, sorry for not mentioning you, but I thought you'd introduce yourself, you know more about your char than I ))
  7. God VS Entropy

    Just need to have a go at mindless crap The (checks it) ''almighty, all-eating, all-knowing, everlasting, deamon... '' dies suddenly, and that restores everything to normal. (Well, what's normal, huh?) Geelef walks to Tropz, hits him in the head and sais: 'Oh man, damn you for bringing up that deamon... That was MY job!' after he hits him a few more times, he realises that he cant touch Teh Trop. 'Hey, you cheat0r!' Trop just smiles and whispers: 'N o n P v P m a p' before Ent turns up and kicks both of them. 'They are teh kikced! :)' Ofcourse, it doesn't take long for Trop and Gee to get back into the game and start shouting again...
  8. The Wake of A Child

    ((Hey Lolen! And Arafin Back from the dead! Just check out the thread in Offtopic to see whats happened... I see it's gonna take a while to catch up again, but I will! *shifts a little in his chair* I will!)) ((OK; like, I just caught up Here goes nothing...)) - Ten days before Lolen 'bumped' into Arafin - His chest still painful Geelef got up. A swift look to his left told him there were two others charging. He picked up his sword, hes left arm hanging soulless to his side. 'Get him Cath!' he bellowed, while turning left to face his attackers. From the corner of his eye he saw a white blur charging at the beast which had thrown him down. A smile flashed across his face. This is a pretty good fight he thought, before braking into a run to take down the other two. A swift slash of his sword took off one of the creatures left arm, making it screech. The other made to grab his head, but he ducked, narrowly avoiding decapitation. Behind him he heard the victorious roar of his tiger, clearly she had managed to take her opponent down. 'Just you two now, isn't it?' Geelef said. 'The last of your awful kind. The last of the Black Guards horde...' His voice was deeper as usual, carrying far over the wasteland he was fighting on. It seemed those words frightened the two creatures, or at least they understood they really were the last of their kind, because they both stretched out their horrible wings and took off into the black night. 'No! Come back here!' the Elf shouted. They couldn't just fly away. Not now, not when he was almost there, almost killed all of them. He new that those two would be able to breed, to have a new horde in a matter of weeks. All that work, gone for good. He sank down onto his knees, sheathed his sword and mournfully looked at Cath's big eyes. 'All this for nothing.' He looked around him, the wasteland which was once a beautiful forest looked even worse to him now. 'My promise to her, no good at all...' He patted his tiger on the head. 'But at least I've tried. At least I've done my best...' He looked around him once more. After Lolendalia and he had left the cursed castle of Andruin, they'd set off for the lands where they'd left Catherina, near Cassa. In Cassa they'd rented a pair of rooms, and tried to recover from their fight. After a few days, they'd seen the shadow of the Black Guard once more, flying through the skies, clearly searching for someone. That was the point at which they agreed to split up. Lolendalia would keep quiet, try to avoid the Black Guard and figure out a bit more about the quest that she had been given, and he, Geelef, would hunt down the Black Guards horde, to wipe them out. He'd followed the shadow in the skies back to its den, hidden deep in the Forest of Fordan. After what seemed weeks he finally managed to cut his way through the dense vegitation and find the den itself. It was nothing more than a clearing in the forest, open ground covered with bones and leaves. In the night, he had been able to set fire to those leaves, wiping most of the horde out without a fight. But some survived. Twelve, to be excact. He had been able to take down nine by magic, but due to the speed and agility of those creatures, most of his energyballs missed their target and burned holes in the trees, setting fire to the forest, eventually leaving nothing but ashes. The last three had flown away at first, but when he ran over the endless heaps of ashes, he was struck by one of them, his arm ripped open, a heavy blow to his chest sending him a few yards back. Then, Cath had managed to kill that one, leaving the last two for him. But he had failed. He had failed. Not just himself, but also Lolendalia. Lolendalia! Would she be alright? Would she've managed on her own? At these thoughts he once more turned to Catherina. 'Cath, were heading back to Cassa. See if Lolen is alright, if she's still there.' He smiled when Cath looked at him longingly. 'See if your buddies are alright too.' A little growl told him he'd been right about her thoughts. 'Alright! Let's get moving then.' he said energetically. But when he got to his feet, he felt the dead weight of his left arm hanging on his shoulder. His smile turned into a painful grin. 'After we've taken care of this, that is...'

    Wai! I'm goofy! Just gotta say I only know one person who boards alot and stands regular o.0 And I can grind a bit, not that good. I'm gonna try some more this evening, see if I can get that frontslide into a one-eighty.
  10. Faris and Garis

    *Smacks himself in the face* Still used to Treetown, don't mention it. And another one found out that all the pain in the *ss is worth the payment
  11. Maps

    Valley of the Dwarves is also known as Mynadar, and I'd stay out of Tahiri desert too. (Don't hit me if I made a typo)
  12. story

    I pretty much like it, only one malus to it: Roja didn't want something big and evil to destroy us all (or set a war on us, or whatever like that), so maybe you oculd work in some real nice way to the cause of the war, besides their different religions.
  13. back to basics

    Well, next to that, what is you're ultimate goal in this world - something that hasn't got to be done to have a nice time, but more like a megahuge quest or something Maybe one could leave a few elements out to add some interesting stuff to the story - like, you'll know what EL is, when you've done this and that, or you gradually get to know how/why we got stuck here Don't like a closed story for that matter, especially not for an mmorpg, it should end in something like ... and then we all were given the task to blah this and bloh that. ... or ... then he died, leaving behind this small note on that big rock... You know, open ended ((And, most of Izzy's stories are pretty much main stories, so as all posts with 'main' in them ))
  14. New Races

    True, it's gonna be worse when you also use Morrowinds bonusses and malusses for the same creatures...
  15. The Wake of A Child

    She walked along the beautiful path, leading to the springs. It ran through a dense forest, and the sides of it were covered with the most lovely flowers. Once or twice a small bunny hopped away at the sound of her soft footsteps. After a while the path made a large turn, revealing a fantastic sight. A large pool, covered in steam, was sided by large cliffs, on those cliffs was the forest Lolen walked through. One side of the pool was pretty shallow, finally blending into a beach, which ended in a jungle-like forest. A few deer were drinking the hot water, one looked up at Lolen, standing way above at a cliff, blinked with its eyes and bowed his head once more to drink. Lolen smiled. This was a the most beautiful place she'd ever seen. But soon that smile faded at the thought of were Geelef was. She sat down on the edge of the cliff, her feet dangling in the deep. She stared blindly at the beach, almost twohundred feet below her. Her thoughts were disturbed though, by a soft voice, coming from beneath. 'Yo Lolen! Are you gonna sit up there forever or are you gonna jump in too?!' The girl looked down, and a smile lightened up her face again. Down there was the Elf who saved her, waving at her. 'So here you are! I was wondering...' she yelled back. 'Where I was? Thought I left you?' Geelef shouted. 'You know I wont. Jump in! The water's pretty nice!' And so she did, she jumped from the cliff, into the hot springs below. Her hands hit the surface of the water, breaking it in a gentle way, before the rest of her body went under too. *** That evening Lolen and Geelef sat on the beach, devouring a deer. 'I never knew swimming could make you this hungry...' Lolen said, ripping of another piece of meat. 'Hmm hmm.' 'Hey, can we get back up again? I want to thank those nice people for letting us stay at their house.' 'No, we can't. And it's a shame. Those people were really nice...' the Elf answered, his eyes avoiding Lolen's. 'Wait a minute. It's not like you planned us to leave that soon, did you?' Slowly the Elf nodded. He pointed at the backpacks laying on the beach. 'Planned it. I knew once I was better, or at least well enough to walk, we should get going right away. Else those creatures might capture you again.' 'Oh, yes. But I still think we should've thanked them somehow.' said Lolen. 'We did. I left them a small present. They'll like it.'
  16. Don't base it on combat only - all skills should count, maybe combat/magic/summoning a bit more as harvesting/manu etc, but don't leave a skill out.
  17. New Race Suggestion

    Actually, there's a prob with the deers The deers should take up two tiles on the map, but since the game doesnt support that, it just takse up one tile, making its head poke into a house and such things. That's why there aint gonna be centaurs, at least not until someone comes up with a solution to the 2tile prob.
  18. story

    Continue, I wanna see more
  19. Changing tile sizes

    And if you really want a small spot - just place that big water tile, and cover it up with some 2d files - no sweat 8-)
  20. Especially that last sentence makes me feel all warm and cozy inside ((And hey, if you're bored to death cause your comp froze for the hundreth time, and XP is reinstalling again, you'd be behind that xbox too, if you didnt have a PS2.))
  21. am i a retard :P *bangs head on table*

    Tadaa I'm not even gonna vote (Cuz I don't like judging people I don't know well) 0.0
  22. Better log out method

    Hehe... Ooned But as we're speaking about logging out/in, how about a command which logs you out, but brings you to the startupscreen (so your little brother can log in, you can change your char etc)?
  23. Anti-blocking code

    I gave this problem some thought on school today. Maybe add something to the mapeditor - an option to make a tile 'unstandable'. Meaning: you can walk on it, stand ther for about 30 seconds, but if you stand there longer, you get teled to the side of the unstandable area. IE boatblocking. You can walk up the boat without a problem, but if you're on the entrance too long, you get teled to the other side of the boat, clearing the path.
  24. Confesion :(

    At least you now realise what kind of game you left, you now know why no selfrespecting being would play Runescape. And, my lord, I must confess something too. I went to play Dransik, only to find it lagging like hell, and even worse than I left it for about a year ago. Maybe I should hang myself on my wrists this night, to show my pain and agony are worthy of my lousy deeds.
  25. Right. :/ My brother got an Xbox for his birthday - Kungfu chaos, Brute force, midtown madness 3 and Halo came with it. Kungfu chaos is about the only one I play (if I even play at the xbox) Most of the time, I'm like behind my comp, or playing FF8 at my PS1 (Yes, 1, one, o-n-e, one.) Too lazy to buy new stuff