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  1. Final Token Effects Possibilities

    Checkmate! We got a shitty token use that was already in game! Hurray!!! Let's have something a bit more exciting for forc and morc tokens?
  2. There is no eye information. Eyeing training bolts and PK bolts gives: Crossbow training bolts - Crossbow training bolt, not for PK! Weight: 1 EMU Pking bolts - Crossbow bolts, for PKing! Weight: 1 EMU Further there is no #arm information about range damage. Only special damage, (fire/cold/magic from special arrows) and missile accuracy are variable values reported on #arm based on what arrow you have equipped. So, the 'eye' info in game is technically correct, but practically useless.
  3. There's the difference. Target is gelatin. He never fights so I don't think much of it. Good catch. Big oops, my mistake. Still, the discrepency between PkB and the others is there. Good to know. Searching update forum for 'bolt' produces no results pertaining to reduction of PK Bolt damage from 30 to 25.
  4. Tried repeating your experiment on character with: Level 41 range (+8 damage), 44 perception, 34 AP, WH perk ER perk: Expecteds: Short Bow with trainings: min (0+3+8)*1.15 = 12 ; max (0+8+8)*1.15 = 18 (12-18 expected) Short Bow with PK arrows: min (30+3+8)*1.15 = 47 ; max (30+8+8)*1.15 = 53 (47-53 expected) XBow with trainings: min (0+14+8)*1.15 = 25 ; max (0+19+8)*1.15 = 31 (25-31 expected) XBow with PK bolts: min (30+14+8)*1.15 = 59 ; max (30+19+8)*1.15 = 65 (59-65 expected) I decided to go with a bit more controlled setting, and PvPed an armorless opponent Actuals Shortbow w/ trainer: 17 17 22 22 21 18 18 23 17 23 22 17 22 19 17 17 22 21 22 19 (17-23, 20 shots) Shortbow w/ PK: 54 56 55 56 57 56 54 52 57 52 56 56 56 52 52 56 55 52 57 53 (52-57, 20 shots) Xbow w/ trainer: 33 34 33 30 31 30 33 32 33 33 31 36 30 33 33 33 36 36 33 33 (30-36, 20 shots) Xbow w/ PK: 63 63 62 62 61 64 61 61 62 64 60 63 59 62 60 60 59 61 64 59 (59-64, 20 shots) Turns out, with my stats, shooting at min distance I had 100% crit all above shots are critical Second ranger: Level 21 range (+4 damage), 28 perception, 0 AP, no ranger perks Short Bow with trainings: min (0+3+4) = 7 ; max (0+8+4) = 12 (7-12 expected) Short Bow with PK arrows: min (30+3+4) = 37 ; max (30+8+4) = 42 (37-42 expected) XBow with trainings: min (0+14+4) = 18 ; max (0+19+4) = 23 (18-23 expected) XBow with PK bolts: min (30+14+4) = 48 ; max (30+19+4) = 53 (48-53 expected) Actuals Shortbow w/ Trainer: 12 15 13 14 14 15 16 14 13 12 (12-16, 10 shots) Shortbow w/ PK: 43 46 44 44 47 47 47 42 47 46 (42-47, 10 shots) Xbow w/ Trainer: 23 26 25 23 25 26 23 26 26 24 (23-26, 10 shots) Xbow w/ PK: 49 49 48 50 52 50 51 51 52 51 (48-52, 10 shots) Above reported shots are crit only (took much longer with this character, hence fewer shot counts) Both ranger tests performed during daylight hours on same map vs same opponent (who was naked). Note: Marksman xbow gives sharpshooter perk, which only gives perception bonus. it should not affect damage, only accuracy. My results showed that everything gave 5 damage (ish) higher than expected, with the exception of xbow+pkb, which gave what was expected. Based on those results, two things are likely: 1) Training Arrow/Bolt and PK Arrow are getting 5 extra damage than advertised 2) PK Bolts are missing 5 damage than advertised Edit: Perhaps a bit more than 2 actually: 3) PW have some range protection 4) PvP has some weirdness in it's calculation 5) Ranging makes one's head hurt Note: Above data is with gelatin target, all damage increased by 5. See Ant or my post below for more sensible conclusions
  5. Final Token Effects Possibilities

    Apply only to that token or one token apply to all haidir? Rabbit token for rabbit quest, rat token for rat quest, etc., or panther token to any haidir? Either way would be neat.
  6. Final Token Effects Possibilities

    What do you mean by that grud? 'Party' or 'guild' effects would be neat, but I don't see the benefit of a token guild buffing any skill aside from perhaps range.
  7. Final Token Effects Possibilities

    Discuss it to Radu. He will choose token action or will make completely new one. Radu, not me. I hope other players still want to add their suggestions here. Forum 3. an assembly, meeting place, television program, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest. I was discussing it (maybe a bit rudely) with you. Radu will indeed do what Radu will do. If you don't want others discussing your idea, maybe you need to discuss it only with Radu.
  8. Final Token Effects Possibilities

    If you want poisonless invis, cast the spell. That's a lame token effect. If you want something more interesting have it greatly reduce the player's light modifer. There's uses for such a thing beyond what simple invisibility can provide.
  9. Radu asked for panther token ideas in 6. It's hard to convey an idea there. Here's a list: Random exp (small) (semi reusable) #ii time reduction (small) (not reusable) Heal all players around you regardless of guild (semi-reusable) Temporary +10 random skill (not reusable) Necromancy (sort of like a potion effect) - chance to turn a kill into a summon if that creature is summonable (could exclude some, like dragons) (not reusable) Teleport to a random map that contains the creature of the token (semi-reusable) Advance all astro a set amount of (longish) time (semi-reusable) Random positive perk effect for (longish) time (not reusable) Bonus magic/fire/ice damage for (mediumish) time (not reusable) -75 light modifier for (mediumish) time (not reusable) Chance to not use essence/mana on spell cast if in inventory (semi-reusable) High chance to hit thru MI if in inventory (not reusable)
  10. New client binaries for testing

    I know you have previously said that you do not have a mac to make a mac version, but have you (or anyone else) contacted Sir_Odie about compiling a mac version of this build? I would be very interested.
  11. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    You see an iceburg. Is it supposed to be a german ice town, or an iceberg?
  12. New Creature Suggestion

    Sure, addition of different AI mobs is a good thing. Add stuff.
  13. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    So... [PM to Alphabet: Oh... I see my uh... misunderstanding... ] [PM from Alphabet: Hm?] [PM to Alphabet: The qualifications for the stone are A: high oa (probably via a/d), B: high skills] [PM to Alphabet: The stone itself would work with a/d though, yes?] [PM from Alphabet: Yes] To this, sure. Sounds like a good idea. _____ While we're at it can we make a qualificationless one that works ONLY with skills?
  14. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Essentially you want to let players who have reached a certain criteria earn double the overall exp? Why not just let it be for everyone? The low end of your estimate 50M exp is level 0 to level 102.96 The high end of your estimate 100M EXP is level 0 to level 116.95 Would it really be so bad to reward anyone reaching either of those levels with an extra pp? Similarly level 120 + 50M is level 127 and a bit. Level 120 + 100M is level 132 and a bit. Level 130 + 50M is level 134+ Level 130 + 100M is level 138+ Particularly if this is in relation to skills only (not a/d or oa), limiting to the already upper end players is only going to make the newb -> pro jump seem that much more formidible to truely new players. _____ On a different line of thought... Is this a remove and replace hydro nexus? or an in addition to? Remove and replace would cause quite ridiculous inflation and I think most of us already dislike how high some items sell for these days. _____ As for a vote For everyone, sure. For only high level players... why bother? _____ Edit: After a chat with letters... Some of the above is a bit of a mish-mash of what I think Letters wanted to suggest... sorry ABC. No, if this were implemented for everyone you should not get credit for back exp.
  15. Android shortcuts

    Uhm, there actually are options... Options > HUD > Enable instance mode Add any creature/player bars/numbers you want. The only thing missing is your characters Ethereal bar/numbers.