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  1. Add minibosses to: Troll Ogre Cyclops Add RIG to drop table for them if you want, or not, either is fine.
  2. Speed Hax Spell

    I'd think about the spell for 4 EEE faster than I'd think about the current potion. I see a fair number of people using speed hax, and I don't get around much. If it's common enough for me to see it, I'd guess it happens fairly regularly. If radu wants to add it, and wants to add it at 1 EEE sure, is good! 2 EEE is good too, as is 3, or 4. Add anything.
  3. Medallion of increased luck

    1 acp per second! Wow! Don't forget you have it on! lol Sounds good to me. Add it (:
  4. Speed Hax Spell

    Speed Hax Potion Ingredients: 12 empty vial 1 Mixture of Power 1 Leonard Fur 24 Air Essence Produces 12 potions. Sure, MoP or Lenny fur aren't technically 'rare', but their production is more labor intensive and/or higher level than energy essence (and thereby enriched energy essence) fabrication. Multiple enriched energy essences being required offsets that disconnect while not requiring an otherwise usable enriched essence (say magic) that would make the spell unreasonable to cast. Is 4 perhaps a few too many? Sure. 3 could work, even 2. I think 1 is too few. Regardless of that, and mostly completely off topic - Why do new things need to make sense from game economic standpoint? Very few things about EL's economy make any reasonable sense if you look at them objectively.
  5. Speed Hax Spell: 4 Enriched Energy Essence 10 Magic Essence 10 Air Essence Increase, Air, Space sigils Gives same effect as Speed Hax Potion. That's all.
  6. No roofs \o/ As long as they do not turn into these type of devil's creations: I'd still like to see a very high camera angle version of the thing (closer to top down as above) but it's fine.
  7. Wow, very helpful! I don't have the test version like you do, and your photo is taken from a fairly low camera angle. Please tell me how I can simulate a very high camera angle from your picture? I can't see if the 'roof' of the stall blocks the bots head or not because... well... the image doesn't show that. That's why I was asking you. I guess I'll wait and find out whenever it's released and complain about it then so we can wait another 3-4 years for it to possibly maybe get changed into something less bothersome instead of fixing the little problems now (or even discussing potential little problems).
  8. Can you trade the bots while having the camera angle very high? Because most of the other 'stalls' in EL you cannot trade or interact with things that are in stalls when your camera angle is very high and it's quite annoying. Bot owners of MM, I'll be less likely to use your bot if it's in one of these stalls if I can't trade it without making a goofy camera angle.
  9. Re: Change Dillimac drop of 4x Cheap Cutlass to 1x Cheap Cutlass of Extra Damage. Cheap cutlasses are practically useless. They break 8x more than a normal cutlass (fast), break not degrade, and offer next to nothing to those who would potentially use them (making the gc to buy a proper cutlass is quite simple with the price of a few tokens). Adding the 'Extra Damage' perk from Eagle Wing of Extra Damage - 8% chance to do 20 extra damage - would make the weapon somewhat more desirable (it still has the normal cutlass's rather blah average damage and the cheap version's terrible break rate) without taking it too far. The new 'average' damage would be 24.6 (23 average base on the cutlass + 8% of 20 extra [or 1.6]). This change would provide hitters that need a high-accuracy weapon that are in the range of the instance an incentive to run it and risk their bricks for a drop to make them marginally better. In game economies can do funny things, but I doubt that the price would exceed the current value of 4x cheap cutlasses (2-3kgc each for 8-12k total) once everything settled out.
  10. Speedy gonzales

    Overall, I like it. Your ranges are a bit weird and 4 man team is different but I don't see how to make them much better without skewing it more towards the noob side. (60-85, 85-110, 110-135, 135-160, 160+? [which are equally weird ranges]) What map would you play this on? How many waves? Someone's going to teleport to portals... (: Any sort of cross-range instance sounds good to me. Most players stick to their range and that's it (I'm partially guilty of this).
  11. Criticism of Eternal Lands

    Haha... Daffodils aren't the best flower to sell to the shop either.
  12. Criticism of Eternal Lands

    Sorry, but... I have to laugh a little... You're waaaay off the mark on both of these. What game are you playing exactly?? Lilacs aren't even the best flower to sell to the flower shop NPC. Not to mention fighting almost anything for gc generation. Goblin tokens are generally more expensive than the books people use goblin tokens on. If you can read the books relatively quickly (i.e. rationality) you don't need goblin tokens unless you want to read many many books very very quickly (which late-game players might, also leading to the steep price). Not to mention the countless other uses of rationality. Your criticisms make zero sense.
  13. Save Morcraven Marsh!

    @RipTide Sure, any other map would be fine too, can you post a photo (with or without poorly drawn circles) of where the 'gate' would be for win/lose condition? PK invance would be neat, but I'm less sure if it should be randomly selected whenever invance is triggered (as was suggested in OP to just randomly pick Iscal or MM). I don't generally do a lot of invances (their predictability is rather boring) so if everyone else is up for it and the map can pretty easily accommodate the scenario, why not?
  14. Special invasion, Save Morcraven Marsh. People between [normal ranges] a/d that want to participate please report to Ilie in the MM Battle Hall no later than 20 minutes from now. Add MM as an invance map. Let it be randomly selected when a mod activates invance. Use the same a/d ranges. Probably slightly alter the MM map near the 'gate' (as there is no real gate). The following picture with poorly drawn circles/arrows for reference: Insert stationary objects with very limited HP inside the red circles that the invaders will attack. If the objects are killed you don't lose, but there is now a 2 square gap in the 'wall' around the fort. The stationary object could be range-targets with non-infinite HP (instead give them ~2x the minimum level requirement (so 120 hp for 6080, 160 for 80100, etc) or, move the spike wall back to fill the gap (brown arrows). Since there's going to be objects in the way initially, have the burny torch let you out of the fort (but not in) when you poke it (circled yellow) Modifying the map to have a Iscalrith style pinch point of 1 square would also be an (less exciting) option. As for mobs, the current ones are mostly fine, but to avoid some of the current 'spawn sitting' have however many spawn points for the normal creatures then spawn a randomly selected normal mob in groups of 50 at each point. For bosses, have a handful of boss spawn spots and randomly spawn the bosses to one of the spots. Will this eliminate people 'sniping' bosses? No. Will it make it more fun and less predictable to find/snipe the bosses? Yes.
  15. Orcs Drops Giveaway

    Male and Female orc tokens are very different items, I'm assuming the line for tokens is added together? Why not separate? Regardless: Gold Coins: 225,522 gc Male/Female Tokens: 125 Wooden Shields/Wodden staffs/Wooden Hammers together: 952 Pickaxes/Unicorn meds/Tele Rings/Body Resto pots together: 452 Iron Swords/Iron helms/ Iron Hammers together: 352 Books: 152 Serpent Stones: 25