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    Had loads of fun with the contest last year. Make sure you donate some prizes and be there on 5th!! And be kind to each other.
  2. #allies_list

    Added a new ally today which shows correct color. The one circe is talking about still shows in white, although on guild colors list it shows green as it's supposed to be. Strange...
  3. Increase the slots in inv.

    You say that topic says it all. Yes i agree it says what you are suggesting but why do you think we should have more slots? What i could think on top of my head is that it would be good to have more slots on bots and would be easier to mule certain things from NPC or to NPC. For fighting purposes, mixing or harvesting purposes i don't see any significant gain (to anyone). So wouldn't it be easier just to make some items stackable? Increasing inv slots just for having more slots is kind of stupid.
  4. Would it be possible to chance appearence of quotes so they could be easily spotted between or in front of new text. Maybe quotes should be in italic by default or some kind of box around them. It's really frustrating to read the forum since there is no way to tell where quote ends and new text starts (only scrolling back and reading the original posts again).
  5. 1. Since i use indicators every day, i really can't see how Child of Stars is overpowering. 2. Can't say that we havent discussed about the fact that some players might like the current state of the perk. Thats why switch option or new harv astro perk are suggested here. I know people who like the current situation and thats why I also support alternative to keep the current situation for those who want it. I thought about the switch option a bit. Switch might be a bit unfair or pointless. Why should one player have the power to decide "today i wan't more stones and i'll turn the switch on" or "today i don't want to break medallions and turn switch off" type of thing. There should be a desicion involved thats been made based on the gamestyle of every player. So there should be a choise and this should be irreversable. But still - harv astro and mixing astro shouldn't be combined by default. My suggestion is a new harvesting perk, which could be optained from Redeemer. Requirement to get it should be Manu tutorial achivement, so all those who like how things are now, could get it back with just a short walk to Redeemer. 3. I didn't make fun of jim55, I just didn't and still don't see the logic behind his opinion. The example i made was not made towards him but towards all of us, including me. Noone should get kicked anywhere, thats why Burn made this topic...
  6. Dear jim55. In order to get Child of Stars you have to waste a load of resources and got to have somewhere around 85 manu level. What you get after completing this quest after silly amount of spended gc and effort in leveling manu is the ability to manu without checking your astro all the time. You know your fail astro is 0 most of the time and on green the rest of the time. But if you dont level past lvl 85, you still have to check your astro for high level items. Would say that 100+ manu players benefit from it mostly since they can manu 24/7. But the problem here is that this should be a great perk for mixers and allarounders. At the moment its great for mixers but pointless for most of the allarounders. Saying Child of Stars would be overpowering... Every month when you get paid from work (or get allowence from parents), should you also get kicked to the nuts from the boss since getting the positive only "reward" is overpowering? Or maybe you have earned it with the hours youve spent...
  7. Can't agree with JoeButler that changing Child of Stars perk is only helping pros. Imo atm the perk is only for players that are rich enough not to harvest, changing the effect on harvesting astro would make it profitable for all players. I understand why this perk is so good and i understand what type of players can take it, but since i am one of those who can't go for it due to the effect on harvesting astro, I support the change with both hands. And why focusing on little things should be set aside? You always have to start somewhere... Adding a switch or alternatively new Redeemer perk for positive harv astro is very good idea, then noone would lose anything due to this change.