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  1. Asked to post here by Chance

    Ok, Im back. Last year, My IP was banned for Scamming, which, I admit, I did. I got people to get me items without anything in return, I held a false contest, featuring things which I didnt even get right myself (The EL knowledge quest). But, I bought a new comptuer, giving me another chance. I was banned this time, for skirting punishment, and yes, on a technicality I did just that. I just bought a new computer, which I didnt buy to get past the IP block., I bought it, cause I wanted my own computer, not one to share. Why? So everyone online game I download or play dosnt get banned from his swearing and breaking of the rules. A few examples would be Puzzle Pirates and Maple story. Now, since I have my own computer, one which he dosnt have access to, I have access to all the games that he blocked, and I will be able to play them, without any breaking of the rules. As I was told, I dont have high hopes for this. I doubt my new IP will become unbanned and if thats the case, its all right. If you guys dont think i've changed, I can't decide for you. If you don't beleive me, you don't beleive me.
  2. Well, It's been awhile

    I doubt any of you will remember me... Some of the Mod's might though. I'm the Imfamous Chezzmo. Anyway's, Im pleading for forgivness again, cause it's been over a year, and I havn't done anything bad on online MMORPG's, and I was just wondering.... Could I be un-banned? Because, If you believe it or not, It dosn't matter, It was my brother who created Xantos, not me. But, I admit, It was me who created Helpa, But only to create a plea to the mods, which isn't against the rules, Becuse I wasn't using it for evil. If your keeping me banned for the "False" contest, That didn't break the rules either. I didnt offer any prizes, therefore, none were given out. Um... What Else did I supposedly do... I didnt Bag-jump, and never did. I do not know why Pennylane1 said those things, I didnt do anything to her. Again, I'd like to mention, in my time playing, I didn't do anything against the rules.
  3. I made a new...

    Im sure not many of you will remember me... Anyways, I Just made a message board, and this is the only place that allows mentioning other websites/boards. Here it is... http://z10.invisionfree.com/Desert_of_the_real/index.php? Hope lots of you join.
  4. im really mad know

    I swear that I only organized the first contest, and if i was to create 2 contest why would i use 2 characters why wouldnt i use chezzmo. and second, even im not that dumb to offer 100k for a prize on a noobie account.
  5. im really mad know

    i dont see how mine was a fake contest, i didnt promise any prizes. infact i didnt offer any reward at all. it was just for fun.
  6. im really mad know

    My account is chezzmo, i log off. his is xantos1 he logs on. he figures that it since the #hints say scamming is not against the rules so that he can scam players as he pleases. I ran the first contest, and i didnt really scam anything. i logged off and my brother did the second contest figuring scaming wasnt against the rules.
  7. im really mad know

    yes, i may have lied last time but i am telling the truth this time.
  8. im really mad know

    ok here the whole story. i got banned once before but that was my fault. when i found out i got un banned i tried to hide the fact that it was back. (knowing my brother would try to get me banned. but a couple of days ago he found out and created his new character. i dont believe that taking peoples time should account for scamming. well anyways he sees the #hints on his screen when he was on and it said "be aware of scammer as scamming is not against the rules" so he creates the fake contest were he will give people 100k. he tells me himself that he is scamming these players and as soon as he gets the items the player trade him hell beam and they wont catch him. so of couse his plan fails and he tries to scam a new player for his steel long/steel chainmail. this dosnt work so he logs out and i go on. only the player that came in second to brain seems to be mad about my contest, so i dont think it is a big deal. anyways, i go to harvest some lilacs and a about 20 seconds after i start i get booted and this is where i am today. i want my brothers character xantos1 banned and and new accounts to be made on this ip disabled so he can not get my computer banned again.
  9. im really mad know

    no i dont think that was it.
  10. im really mad know

    My ip was banned again!! i didnt do anything this time. i was booted for know reason! i would like to know why i was banned. Learner booted me and i did nothing. sry bout spelling, its supposed to say im really mad now
  11. leader of knowledge

    it will be pm'd to all contestants the location and time
  12. leader of knowledge

    Do you know alot about EL? How about entering the El knowledge competition. The player who knows the most about EL is decided in the contest. Anyone is welcome but only the first 25 posts will be entered into the competition. Good luck to all who enter.
  13. sort of a "mini quest"

    Chezzmo is on a mission to uncover the many details on serida and irilion and has now come to the people of eternal lands to help to his aid. he is asking anyone willing to come on a possibly dangerous mission to uncover the "details" as he calls them. to leave a post on this topic stating that they would like to join him on his quest. rewards my be rewarded in perspective of the details we uncover.
  14. Chezzmo banned

    fine be that way, dont restore my ip address echelon will destroy all of humanity. -Sparks -Leader of echelon division 78
  15. Chezzmo banned

    i was just trying to make the points that i wouldnt create 2 new characters just to get banned. and come on this is my brothers first "rule breakage" why wont you let him off easy.