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  1. Buying/Selling

    I'll sell you 262 wolf furs.. How much you buying for?
  2. Need some advice

    Do you mean add like: 2 to phys, 4 to cord and so on or half phys to cord?
  3. Need some advice

    Hey. I'm quite new to the games mechanics and such, and was looking for some advice on making my character combat orientated. I recently reset my character so as to put as many PP into whichever attributes/nexus's/perks i need, but i dont know which to be precise . Could you guys help me out? I'd like to pk, but of course i'd like to be able to fight monsters too! I'd also appreciate it if someone could tell me which god is most suited to it. Thanks alot!
  4. i've been banned for no reason

    Hey, my ingame names Aziraphale. I've been mysteriously banned before but after a while i could go back on, but its happened again. Could you please tell me why as i havent done anything wrong .
  5. Hang your self for game?

    computer games are often for those who are unsatisfied with reality. this is just one big extreme on that view..

    RS and this have its ups and downs and its alikes.. but i do prefer this
  7. omg sexual harassment!

    :lol: lol.. good point..
  8. omg sexual harassment!

    hmmm yea... but you dont seem to be resisting do you
  9. Losing shaver

    its just too un-elfish i guess lol. they must just shave daily.. and what about the hair?? auto-clean hair! never gets dirty!
  10. Looking For A Guild

    also looking. i almost have 20 harvest (very soon) my skills are as follows : attk 12 / def 13 alch : 11 manufacturing : 5... overall : 20 maybe a bit newby, but il help in all ways possible

    hehe, this made me think, im also a RS player. but when i discovered this i realised how much better this is. RS is all about scamming and merchanting and robbing and blaaaah!! its all such a nasty competetive enviroment! thats why i love this so much
  12. What Irks you

    The phrase : "too cool for school" *shiverers and pushes back the anger*