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  1. So, one of the penguin gurus of EL might have some specific help on that front, however, there are a few problems that may be causing your issues also. I'm guessing you have opened a new/restarted your client? If not, try that (leaving the same one open forever has various side effects). Afking for a long time with console on can cause some graphics to 'pile up' (map markers) in ways they aren't supposed to, restarting the client clears that easy. I've never had good luck with poor man... manually turning options off has usually worked better for me, for whatever reason. Also, some maps just perform better than others. Differing amounts of objects on the map makes each map slightly different, particularly on older systems. Maybe someone else has more concrete help
  2. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    It's imply It implies nothing. It's an irrelevant list of an objective statistic. It does seem to have you quite worked up for some reason though.
  3. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    Thanks for your comments. If you notice, I offered no comment, opinion, or other sort of statement, my post was simply a list of which characters are ranked the highest. Since almost all the characters are #set_privacy on, this is one of the few ways available to compare everyone's progress (since we obviously aren't going to post what key items and such we obtained). If you have another comparison metric to share, I'd love to see it. I don't see any claims of anyone saying they've already won. Best of luck to everyone.
  4. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    Here's the final rankings, a composite showing overall bests and each class compared only to eachother.
  5. Day of the Black Unicorn

    Regardless of radu's willingness to implement new items and the availability of sprites to go with things... This sounds pretty convoluted even by EL standards. Wait for rare #day to kill A to get item B to kill C to mix D to get E? Additionally there's quite a lot left out, including but not limited to: Is the black horn a weapon? an item? is the black horn consumed? is it a 100% drop? is killing the black unicorn killed in some special way or just #day? Where is black unicorn? How hard? How hard is the white? Can you kill white on non#day? What skill mixes? Level? Other ings? What weapon stats?
  6. Since the drops are decent, and since it's a doom-dragon anyway... Give Necro Dragon brod any non-obsidian gear: Kill a normal dragon \o/ Necro dragon gets summoned from corpse \o/ Necro dragon brods your shop bought r2 /o\ Radu gets to sell more insurance \o/ Necro dragon brods your everything else /o\ You brick and die /o\ Radu gets to sell more bricks \o/ You missed a bit Wizard. (also the bacon)
  7. Sure, sounds like great idea. Obsidian.
  8. Day of entropy

    Why? No bags would poof the entire day only relocate... meh.
  9. new spell 'fight'

    Of all the new spell possibilites proposed over the years, this one is pretty far down on this list of practical additions to the game. Such a thing exists in classic D&D... Charm. You only need to cast on one creature. Even if we change this to the classic Charm spell, the applications to EL are troubling. As others have pointed out you really have to look at new additions from the 'how can this be abused' aspect. and being able to charm a casty is bad. But we can add immunities for bosses, you say? Well, sure... let's add more restrictions to the point it can't be abused... then it's useless.
  10. Harm is not a cheap spell. Being a mage is not easy. Sorry. A more better solution (to a largely non-existent problem) would be to alter the alembic recipe to give multiple products, or to not require EFE (make it a serpent stone, or a banana, or something).
  11. New Subforum Suggestion / Spam

    Uh, no. If you want to spam just write private messages to yourself... I bet you might even be able to count to one hundred.
  12. Assorted update ideas for Radu

    New Mob Doesn't really matter what. Just a new mob.
  13. Negative session hours

    Weird things are now happening... I accidentally moved, and cannot sit any more, nor can I spin (ins/del). Sorry blueap, I just don't see that the tabs are off, if I adjust the things it looks worse.
  14. New Instances

    2 New instances: 40-60 instance - Learning instance Purpose - get people going on instancing so they are better prepped for later instances This instance should be viewed as low risk, low reward. If you die without a brick in this instance you simply return to the start (you still will drop things). if you die with a brick you return to start without dropping things (and lose the brick). Map - Ice Minimum team of 3 Cooldown - 150 hours (Seems like cooldown is map based) 1 available map Wave 1 - Male Orc x40 or Male Ogre x30 normal drops Wave 2 - Special Gargoyle x15 or x20 mirror perked 500 hp drop up to 500gc (average ~100gc), he, sr, no rares Smites summons Wave 3 - Special Goblin x 2 5000 hp drop up to 5000 gc (average ~2000gc), he, sr, no rare Wave 4 - Feros x4 Normal feros drops Wave 5 - Special Skeleton x2 Mirror 10k hp drop up to 10kgc (Average ~5000gc), 2x REG, orange, 2x bronze sword 60-110 - Newb WTF Purpose - take bricks from lower leveled instancers, and provide for a challenge requiring teamwork Map - Dungeon Minimum team of 8 Cooldown - 96 hr mandatory (same as current WTF) 2 available maps Wave 1 - 5x of every normal monster up to and including Yeti Wave 2 - Nasp or giant? Second swamp already does this. Wave 3 - 2x Polyphemus or Labagiu Wave 4 - 1x Red Dragon, or 2x LDP, or 4x LDB Wave 5 - 3x Doom Bunny Eva, mirror, glow, buffed tank rabbit build (high damage but perhaps less attack, very high def) 40k hp Heal each other and follow each other Similar behavior to heal summons and summons in general, respectively Summons fluffy rabbits at random times Up to 60kgc Oranges, 1x grape, or bananas Binding stones or weapons of some sort (Bronzies?) RIGs 5% chance for nexus removal (there's 3, so 15% total) Basically the 4060 instance should be viewed as an instance training grounds. Nothing there is much of a challenge, but would require at least a bit of teamwork and organization to get through (or at least started). At the same time most anyone should be able to get through it, letting less experienced players get their feet wet. The 60-110 instance should be hard (if someone has more experience than I do at the upper end of that range, please feel free to suggest other options), and require different types of players. Obviously strategy would vary depending on the team, but wave 1 to 3 would be a fairly typical bash-n-smash. Wave 4 would let a specialist ranger or mage shine. And wave 5 would definitely require teamwork to complete efficiently (luring 1 mob away from the others without having them follow then keeping them away, dealing with adds, etc) Drops are good here, but final bosses in particular are more item based than gc. Guarantee a fruit drop and binders/weapons, decent chance for RIGs, and low (but multiple) chance for nexus removal (could theoretically cap it at 1). Monsters suggested are just suggestions. The main ideas here are a 'super-noob' instance for 40-60 and a 'newb-wtf' for 60-110.
  15. Negative session hours

    Uhh...My tabs are off? I'll have to wait for someone to compile a mac version of your client updates in order to try and make sure it goes to 1193.