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  1. The conspirisy theary of 9-11

    I agree with all of this as well, though I think outside terrorists were also involved. Even if this isn't true, I still think the government knew what was going to happen. Why was Bush in Florida at the time, reading to a bunch of schoolchildren, instead of in Washington? I think the answer is pretty obvious.
  2. unanswerable question..

    Whoa. Mind if I put that in my sig?
  3. blah

    Kind of sad when you can't spell your own religion correctly :roll:
  4. Quest for the crown

    My Review: Visuals 9/10 These were very well done. It's very easy to distinquish between the grass, the bricks, your character, and the ever-elusive crown, so you will never be confused. Sound 8/10 This also was very well done. It is obvious they put a lot of thought into this. When you beat the game, you are treated to a victorious bugle call, then crappy 80's music. Brilliant. Gameplay 10/10 Wow. There wasn't one point in the entire game that I wasn't having to use my brain. The enemies and puzzles were brilliantly executed to throw challenges at you at every turn, but it never gets frustrating. Replay Value 9/10 This game is also very replayable. The second time through, you get to move faster, so you can stay up all night trying to get the best game completion time and bragging to your envious friends about it afterwords. I loved everything about this game. Everything was so creative, like being able to move around while the end credits for the spectacularly talented design team are rolling. Honestly, what game lets you do that? And their manual/strategy guide was very well done, though I suggest you DON'T read it unless you are truly stuck! Overall, I give this game a 10/10, and my coveted Greatest Game of All Time Award, which I have only given to 48 other games.
  5. Favorite Game types...

    Oh no, someone said Runescape. Quick, someone lock this thread...
  6. fight for your religion

    99% of all christians are idiots and hypocrites. I don't have a problem with christianity, just most christians. I agree with what Cicero said. Having so many friggin "branches" of christianity is just stupid. Isn't it the same damn religion. Don't you all believe christ died for us and was resurrected, and will return again someday? I don't get why theres like 50000 different variations of the same damn religion. Thats stupidity. And christianity has been used wrongly just like every other religion, by idiots who want to "convert" everyone.
  7. A Mage's Advice

  8. The real story behind Iraq

    I wouldn't doubt any of this shit. Makes me ashamed to be in ROTC (even though I just joined it because it gives us our mandatory P.E. credit )
  9. Starcraft

    Since this is blizzard we're talking about here, if there is going to be a sequel to starcraft, it'll come out in about 2010.
  10. Does Queen Suck

  11. Greatest Rock Song Ever

    Britanny Spears Pwnz j00
  12. Better Storage

    I think they are doing something about it, but i'm not sure.
  13. Greatest Rock Song Ever

    They only play the song like 100000000 times on the classic rock stations. It's sung by queen, and i may be spelling it wrong, so sue me. Edit: i dont give a fuck if you think queen sucks, isn't this supposed to be a poll asking people what they they think is the best rock song ever? What the hell does it have to do with your opinion? :roll:
  14. Yeah, I'm a bit tired of seeing "*so_and_so summoned a rabbit" 800 freakin' times in a row on on my screen.
  15. wtf are you talking about? el IS free.