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  1. How much longer ? ( please join in )

    Taddaam Was kinda referring to everybody but you and me
  2. God vs Entropy v2: the final countdown.

    Teh evil thread continues: *Gee scratches his wannabe-balls, finding blood running over his hand.* *Gee stuffs the bloody hand into Trop's smashed mouth.* Gee: "How do you like that?" Trop: "Hmm... yummy..." *Trop spits out a huge ball of red puke* Gee: "Yeah, right... How about we go do something really aweful to Ent this time, instead of beating the shit out of eachother?" Trop: "Yeah whatever. Don'tbe surprised if I kick your butt in the process though." *Gee sighs*
  3. How much longer ? ( please join in )

    Back fromFrance, forgot to tell you guys I left And Tummy did send me the HML file, raise your hand if you want me to send it to you!
  4. Remove harvesting limit.

    We've kinda had this discussion ages ago, many things were suggested, and it turned out that a harvesting limit was the best way to handle macroers, believe it or not. And Ent stretched the exp limit already, it used to be lower (although that was really long ago), so this is about as much as you will get...
  5. To do: Support for Prattler and Wandering Bards

    Good idea, maybe we can create a backbone for each story we want ingame, and the bards can make up some stuff around it, that would make sure the core of the story is maintained, but the details will vary.
  6. How many people dislike their parents?

    Shame you hate your parents... It's kinda nice to like m I think I've got a really weird relationship with my parents; I never talk to them about stuff that I really care about. But I don't hate m or anything, I just see them as two people who live in the same house as I do. Oh, I do hate m now btw, they "grounded" me, which means I can't see my girlfriend, everything else I can do, just not my gf... Dammit. :@
  7. Misc: the finding of the Diary

    Hehe, when I've got my new comp, which'll be tomorrow with any luck. My old one crashed two weeks ago or something, ruined the motherboard and processor 0.0 Now I'm stuck with this piece of sh*t, can't run EL with more than 2 fps shamefully... --- When Aigenia woke up again, she needed some time to remember what had happened the day before. It slowly came back to her, and along with the thoughts of the icy water, a cold shiver ran up her spine. No wonder, her clothes were still drenched, her hair still soaked. She changed her shirt with embroidered familycrest to an old brown one, her black pants made room for faded blue ones. She put her long hair in a ponytail, after she'd let it dry in the sun for a bit. When she was ready, she set off to Tiwo again. She was walking through the forest she'd seen the wolves in, when she heard something in the bushes to her left. She stopped to look, but the bush was as quiet as ever, so she walked on. A bit later, she heard something stir in the leaves to her right. This time, she walked towards the spot where she heard the noise, and when she swept away a few leaves, she yelled like she had never done before. A pair of red eyes looked at her, a dark skin covered the bony skeleton of the beast she saw. It looked like a wolf, though it was much bigger and it looked like it had lost all his fur and someone painted the skin black. Aigenia ran, she ran away from that horrible beast, into the forest. If only she could reach Tiwo before that thing caught her. She heard the feet of the wolf hitting the ground, its breath rushed through the air like a hot gust. Terrified, she looked behind her how far it was behind her. Her eyes widened as she saw that not one, but four beasts were persuing her, and she could hear more of them running towards her through the bushes. Panting, she ran through the forest, away from those evil creatures. No, she wouldn't be killed now, not when she was so close. She had lived a life only to find it, those beasts would not destroy all the work she had done!
  8. Misc: the finding of the Diary

    Aigenia put the Diary and quill into her bag, and took out the map that Tiwo had given her. A small red cross indicated the cave Tiwo was waiting for her, a blue circle floated over a small island, a few miles east of the cave. The map still in her hands, she started walking east, and immediatly she noticed the blue circle moving over the map, the same way she went. Aigenia smiled, for Tiwo had certainly given her quality goods. When she reached the shores of the island, she hesitated, how far would it be to the mainland? It was hard to say, the map didn't even indicate land or sea, just the cave, some buildings and herself. But she wouldn't be stopped by a little bit of water, and after a little bit of thinking, she put the map in her bag and waded into the water. It was cold, it was almost like a hundred needles were stinging in her skin, but she went on, a determined look on her face. After a few yards, she couldn't stand anymore, and started to swim, her cloathes heavy because of the water. How far was it? She couldn't see a thing, the salt water made her eyes hurt. A few times she could feel long, slimy fishes swim against her legs and arms, but a kick always got rid of them. She was about to give up, give in to the cold and depth of the water, when she felt land below her feet. She stood up, finding that the water was only a few inches deep again. She managed to drag herself onto the shores, were she fell asleep, wet and tired as she was.
  9. To do: Support for Prattler and Wandering Bards

    Agreed. The only thing I'm worried about is that we wont be able to get the stories that short, without losing too much of the tale itself. I think if an ingame bard tells the stories in abot 30 lines, it'll sound alot different as on the forums, the feeling you get by hearing either version of a story should mostly be the same, which I think is gonna be pretty hard to do...
  10. Together Again

    They reached the stream not much later, finding it was much deeper and wilder than they had thought before. The water was running through it at high speed, white foam flew through the air, as if the stream spat it out. "Well, we'd better fly over this one..." Nardo said stiffly. Aira nodded, fastened his backpack a bit more and started to fly over the river. When he reached the middle of the stream, he fell down, right into the icecold water, and was swept away immediatly. "Aira!" Geelef shouted, but no answer. He looked at Nardo, and his purple-cloaked friend said: "We should go after him, shouldn't we?" speaking Geelef's thoughts as well. "Yeah, I guess that's the end of that delicious bread Yvela baked for us..." He dropped his backpack while saying it, took out his sword, sheated it at his side, rumbled through his bag some more, pulled out a rope which he used to tie his staff to his side, then looked up at Nardo. "I've got everything. How about you?" Nardo, who was searching his bag as well, said: "Just one more thing... It should be in here somewhere... I'm sure Ive - ah, here it is." He took out a wooden flask, which he took a sip of and handed to Geelef. "Take some, you won't get too cold in there..." Geelef put the flask to his lips, and as the liquid flowed in his body, he could feel a pleasant warmth spreading through him. "I'd better save this one for Aira." Then he dove into the stream, the same way Aira went, leaving Nardo to do the same.
  11. Misc: the finding of the Diary

    K, thanks for the hints, Filgana was my first idea for the name, kinda messed it up later :S I'll post some more tomorrow, haven't got too much time right now...
  12. Misc: the finding of the Diary

    Hehe, glad you like it --- Not long after Aigenia was dropped on the island, she could be found searching through the bushes, cutting her hands and arms open on the small, pointy thorns which covered yellow and purple flowers. The island itself was only a mere 20 meters in diameter, a perfect circle. As Aigenia drew closer to the center, she noticed the vegetation growing steadily browner, less colorful as on the outer edges of the island. Then, when she broke through a perticulary dense bush, she saw it, the Diary, along with the quill Tiwo had told her about. It was in the middle of an open space in the forest, perched upon a stone, maybe half a meter high. Aigenia almost ran towards it, she had longed for this her entire life. She streched out her arm to pick up the diary, not much bigger than a brick. Suddenly, she stopped, her arm pulled back again, as her eyes fell upon the ancient writing on the stone. She recognised it as Old-Elvish. She translated it quickly in her mind: Hail adventurer! Beware of this book, as it is full of magic, a power almost none can grasp. Even I, Merthano, former servant of Aluwen, could not open this Diary without suffering a great deal of pain. Not just physical pain though - my mind got corrupted, I heard a voice yelling for a worthy one, the one who would be guided by a black man. My warning: do not try to open this Diary, unless you are guided by a black man indeed, or you think your magic is powerful enough to withstand this great evil... I locked away the Diary, so it could not be moved or opened without someone breaking this seal. If you are the worthy one, you should easily be able to break it - if you fail breaking the seal, your lifes power will get sucked into it, making it a stronger shield for the next one... Merthano, First Priest of Aluwen. Aigenia sat down, she had never learned to break any seals at all. But then again, she did know some rules of magic - powerdraining seals for instance needed direct contact to actually drain the power from a being. She looked around, her eyes fell upon a small stone. What if she threw that at the seal and saw what happened? So she did, she picked up the stone and threw it at the seal, in a small arc. When the stone hit the seal, it shattered into hundreds of liquid pieces. Huh? That shouldn't happen... Aigenia thought. It should bounce right back... I didn't even put magic in the stone... Even though it was weird, Aigenia walked slowly forward, and picked up the Diary and the quill. Now, let's head back to Tiwo...
  13. Aluwen's request.

    A nice story indeed, but just like crus said, some spelling and grammar errors which sometimes make it hard to read. Maybe elaborate on your visit to Aluwen a bit more, make her say something about the meaning of life or something, maybe in a riddle, or directly, give the story a bit more colour. Just my two cents
  14. Together Again

    "Where is Laena anyway?" Geelef asked. "Yeah, erm... we don't actually know." Aira said. "She seems to be somewhere north of here, around the Forests of Kah'lihmera. We wanted to go look for her, after we readied ourselves a bit." Nardo added. "Well, as far as I'm concerned, I'm as ready as ever to get going. And so is Cath." he lay his hand on his pets head. "Like always..." he murmered. "You two seem to be pretty close..." Aira added slowly, his eyes widened. "Yeah... after what we've been through... Ah well, I'll tell you later on. How about we get to those Forests of whatever?" "Forests of Kah'lihmera." Nardo said. "Sounds good. I heard an ancient Elven lord is living somewhere deep inside it, he might know more about Cath's collar. After we've found Laena, we could go find him too, see if he's got anything to tell us." Aira nodded. "Let's leave right now, after Nardo and I've packed. We'll draw the least attention. That group of humans downstairs, even though they're stupid, it would be a shame killing them." "You're right, we'll leave through the window. You still know how to fly, right?" Geelef joked. "Ofcourse we do." Nardo smiled. "We've been practising quite alot before you arived." "Yeah, check this out." Aira said. He held up his hands, palms towards the ceiling, a small red ball formed above it. "Just a fireball..." Geelef said dissappointed. "Just wait." Nardo said. And Geelef looked in amazement as the fireball took the shape of a unicorn, which started to run around the room, leaving a fiery trail behind. "Hehe, nice one..." Aira smiled. "It's not much, I've seen that bartender do an entire show."
  15. Together Again

    (Stupid me... Was waiting for Tum to post himself in, forgot he has't got the time ) Geelef wandered around a bit while Aira told Nardo about his discovery. "You know it normally glows like the moon, and the runes move around it right?" Nardo nodded. "It doesn't do that anymore... The runes are as still as the ruins of my old palace, the glow drawn out of it, like someone put a straw in it and sucked..." Nardo nodded again. "Maybe the spell just wore off," he said. "No, that spell should fade slowly over time, like all spells do, not stop all at once." "That's the strange thing." Geelef said, while walking through the sober room. "Before we entered this town, that collar was glowing as bright as ever." He moved towards the window, a thin ray of starlight falling on his eyes. Aira jumped up. "Hey Gee, your eyes!" Geelef turned around. "What?" "Your eyes! They glowed blue in the starlight!" Aira repeated. "Huh? Oh yeah. You know I went to that next plain of being and all?" Aira nodded, Nardo pulled up an eyebrow. "Oh yeah, Nardo, you don't know yet... Well, some travellers and I went to the next plane of being, after we were sentenced to it by the Tribunal of Life. When we arrived some monks gave us the stuff we lacked, but all the inhabitants there did have. Including these eyes. Makes me see better when the stars light my path." Geelef smiled. "Only problem is I'll get seen sooner too. Two blue lights in the middle of the forest draw people's attention... I kinda hoped that when Cath and I got back, the effect would wear off. It didn't." "Yes, we can see that." Nardo said. "Now, let's get back to that collar of Cath." "I wonder where my sis got it in the first place." Aira said. "And why she hang it around her tigers neck..." "Ah, let me correct you." Nardo said. "Around Cath's neck, this isn't Laena's tiger if I am correct." He looked at Geelef. "Indeed. Cath and I met in the prisons of the Tribunal. Long story, happened just after Aira blew up the castle." "N-not Laena's tiger?" Aira asked shakily. "I thought she left her tiger with you, so you'd be with her all the time... or atleast something like that." "Erm.. not really. She took her tigerwolf along with her, they couldn't part after such a long time." (Sudden break More tomorrow...)
  16. Show a pic of yourself!

    Somehow I feel nobody can be that ugly... OK, who screwed up Toys pic with fotoshop?
  17. cya in a week everyone

    Moving does suck yeah... try moving to your neighbours house... No big truck with some guys who'll carry everything, just you, your parents, and a huge load of stuff that needs to be moved... NEway, good luck, hope everything survives the trip
  18. Misc: the finding of the Diary

    Hehe, I like open-ended books, so I can think of stuff the people in it would do --- She followed the route she thought her magical grandfather had taken, sometimes finding clues that she was right. A hidden cave with blood on the floor for example, or faintly glowing grass, indicating strong magic being used on the earth a long time ago... Slowly, she found her way through wilderness, always finding herself stumbling into trouble when she was tired, hurt or lost again. One thing drew her attention, a pack of wolves trying to attack her, but even though she was exhausted and had a deep wound running through her leg, the wolves stopped almost in midair, turned around and walked away, their tails between their legs. She followed them curiously, and after a short while the pack reached a cave, a blue light emitting from it. When she entered, she saw a man sitting between the wolves, not as an enemy, but more like a friend, someone who took care of them. He wore a black cape, his hands held a long, brown wooden staff. "Aigenia. Welcome." How did that man knew her name? "Don't be frightened. I know more than just your name. I know about your magical ancestor as well." Shocked as she was by the thought of that man reading her mind, she only entered because she felt bound by her quest, her quest to find the Diary. "W-who are you?" she asked. "I'm Tiwo, the man who told your greatgrandmother that her husband wouldn't come back." "How did you know he wouldn't anyway?" "Because I aided him in quest, just like I'm going to aid you in yours." What was that man saying? Aid her in her quest? Like she couldn't do it by herself... But Aigenia wasn't a complete fool, maybe she wasn't a fool at all, so she stayed to listen what this strange man had to say. And the man, Tiwo, said: "Your ancestor left behind a Diary, as you already know, in which he wrote all his experiences. I don't know excactly where this Diary is, but I know it's on a small island in the sea... I'll teleport you over there an-" "Err, wait a minute - teleport?" Aigenia asked. "Yeah, you do believe in teleporting, don't you?" Tiwo said, a bit surprised. Aigenia nodded slowly. "I've hear rumours of it before... Wasn't sure if I should believe them, although I saw an old mage do it a long time ago..." Tiwo smiled. "Indeed, that was me... Now, I'll teleport you over to that island, then I shall return here, and await your arrival. Don't worry, I'll add a map to your backpack." he said, when he saw Aigenia's face darken. "You wont have any trouble finding the way back, I promise." The next morning, Tiwo took Aigenia's hand and teleported her to the island his old friend had once sat on. "This is it. Good luck finding it, there'll probably be a quill next to it." Tiwo smiled. "Or a feather, as he used to call it." Then Tiwo left in a whisp of white lights.
  19. Together Again

    "A mead please," Geelef said to Yvela, glancing at the humans still hanging around the bar. Yvela nodded, turned around to get a mead then ducked hastily as she saw a knife flying her way in the mirror. "Man, you can't even hit an elf when it's punching you in the nose!" The humans started laughing, Geelef turned around, his face darkened by it's own shadows. "Why did you throw that knife at her?" "Who are you kidding?" a tall male human said, his hammerlike hands clutching his sword. "He aimed at you... He just had too much ale..." "Ah. Let me rephrase the question then, what was the reason of this act of violence directed towards me?" A thin smile slid over Geelef's face when he saw the confusion on the man's face. "Wha?" "You don't even speak your own language... How very sad..." With these words Geelef turned around, putting no further attention to anything but his mead. Behind his back the group still stood confused, then the same guy spoke again: "You'd better leave this place, if I were you." Geelef didn't respond, knowing he would be alarmed in time, if the man was stupid enough to attack him. "Hey! I was talking to you!" No response, but a little sip and a sigh of delight. "Nice mead Yvela." Yvela smiled faintly. Aira, who had been talking to Nardo while all this happened, looked up to check on his mate, and saw the human charging at his friend. "Geelef! Watch out!" he yelled, but too late, Geelef had already turned around and raised his sword. "Wouldn't try that. Not even think of it." the Elf said silently. "Unless you and your friends want to join your grandfathers in afterlife." Without a word, the man sheated his sword again, his face white as snow. "No, no nevermind. I'm sorry..." Geelef also sheated his sword, it's rainbowcolored shine dissappearing underneath his cloak. Then he walked back to Aira. With a nudge to the drunk humans he whispered sarcastically: "What ale can do to respectable men..." Aira nodded, but still couldn't resist to ask: "How did you know he was attacking you, he didn't make a sound..." "Didn't you hear Cath growling? She always alarms me like that." Geelef smiled, while patting his beloved pet on the head. "She saved me on many occasions. But now, you wanted to speak about her medallion?" Aira nodded. "Let's go upstairs, I've got a room there. Nardo, you should come along too." Nardo nodded and came along.
  20. Trying to pull all the major stories together

    lol I'll write it, tomorrow though, schoolparty tonight, 'sgonna be fun, almost shattered my knee yesterday while snowboarding, so I'm not allowed to jump too much 0.0
  21. Trying to pull all the major stories together

    The Diary? It's already on the forums Diary of a common man. But if you'd like me to post a story about how the diary was found, I'll think up a nice one.
  22. Trying to pull all the major stories together

    K, long time no see people, blablabla, I'm back and all, thank you for your concern... Now we've done that, back on topic with this: I've read the first page of this thread, then ran out of time and posted this in a hurry. Sorry for that, but I just had to say one small thingy (since I'm still kinda attached to my Diary, which my English teacher read and liked alot ). That Diary was meant as some sort of legend/myth, I'd like it to be put in at no excact time. If you need a date, have some adventurer (preferably a mage, since magic is the main thread in the story) find a book in an old cave, a swamp or some other uninhabited area. That book would ofcourse be our Diary...
  23. How much longer ? ( please join in )

    Tum: if you've got it as a word document that would be nice, but if it's in .txt right now, just send it like that. Shame you're so busy though.. Aira: Great! I've gotta think of some sort of a starters for it, guess I'll have it posted by tomorrow. (damnit, that grammatical construction was asked for in the English testpaper, got it totally wrong...)
  24. God vs Entropy v2: the final countdown.

    W00t... So, if I understand this correctly, you've got shit on your hand, while I don't even have arms anymore... but we are still friends? But teh me didn't call teh you cuz he didn't knew your number, or if teh you even lived near where teh me was, so there was this missunderstandingthingy, and all. Yeah. Hmm hm. Yeah. How 'bout we go stuffing up giant worms into Entropy's hidden cave? (BTW, pictures/video's of sweden: http://geluid.ath.cx -> click on the speaker, then media. Just beware of teh evil living in there...)
  25. How much longer ? ( please join in )

    Thanks! How about we'd start a new RP? Just the old gang back together again, no prefabbed story to begin with, just see where we end up... What do you guys say?