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  1. How much longer ? ( please join in )

    (Ok, goes for me Ill write a piece explaining how we got there.) While they were walking to the east Nardo was thinking about the past few days, how day suddenly got to this valley. He remembered the long trip Thalos, Tumaros, Diesel, Laena, Aira, Zabar and Geelef made with him. They had almost reached Heaven. Past the Flame Atronarch. They fought an octupus, later Geelef had been struck by the Atronarch to defend Laena. Then, he teleported to Sheea's waters to get some healing water for Geelef. When they entered the cave of the Atronarch again they found a hidden passage to the Atronarch's boss. They walked that way, but they hadn't made more than five steps till the floor started to shake, the ceiling started to fall down. They ran outside, only to find out meteors were falling from the sky. The entire ice plain was smelting. Then, one by one they got hit by one of these meteors, they didn't die, but were taken away from the plain. Minutes later they were dropped in this plain, together with some people they didn't know yet. It seemed they all were swept off their quests, only to find themselves taken to this place. 'What are you thinking about?' Geelef's voice disturbed Nardo's thoughts. Nardo looked to his left and saw Geelef firmly walking to the horizon. 'I just thought about how we got here.' Nardo answered. 'Yeah, I've also been thinking' Geelef said. 'Don't you think it's kinda weird? First we were just having a bit of fun, travelling together. And all of a sudden we are transported to this place, along with other adventurers. Only days later we all feel the urge to head east. I think someone wants us to come to him, or her. Someone who is looking for a good fight.' Nardo nodded, he had been thinking the same thing. 'Yooooo, get over here!' JJK's voice rumbled over the plain. 'Look what I found' he said. He pointed towards the base of a tree. 'Isn't that -' Killerlamb began. But Tumaros already answered. 'Yeah, that is a Hero. Look at his weapons, his armor, and his body. All magically enhanced. Evenso, he got killed. Something really powerful must roam these lands.' Tumaros hadn't even said these words when a great roar came from behind a huge rock. 'What the...' Aira said. He raised his hands, conjured a fireball and blew the rock apart. 'Dammit...' Aira said. 'An Inferno...'
  2. How much longer ? ( please join in )

    (Just wondering, where are we? Still in the icy plain where the old HML ended? Or in the Atronarchs cave, where my last post ended (which noone read) I'll just head on in the icy plain if you dont mind, ofcourse calculating your posts in ) As JJK looked at the stars, he suddenly felt the urge to leave, to go somewhere. He didn't know why, or where he needed to go, but there was just the urge to do it. He went to his bag, only to find that everyone was awake, packing their stuff. 'We are going to leave. Don't know why, or where to, but we are leaving.' Geelef said. 'Yeah, guess you feel the same as I feel' JJK replied. Only Nardo was still sleeping, Zabar next to his head. 'Yo Nardo, wake up, will you?!' Geelef shouted. 'Hmmbrlzzz....' 'WAKE UP' 'Wha- what's wrong?' Nardo asked. 'We are leaving. Don't you feel the urge?' Geelef said. 'Urge? What urge? You're acting weird, Gee.' Nardo said. 'But, if you wait a second, I'll come along. 'Hurry up, please.' Nardo nodded, stood up and mumbled something. All his belongings started to shake, then went up in the air and floated into his bag. 'Ok, ready. Where were we going again?' 'To the east.' Killerlamb said.
  3. a point of thought for the pointer

    Names above our heads... Suggested before Although that thread is gone now... I still stick with the same thoughts i had then. Names above someones head are kinda screwy. I mean, IRL you dont know the name of everyone who walks by (I know, this is a game, but let me talk first). Second, names would kinda fuck with the look of the game, unless made in some medieval handwriting which no one can read. And, especially with the new avatars which show clothing, you probably remember the looks of your friends. If you wanna make sure someone is the one you are looking for, use the eye on him/her.
  4. a point of thought for the pointer

    Yeah, i'd like a hand or something, pointing where you click at. Sword/staff when fighting, you can think of stuff.
  5. Just a minor suggestion...

    I didnt know it either. And I am playing this game for quite a while Did know about alt as an attack button though...
  6. How much longer ? ( please join in )

    You know, I DO think we should start some roleplay thing on these forums. I also think on the old forum ppl were shitting too much. Clean start that means. But I hate to lose the entire story we made. It was good, if you leave out some stupid stuff. I'd like to see HML here, only without the fucked up posts, so we can continue it. Ofcourse, if anyone wants to join: just write yourself in
  7. How much longer ? ( please join in )

    Hmmz. Nothing against you ppl, but do you remember the old How much Longer? We're gonna continue that one, somewhere. I think Tumaros has it on his comp, if not i have the first 40 posts or so... (40 outta 200 o.0) To all our fans (if any): you'll hear from us