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  1. Ranging Medallion

    @bralex PK is dead. Ranging is very nearly so. As for the effect of PD on bosses: that is a good point, and I am not very familiar with how PD work. Is a PD guaranteed used every time an arrow hits the target it it has at least 1 in inventory? The 0-100% reduction I'm assuming (only radu probably can answer) follows a normal distribution, and is a proper % reduction of total hit? If so, I don't think it's that big an issue. A very good ranger (the past year's top 50 is level 69+) will receive a bonus of 14 (or more) damage for shots that hit, before any (and every) reduction. Versus a target with point defense that falls to an average of 7 damage bonus. By comparison, the top 49 (the current #50 is set to private) attackers are level 166+. I have seen some data that suggests the bonus from enhanced sun medallion is actually a little bit more than +1 damage per 5 att levels. But, for direct comparison sake, let's use that ratio. The top 50 attackers are getting +33 damage per swing when using that medallion. Again for comparison, there are 1399 characters within the last year that are level 70 attack (which would receive ~14 damage bonus from esun) or better. How many top 50 rangers are below 120 cap (let me know if you know of more than 1)? how many top 100 (level 62+ ranging)? In general it seems to me that it's far more common in today's game for boss mobs to be hunted and singled out then killed via melee in the middle of an invasion than it is for a ranger to even be present at the invasion (let alone have a chance to pick a spot and fire at will without having to deal with any additional mobs). If melee's can be OP using esun, why not ranging too (ranging is still a LOT more expensive than melee)?
  2. Ranging Medallion

    We all would, that's not happening though (nor should it) so... This is more better. (:
  3. Ranging medallion to give bonus range damage in similar fashion to Enhanced Sun Medallion. Lose 1 action point per shot, regardless of hit or miss Provide similar damage boost of e-sun just with range levels/damage This would be approximately +1 damage per 5 levels ranging. Give it a big defense penalty on #arm Possibly give it a small missile accuracy bonus (not required) Essentially, copy-pasta the enhanced sun medallion and make the enhanced effect all ranged-based and instead of attack-based and make the stats slightly different.
  4. Gatherer Perk

    An option on a gathering perk/medal I'd like is a direct to storage one. Neither is going to happen, and neither should happen.
  5. New Mob - Teamwork Required

    Sure, maybe is a lot of development, maybe will be forgotten. Also maybe Radu will think of the bricks?
  6. There's various (very old) ideas for similar 'Hydra'-like creatures, some of the suggestions are neat, but I don't really see one like this: Boss level creature named Balaur (Romanian hydra, of sorts) Give it some perks, including but not limited to: There is no Fork, Evanesence, and Day of the Dead* (explained below). Make it reasonably leveled with high attributes for its level with defense much higher than attack (why is explained below). (Or let there be different levels of it, one for noobs, one for mids, one for pr0s, cause everyone needs their bricks taken away) Give it some fancy drops, woo (multiples of 'smaller' things would be good, since it's supposed to be a team-killed mob) All relatively standard stuff for a boss. However, it's new mechanic that would necessitate (or at the very least promote) teamwork. Have it have a (relatively high) chance of day of the deading itself that is reduced with the number of engaged players. I don't know how many heads a typical Balaur has in Romanian folklore, but... 5 seems... reasonable? If the number of players attacking meets or exceeds the number of heads, the day of the dead chance reduces to 0 (or very low). So... you could end up with: 1 attacker - 90% Day of the dead effect 2 attacker - 75% Day of the dead effect 3 attacker - 60% day of the dead effect 4 attacker - 45% day of the dead effect 5+ attacker - 0 % day of the dead effect (sure, go ahead and gradually reduce it further if you want) Additionally to make the boss spicier (and further encourage teamwork)... and since it is supposed to be a multi-headed snake creature... add a multiplication factor to the bosses attack, and go ahead and let it attack all players attacking it (advanced #glow) 1 attacker - 300% attack 2 attacker - 250% attack (to all attackers) 3 attacker - 200% attack (to all attackers) 4 attacker - 150% attack (to all attackers) 5 attacker - 100% attack (to all attackers) 6 attacker - 90% attack (to all attackers) 7 attacker - 80% attack (to all attacker) 8 attacker - 70% attack (to all attacker)
  7. Somewhat related: When reading a book in fast reading room, mouseover on knowledge bar does say the correct remaining time estimate, however when you click it to have it report status in console, the console time estimate is incorrect. (There is a significant chance that I have this sdrawkcab)
  8. Gatherer Perk

    I do not like this idea. Having items that provide bonuses while also providing non-ideal stats is a good thing. Why not have MoL effect as a perk, so that you can get the bonus while wearing gatherer? Because that's as equally bad an idea. We definitely need people with permanent (perks are not breakable) gatherer who can wear damage medallions to completely annihilate everything. That sounds great. /s
  9. Can anyone who can make these hidden candies work please post some screenshots?
  10. Unable to connect on Android

    A little more information could help us help you. Are you on cell data? Wifi? Did you try different wifi source? What phone/tablet? Where did you install from? Probably others too... but...
  11. hatwood.net

    Not that the (I think Olivine) maps you use as backgrounds aren't good. But these days only Burn's maps aren't terribly out of date. Updating your squares (and circles) to be on those maps would leave less room for interpretation. Edit: your own set of maps are also nice for the ones you have. Would also be neat to see more of those. As far as specific spawns... IP would be a good challenge.
  12. Bluap, you make updates faster than I can keep up with. If you're happy with the changes then go for it, I don't test everything.
  13. Not that these won't be good changes, but can you put a toggle button to go from current behavior to new behavior somewhere in the options menu? I don't mind the current weirdness with the cursor icons, and I don't mind trying new options, but I don't really see the current quirkiness as brokenness.
  14. Bluap, I have no idea how to make a test client. Any chance you (or someone else) could post a screenshot of the unused eye candies?
  15. @revi EL can run on a potato, but not everyone runs EL on a potato. Feel free to turn eyecandy off. @bluap If there's already effects there, great! Don't need anything really outrageous, but in a few of these cases having any effect would be better than the current none.