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  1. Blake

    Blake has been locked for a month now. i know why i got banned and it wont happen again, meaning sharing my information (pass character etc) with other players, in this case the player i shared info with did some illegal sht, it will not happen again. no need to worry about that the character is in good hands. thanks alot. Blake
  2. The Kilaran Field Clash 2

    count me in ingame name BlackHawk
  3. I Disagree, If they are removed, then not only the potioning skill will be affected but also the drops from certain training monsters will be a lot less beneficial. If these potions are removed, it is also most likely that people may react in a negative way which may reflect on pk. I personally think that the removal of these potions will not make too much of a difference on the budgets of the "top levels" as they earn well just from training, and so i feel that their removal is unnecessary, i would be sad to see these pots go.
  4. IP ban

    Well thank you for your attention, but i would like to add that my friend played from portugal(while on vacation) and england(in his university, in nottingham) but i don't want to start any discussions because it is not necessary so i will leave it as it is. Thanks again, BlackHawk
  5. IP ban

    Ok i understand the first part, i just asked this as a favor, if you cannot do it, there is no probem. The second part, i took a break from EL due to some personal causes, so i gave my char to a friend of mine so that he could try this game and maybe play it constantly. He didn't do anything for me or my charachter, the only thing he used it for was to try and discover the game itself as I adviced this game to him. He liked the game and now he has his own charachter, he does not use my charachter anymore, and since i am back on EL now, i only use this char myself. All i ask from u is to help me out so i can enjoy this game not only at my house in Spain but also on vacation (in turkey), i hope that you will understand. PS: I don't see anything bad about changing the password of a charachter, but if it is a problem i will not change it anymore. I respect the game totally and the creator itself, radu. Thank you for your time, BlackHawk.
  6. IP ban

    Hi I am BlackHawk, I just got this IP ban. I came to Turkey(my home country) for holidays to see my family etc. I live in Spain and I play from there daily. I was playing EL in my cousin's house(his internet and he doesn't play EL at all), noone plays in this IP except me and i only play when i come and during my stay (approximately 3 weeks or so). Asgnny mentioned to me indirectly (through a friend) that this was just an IP ban, the ban occured during an internet resynct. I lost connection to the internet access for about 1 min approx. and when i came back to log on, i found out that the IP had been banned. I know and i have been informed that there has been no illegal activity of any kind in the IP, so i am wondering why the IP was banned (i believe it was a system error or a misunderstanding), and if it can be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your time, BlackHawk
  7. HeroshimA

    I went for easter vacation and when i try to loggin to my character it's locked. I dunnot know for sure what the reason is and I think I havent done something Illegal, here's a list of the possibilities of what I think you might have banned me for: - Playing on the same IP with friends in internet cafe and home. - Maybe in the same map while playing in the same IP. - Someone might have traded on my IP while I was logged on but I'm sure thats not the case. (noone traded) Anyways - about the same IP thing... I controlled my friends not to cooperate with eachother, bag trade or normal trade, not interact in any way so... Please inform me about this case. I've spent large amounts of money on this game and with a character of one years training (110 a/d) its hard to forget about. Just incase youre interested heres the list of purchased items (as far as i remember) -36 binding stones. -1 p2p race. -3 race changes. -2 name changes. ($142) Lets hope we can negotiate our way out of this and I hope my character will be unbanned as soon as possible, I will not be online for a few days but I hope you have an answer in a week atleast. Thank you.
  8. BlackHawk

    Hi I am blackhawk, i applied for an account so i could send a post but i couldnt get my own account so im sending it from someone else's.Anyways i know why i have been banned because of illegal multiplaying with my brother .I have asked him to buy me FP's n then bring them to me and he would get PAID, meaning no help to each other free what so ever.I would really appreciate if i could get back to EL(ofcourse i love it) and i would understand if you wont believe me because of no evidence of 2 players etc. but it is true. Thank you for your time and i am waiting for your answers as soon as possible. BlackHawk
  9. Halloween art contest

    I thought i would have won one of the 1st,2nd or 3rd prizes but i guess there are people with better talent and more imagination then me oh well maybe next time...Gratz to all the winners Nice drawin Ladywolf *Atmosfear(new owner)*
  10. Screenshots needed for the website

    Some of my pics form ma old char: Polar bear fighting Fishes in C2 Wedding trool fighting PvP
  11. Halloween art contest

    Hi this is Atmosfear(new owner)... On the Halloween night, Atmosfear had a strange dream: *the story begins as Atmosfear finds himself in a strange place covered in lust* Atmosfear tries to find a life form around this place,then he realises that there is a Fluffy Rabbit standing next to him, he gets scared but as he has his Staff Of The Mage, he is not afraid...He then starts to explore around seeking for people to ask for help but he accidentally steps on a Pumpkin, he notices that there are 2 pumpkins staring at him *the crow sitting on the corn plant cooks*, 2 evil looking Pumpkins that were sculptured for Halloween He then sees the full moon Blazing, covered by dark clouds he turns around and sees a Mountain chimeran wolf on top of a reef where the river surrounds it.... At last Atmosfear finds a house surrounded by bushes, suddenly he hears a creepy voice from the house -someone exits the house- Atmsofear sees an orchan running with his Orc slayer to him!!! Atmosfear runs away and finds himself in VOTD *Atmosfear wakes up and sees some children knocking at his door* HAPPY HALLOWEEN This is my drawing for the story, i hope you like it : The halloween drawing
  12. EL mouse dissapears while still.

    it was allready set to = 1. it still does not work. Sorry for the trouble, if you know anything else to try i would be very happy. Diego.
  13. EL mouse dissapears while still.

    There is this problem with my " EL - mouse" wich dissapears when not moving it, and while moving it u can barely see it anyways, i ask you to try and help me find out what the problem could be. thank you Diego.
  14. Help us please

    This last week me (DevilSlayerr) and my brother (Diablo_15) were playing Eternal Lands together under same internet connection. We dont usually play together because we live seperatly. so today a huge disaster happened to both of us as we were trading items with each other, we also went pking some people togeather. We didnt know that we were not to play in the same internet connection as we did because we both play EL all the time. So after we pked a person in WSC arena we traded with each other to share the items we won and we went to have lunch. When we came back to log on again, both of our characters were booted by LEARNER and we didnt know what to do because of the shock we had, we love EL and play it every day(whole day). We are very sorry about breaking the eternal lands rules We feel very sad and down as we lost our favourite hobby, we worked hard to get our characters to where they were till today and if we had a chance to regain them back we will take caution about this rule and obey every EL rule. We beg the EL moderators and especially Learner to forgive what we did. We desperately wait for your replies and hope you can understand how bad we feel after we got booted , we would really like to have another chance to have Diablo_15 and Devilslayerr back and start playing EL again. We wait for your replies, Thank You.
  15. my friend has a problem

    Hello, my friend devil_slayer_15 has been aparently deleted from the game for inaprpiate use of lenguage. well, this was not true, because it was not him who did it b t it was his brother, , devil registered on forum bt wen he wanted to type this meesage it wud not let him thios is the reason why im doin it for him. i wud like my friend to be added bk plz, because it was not his foult. thnx