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  1. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    Thanks again for all your work, bluap. Haven't followed exactly what is going on in new builds for a while, but the Windows (64bit) installer worked wonderfully. Eternal Lands Version 1.9.5p9 \o/
  2. Traitors Row

    I don't like it. Glorify cheating? Have requirements for 'pr0-ness'? Yeah... no thanks. Ban cheaters, let them have their pity-party in the ban forum for their 15 minutes of infamy.
  3. Running toggle

    This sounds buggy without even being implemented yet. Run, walk, rest, forced stoppage, timers, sitting, modifications, oof, there's a lot going on. The pace of walking is perhaps quite slow comparatively to most modern MMOs... but so is everything else in EL. You've also forgotten the thing that matters the most. With this (however it actually works), fewer people will need/want to buy horse whistles. Overall, no thanks, I don't particularly like it. Leave speed hax and horses alone.
  4. Enriched Essences

    @zamirah No, it's actually not magic (you don't need magic nexus for the magic skill either, but that's beside the point) It's alchemy. Transmuting one thing, EEE here, into something else, another enriched essence (or an enrichment stone). There's no 'teleportation' (crafting rings), fancy glowing swords, stat boosts, perked items, etc. involved in the process whatsoever. Also, when you quote someone's post, write your reply below the quote so that other people can quote you and people can follow the thread better. Without there being conflicting posts where you have put words into my text that I did not actually write.
  5. Enriched Essences

    @Zamirah Why? Nothing else in the alchemy skill requires nexus.
  6. daily command

    Aren't we all lazy enough as is?
  7. If I had to pick between 'puts some words on places without actually changing anything' and how it is now. I pick how it is now.
  8. Enriched Essences

    Changing product to enrichment stone is less exciting in my opinion, but would be perfectly acceptable if radu likes that better (whether it's easier to implement or not is also radu's call). Similarly using a tool (like the alembic) is also fine if radu wants to implement it that way. Also the amount of EEE in recipe is entirely adjustable per radu's desired rate. 10x EEE per mix seems a bit low in my opinion, 15x on the lower end of 'about right', 20x on the higher end of 'about right', and 25x would definitely be on the high side. But, anywhere in thereish should be OK (doesn't need to be a multiple of 5 either, if you're feeling 17x is a good number, am all for it).
  9. New Recipe: Ingredients: 20x EEE Result: 1x Random Enriched (non-Energy) Essence OR (Less exciting in my opinion, but just as fine) depending on how radu would like to implement 1x Enrichment stone Recommended level: 125 Base Experience: 5000 Alchemy Required Food: 50 Required Nexus: None Optionally (again radu's preference) - Required Tool: Alembic
  10. Not a mod. Also stopped reading thread after this. @ Original idea: Unless there is going to be some sort of in game code that automagically insta-KOs invaded mobs that end up in 'safe' places. Then there does not need to be any 'official' safe-places further than what the current understanding is as Raz stated in his first post. All the official safety system in the world will never completely cover a simple typo. If you're suggesting mods be disciplined for a typo for the work they do for free...Well... I have no further business trying to convince you that this is an unnecessary idea. If there is going to be some sort of in-game code that automagically insta-KOs invaded mobs that end up in 'safe' places (whatever they may be deemed to be). That's fine, and in the end sounds like a decision for our overlord, Radu, on where to place. If he wants to code it and ask for our input on where they should be, we obviously have lots of opinions about it.
  11. Mimic!

    New special mob - Mimic! Spawns on any map at random as: Rabbit (Mimic). Has the stats of a rabbit. If interacts with another creature (meaning gets within a certain distance), turns into that creature + (Mimic) and adopts that creature's stats. Teleports every so often to new random map/location. Has a short cooldown on changing mimicked target for when multiple things are nearby. Drop table is the same as mimicked creature but multiplied by 10. (10 bones + 10 brown rabbit furs + 10 meat + 10x any extra thing a rabbit can drop when mimicking a rabbit!) Cannot mimic invasion mobs (sorry).
  12. If it helps... I was getting feedback that I was indeed tapping the backspace button (tiny vibrates, and visible button 'clicking'). If I pushed and held the button it tries to backspace a lot (similar to push and hold button on physical keyboard), and very rarely would actually do it too, just not worth the hassle.
  13. Hey bluap, Slightly thicker title bars might help, but again... screen space is a big issue. For reference, here's a screenshot with keyboard and chat box open: And on the point of keyboards. I checked and looks like at one point I did actually install a non-standard keyboard, so it could be that. The keyboard I am using is Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard (I forget why/when I downloaded this... lol) in English. (edited screenshot)
  14. Hey bluap, I downloaded the client as of Monday (Feb 15). And a few comments. Running it on an LG V35 with Android 9 (if you need/want more info, please just ask).Overall it runs pretty great, and seems to be a fairly large improvement over the previous one. Apologies, but I have not read all the posts in this thread. I found getting keyboard open to be very difficult without using chat box or bringing back the blue spin-bars. I was able to get some long-press/right-click options to work, but again, I found it quite difficult to get most of these boxes to appear. Fighting was fine, no crashes (at least on rats with melee). Was using a... limited character, so didn't really delve into stuff too deeply. I couldn't get the backspace button to work when chatting... \o/ typos Some suggestions I have that may or may not be feasible: Make the EL icon at top right 'multifunctional' 'Programmable' single tap function (changeable in options?) Things like, get all, mix all, maybe open minimap, some of the things you have on the quick-misc-commands (beam, sto, etc), etc. Double tap to bring up keyboard (instead of blue spin bars or chat box or wherever you're supposed to push with tabbed chat) Tap a window, then Long-tap the icon to bring up right click options for that window. Buttons within the window (mix-all, get all, etc) would still have to be right-clicked individually, but those are slightly bigger and easier to successfully longtap Customizable bottom ribbon of buttons. Let us remove/add stuff (emotes, notepad, buddies, and some others are useless to a lot of people) Perhaps a customized keyboard? With common 'EL-quirk' chat features quickly accessible (@, //, #gm being the main ones.) Or have a selector that just adds @ or #gm (// might be hard?) to the beginning of every chat line? If I play some more on it, I'll probably have other complaints/ideas. But, overall this is a pretty great asset for EL, thanks for your hard work.
  15. On this #Day, all animals have chance to drop 2x furs or skins. (something like 30-40%). Does not affect rares, bones, meat, gc, or anything else dropped by animals.