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  1. While Xaquelina is an evil woman that deserves to be pushed off the pier into the ocean, "How the fuck did you get here?" is not insulting you. It does not say "Fuck you for getting here". Relax a bit.
  2. Afk mastery quest

    Break quest seems like an easy way out... also seems irrelevant with regard to afking. Make it some items (maybe pears, since you can find one then afk for the rest of the day then find another the next) + sit near a bunch of different NPCs for long periods of time without moving (maybe sit at each sto for 6hr without moving).
  3. @vinoveritas More content is always good. Why can't we have both? Creating more instances of the current style would be (I hope) relatively simple. Pick a map, pick some existing monsters to spawn, tweak some of the drops, tadaa instance? Sure, create a 40-60 instance, create a 70-90 instance, create a 90-110 instance, create a 110-130 instance, create a 130-150 instance, create a 150+ instance, create a 160+ instance. Creating 'new style' instances would also be great, but maps don't exist, different coding would need to be done, etc. Given that, personally I think it's unlikely to happen (though radu could prove us all wrong, sure), and we shouldn't say that the original idea here shouldn't happen because 'new style instances' or just generic 'new' instances should instead.
  4. Bet System

    Regardless of whether this is a good or bad idea... How exactly would you implement this? An NPC? What odds? Do the odds change? Why about betting on yourself? What's a 'good drop' what's a 'bad drop'? Do you have to go to the invance/instance to bet on it? Can you bet on teams without their knowledge/permission? How does the server know who you're betting on? I could go on... but... there's a lot missing here. Regardless of all of those questions, and still regardless of whether this is a good or bad idea... why do we need this instead of more playable content?
  5. Snow blind

    I don't have a screenshot handy, but my settings seem a little bit better than what you've posted, Artie. However, it's still not so easy to navigate. +1 more contrast. Also would be nice if something were did to make white text show up better on snow maps.
  6. There is currently only 1 6080 slot. adding at least 1 would be nice. Yes, there are multiple teams at the bottom as well (though rarely at same time, it still happens). Why make us wait to risk our bricks? (which is a good reason for not having a minimum cooldown as well)
  7. Health/mana bars

    Uhh... I'm all for flexibility, and while flexibility is nice, how is this any different than seeing it at the bottom of your screen all the time? Just that it's at the top? A more comprehensive overhaul/update of the GUI would be a better solution, in my book. It also definitely would be overkill to do it (I think the GUI is fine really). But adding a little thing like this, plus a little something else, and a little something else, eventually there's so many little things that could have just done a update of everything to vastly improve flexibility and most of the 'special case' things like this would be satisfied.
  8. Adding new invadable bosses

    More bosses, more special creatures. Can be clones of instance mobs or their own thing. Yes, add more mobs.
  9. Nexus Tether perk

    Uh... so costs 7 pp but actually costs 2 pp because why would you take this and not harvester of sorrow (gives 5 pp) as well? Poorly thought out, particularly given harvesting powerups like others have mentioned.
  10. I don't see any issue with making the buddy window also house party information. Can make tabs on it for buddy/party similar to how other windows have tabs. If some of the code can be re-used from how buddies get accepted, great!
  11. Sorry I hijacked your suggestion Kaddy. Thanks for splitting bluap. This is a good idea, regardless of whether or not a party system gets implemented. My only question would be, what about PK situations? Since PK these days (at least between relatively evenly matched opponents) is largely who runs out of mana first or who drops MI first (probably cause they ran out of mana), seeing your opponent's mana would give you more information than you currently have. Does enabling that information make PK any better or worse, I have no idea.
  12. Bluap, Whatever server-sided things gets the system implemented I think would be fine. Otherwise, yes. (: I think a 'invite' function is generally better than a name/passphrase. Also I'm not sure why parties would need names, Guilds have names and these should be different than guilds. Needs to be independent of buddy system as that's limited in number. Could have a max number of people. What's the biggest party typical for wtf instance? That would be a good starting place. If party leader logs out (for any reason, grue included) leadership would pass to the next most senior party member (whoever joined first). If all party members log out, party is destroyed (possibly wait for next in game minute?) If only one party member is logged in, party is destroyed within a certain timeframe (the server shouldn't punish you for gruing, but shouldn't keep track of your party forever if only one person is online either). Over time, the party system could potentially be how you join instances, but for starters, should keep how instances are joined currently as that works. If parties get implemented and work well can shift joining instance into party functionality. There's no reason you couldn't party with your instance group, even if that's not how you join (while party system is still new). First features of a party system (aside from all the creating/inviting/destroying parts) in my opinion should be: Viewing mana of party members within sight (if turned on) Viewing hp/mana of party members in separate window (in the party list) Viewing position of party members on tab-map A party chat (so obvious almost left it out)
  13. Would be nicer to just implement a proper formal party system and party specific GUI to go along with it. Have a separate box that shows partied player names, hp, mana (and AcP). An icon as to who is party leader (if applicable). Show party members location on tab map Have party chat (@@Party) Could then add in an entire host of other party features: Implementation for auto-split of drops, rolling for drops (if party sets up to do that instead of the current situation). Target spells on player via party window. etc. Almost all modern MMOs have systems like this. Even if the features end up mostly cosmetic (show partied character's hp/mana in a separate box and show everyone's location on a map), this would be a huge update to the current 'all you get is a separate chat channel that anyone with the number can join' system we currently have.
  14. Adjust Sto NPC Talk Range

    Sure, it's fine as is if you open sto then walk away. But currently you can open sto from the NPC and not be able to access it without moving closer, which is weird.
  15. Can we adjust storage NPCs talking range to match storage access range or adjust storage access range to match NPC talking range? Currently you can talk to a sto NPC and bring up storage but not be able to access storage unless you move closer. The current range of being able to talk to the NPC is 5 squares from NPC (4 empty between you and the NPC). The current range of being able to access storage is 4 squares from NPC (3 empty between you and the NPC). Thanks.