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  1. Goodbye George Carlin

    a very funny man sleep well Mr. Carlin
  2. PEN - People Enlightening Newbs

    still be plenty of clueless old players though good luck with the guild *Nathan* (my apologies)
  3. Guitar

    nicely done
  4. EL 170 Pre RC

    only have 1 alt... and it's on the left...Alt Gr is on the right... and tried both with all combinations of shift, ctrl.... hang on a sec... deja vu... didn't i post this already? thx for trying bkc the framebuffer toggle doesn't do anything either...
  5. EL 170 Pre RC

    can't seem to get the minimap onscreen at all... i'm told it's alt+m, but that just writes an 'm' in the chat line can't see any switch for minimap in settings, i've tried all the combinations of alt, alt Gr, shift, ctrl and m but to no avail alg+g for grab mode works fine though as does alt+b, n, h etc. for info i'm using an azerty (french - ohhh lala) logitec s510 wireless keyboard very sorry in advance if i've done something dumb
  6. Quote of the week submissions

    and if you think the stuff that 2cool posted is bad... you should see the #gm's he blacked out
  7. Downhill Mountain Biking.

    Hmmm... guy i used to work with was building a 3 wheel/2seater recubant like that so he could take his disabled son out riding
  8. favorite beatles song?

    Lady Madonna
  9. Downhill Mountain Biking.

    some mountain biking... just xc/trail stuff, not mad downhill stuff still on my trusty Decathlon rock rider, original frame but most all the componants have been upgraded over the years
  10. The Pro's of the game

    awwwwww Pop having played several mmo's in the year off i took, i have to say it's the people/community that brought me back and keeps me here... that and the depth of EL... there's just soooo much to do, most other games are just bash a mob til you hit the level cap
  11. Pstszulki

    for joining info plz spam Vanyel... that's VANYEL not Lil_Froggy
  12. Final.

    Goodluck Blee
  13. RC 1

    all good so far, faster loading thank you for all the hard work
  14. My new PC

    who's your electricity supplier Labby? i'm a gonna buy shares in it
  15. Pre RC 11

    works great so far thx for all the hard work
  16. Bush to veto waterboarding ban

    invading iraq had very little to do with saving the people who lived there from a brutal dictatorship and a lot more to do with making certain people very rich from oil revenues and defence contracts...
  17. Guess the movie

    dunno what the film is...
  18. Bush to veto waterboarding ban

    OUR enemies? As far as i'm aware most of these people haven't been through any sort of due process to determine any sort of criminal/terrorist activity... CIA says you are a bad guy and off you go. The US signed up to the geneva convention along with most other countries outlawing this kind of treatment of other humans as you can read. Apart from torture being a very nasty thing in itself, if you actually read the originally posted article, it's also reckoned to be a pretty unreliable method of getting information.
  19. Bush to veto waterboarding ban

    "controversial interrogation techniques" what a pretty way to describe torture
  20. Can't select s**t bug

    Posted about this before here... Previous post i had been going back and forth for a while harvesting silver in Crystal Caverns when, after a cavern wall collapse, i found i couldn't click on anything. the problem is random problem isn't repeatable problem does not effect doors, could enter and leave areas normally problm isn't cleared by map changes problem isn't limited to harvestables, when it appeared i couldn't select actors either problem is cleared by relogging running 32 bit colour
  21. Pre RC 10

    been running the el_pre_rc_10.exe client since it came out with no issues until today briefly caught the "can't select shit" bug... had been harvesting for a while with no issues, stopped due to a cavern wall collapse but couldn't start harvesting again. could change cursor (look, harvest, trade, etc.) but nothing happened when i clicked on anything. relogged and the problem had vanished am running at 32bit colour
  22. Pre RC 10

    UVP 1 no issues
  23. Bows and arrows!

    that looks fantastic
  24. New payment option, feedback needed

    Personally i've had no problems using PayPal for years, but this would be an interesting alternative if they roll out the product outside the US.
  25. Pre rc9 fix for ati, nvidiago, s3, sis

    Just started running this client, no crashes, no issues