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  1. Global advantages

    Quicker respawn of creatures
  2. Auction

  3. Auction

  4. The Shop serviced by the Fear Guild

    Hi 3x10k coal total of 59700 thx
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Panzerfaust 10k sunflower 5k gc
  6. EL research, if you want to participate, post here

    I'm in panzerfaust ingame, male
  7. Vote for EL Linux packages

    I will still use the zip files/or CVS build, but I think it's a good ide to have packages for the most populare distros. Seems like a few started playing it after finding it Gentoo's portage. I first found it while browsing the Gentoo forum, but never used the portage though. She left us for a while but she's back now with a different name, we dont see her much though but she pops in from time to time.
  8. Human nexus removal stone

  9. Locked up while shooting arrows

    I was completly locked up in this situation and needed help from another to kill the armed orc. I was standing incide the fence and shooting at the orc outside, and the orc was close enough to attack. I was'nt able to move coz I was under attack, not attack either for same reason.
  10. New web server speed

    Agree with the others, seems very fast to me
  11. Mage class formulas

    I like the second formule with a random modifier. Changing restoration spell also might make GHPs usfull in game again(if they ever was)
  12. Attributes cap for the main server

    Voted OMG WTF, it's not much left for me to do ingame with that low cap, and I like this game. It has been a lot of changes in the time I have been played, and I have never complained on any of them. It's mostly been smal adjustments in how to play. But with a cap that low I'm not sure what to do. With the cap a bit higher I think I might ind a way.
  13. P2p Races

    Just like me. Now I have a disadvantage pvp training with p2p chars and I have been thinking about taking one more than once, but like Desertus I like being a human too much. Nothing wrong with the other races tho, it just is'nt me.
  14. High level monsters adjustment

    I got good exp from fluffs/feros, after moving on to chims I get a lot better exp by training PVP and my monster killing is mostly for fun and treasure hunting. Chims dont drop any good anymore but I enjoied killing desert chims when they dropped a lot of ELE's. On double or triple spawns with chims I need a sword to kill it quick enough else one of them most likely gett away from me, and with my stats my exp is'nt that good form spawns like that. With shorter respawn time I think it's more likely to get nice exp from chims, and it takes away the 40 sec with nothing to do that's sometimes feels like a very long time.
  15. Pick a penguin!

    Voted Royal, I think it looks most different from the other two.