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  1. Universal Hood

    That could work, some sort of damage boost + NV effect. Or keep the light modifier reducer (far too few things reduce light modifier if you ask me) and add in a range damage boost. Or if you really want to throw rangers a bone, add an exp boost (with or without other effect). Edited OP, unbreakable > untearable... EL and it's weird distinctions (;
  2. Universal Hood

    Good points FT There's always no grief day (; And not all applications need to be combat related. Throwing mixers a bone isn't necessarily a bad thing. Also there's potential for 'explorer' type effects, particularly with MM/PC/Excavator (and others) that could add things outside of mixing, fighting, or fashion.
  3. Universal Hood

    @Dragon_killer Like I said above, these are only possibilities... certainly the fightin' cloak's hood bonus could be something different (more powerful would probably help). Could add hp/mp bonus, could add a 'thorns' effect, could add bigger bonuses to existing perks (double the cloak effect maybe?). Lots of possibilities. Mostly this topic is about adding an adaptive effect to hoods based on what cloak you are wearing. What the specific bonus is (if implemented), radu can decide or solicit further ideas from the community similar to what he did for tokens here recently.
  4. EL Mentors

    I've had interaction with what seems to be a genuinely new player, within the past week, who said they were talking to people who wanted to give them everything and wouldn't take that they (the new player) wanted to figure things out for themselves. Sure, help new players, but don't smother them with help. Part of the appeal of EL is the depth and figuring things out on your own.
  5. Universal Hood

    @RipTide Certainly PC cloak could get a range-centric benefit, small additional ER effect would be neat (maybe 1-5%). To me the effects themselves are mostly irrelevant... Uni hoods are not cheap, and I imagine are pretty breakable, adding effects would be a neat bonus to having one, in my opinion. While not really effecting gameplay hugely.
  6. Essentially, when wearing a universal hood, get an additional effect based on your equipped cloak. Possibilities include but definitely are not limited to: Body piercing cloak - extra 3-5% Armor bypass chance No More Warlock - adds unbreakableness [edit] untearableness to cloak (hood breaks first instead, or both unbreakable [edit] untearable?) Unbreakable - adds unbreakableness [edit] untearableness to cloak (and hood?) Passive Camoflage - additional light modifier reduction Conjurer - chance at free summons (either mana, ings, or both) Excavator - small (1-5%) chance at extra harvested item (even those that are single harv only) Fast Regen - extra regen Mirror - add hp recovery effect (similar to SoP/MoL) Monster Magnetism - all normal monsters ignore you No more tears - additional NMT bonus (possibly make hood unbreakable [edit] untearable) Powersaving - small chance to not use food while mixing Artificer - small increase to artificer effect Warlocks - small increases in both effects Fur - bonus protection to all. Idea is to add effects, the effects do not necessarily have to be what is listed here. Also, other people have probably had this idea... edits, untearable (does not break in normal combat, e.g. current NMT cloak) not unbreakable (does not break vs brod/gsm/etc.)
  7. Currently MI is enough of a PK deterrent vs. mages. Rework MI to not be 100% protection, and sure. Otherwise no, we don't need more protection from mages.
  8. Serpent sword of death

    Why not? Poison is quite slow damage, low chance would make it difficult to stack (and abuse). Not sure about black though, why not green?
  9. Comments/Thoughts: 1: First, why would a bot owner want their bot to move from one point to another? That would make it difficult for anyone wanting to buy/sell to the bot. Second, you'd be hard pressed to find many bot owners willing to move their bots to a 'pretty' location from a 'convenient' one. Currently, bot owners want their bots placed in the most convenient/high-traffic locations. That's why the majority of bots are on c1, and why there's so many south of sto in MM, in PL city, and on the walk to sto in NC. If you want to buy something from a bot, you probably are going to search price, if it costs you more to get to a bot in a far flung location who might be selling something slightly cheaper than a conveniently located bot, you might reconsider which you are buying from and opt for the closer one despite the higher cost. 2: Which teachers? The one's in the skill schools? Is double (or triple/quadruple if #day) xp not sufficient bonus? 3: Why? I have a ranger and have broken bow/crossbow before... but if you know and pay attention to what you're doing, you can use bows in pretty good confidence of not breaking. Also, the best bows are currently shop or quest rewards. I doubt radu would add those to the manu table. A better proposal (though still unlikely for addition) would be to add a new ranged weapon crafting skill, move the current arrow crafting stuff from engineering to there, and flesh it out with more projectile types and weapon types as well. Make it similar in scope to tailoring in terms of cost, so as to not remove the gold-sink aspect of the ranging skill. 4: Sorry, no. I dislike this idea a lot. This isn't the Oregon Trail. Even charging a small fee to use boats is too much, in my opinion. 5: This isn't Runescape. This would add an interesting aspect to the game, but would be a very significant change from what's currently done. 6: What do you mean continue? Who's losing progress from not making steel plates all day long? The chance for EFE when mixing FE could be adjusted so more EFE are produced, but the problem of EFE is more economics than what the rarity/availability of the actual item. 7: Many armors do have rare varieties. Certainly making enriched essences for those that do not currently have one isn't a bad idea, but they would also need an application otherwise they'd be useless. 8: Sto is a magic box. 9: Uh... why do you need to re-learn how to make a Health Essence once you've learned how to already? Big books are re-readable for exp? I don't see the point. 10: This has been asked for multiple times, maybe something can be done? 11: Payment stuff is radu's wheelhouse... I think if he wanted to do this, he'd have done it already... but that's his call.
  10. Make all Big Books Makeable

    You might not want to read the book, but the fact is that if the book is makeable, it's likely to be significantly easier (and possibly cheaper) to read your way to TF level. Having it be that way (particularly if cost effective) essentially cuts out the majority of the skill. It's similar to tailoring. Because tailor books are makeable (they have quite high AcP requirement), reading books is both easier and cheaper than making low level tailor items. So a player wanting to tailor WWH (or make books) simply needs to buy books and read them, not do any actual tailoring, until they are high enough level.
  11. Make all Big Books Makeable

    Alchemy/potion, why not? Engineering is sort of the last hold out of 'if you want the levels, you'll have to mix' type skills (alchemy sort of fits there, but it's much less avoidable than engineering unless you have a huge gc vault). Introducing more accessible (cheaper) big books for engineering would do away with that, and whether that's a good or bad thing is best decided by radu. Engineering xp speeds up once you can produce treasure finders (TF), so similarly to tailoring and white wizard hats, I'd guess people would probably read big books (if they are similarly priced to tailoring/others) until they could make those. There's currently only 20ish level 100+ engineers, the top 50ish are 80+ (high enough for TF). The top 100 is 71+ (Borderline TF) and the top 200 are 56+. More simply put, do you want to do away with most of the engineering mixes pre-TF? If so, make big book craftable. I say go for it, but I could see how others have different views (particularly on engineering).
  12. EXP Bonus after the kill

    Thanks for the clarifications. I still don't really like it. It seems easily abusable Seems like it would speed a/d up even further (it's already by far the fastest reliable exp in game, with the exception of a whale with white wizard hats perhaps) I think it'd make it even more difficult to achieve some of the more eccentric 'classes' (huge gap tank, gap hitters, low a/d mage/summon/rangers). EL is a sandbox game, the current system allows for quite a lot of freedom in character build. To me EL's best feature is it's sandboxness and I rarely like ideas that are contrary to that premise. I think other areas of the game could use updates before a/d (a crap reason, but the non-combat combat skills all could use some help [magic/summon/range]) All that being said, radu should do what he thinks is best for the game. Certainly this would change things a LOT, and (even though we just had an extensive client update) the game itself has been more or less the same for quite some time now. I do think some more experimentation is a good thing.
  13. EXP Bonus after the kill

    I'd like to add to my list of questions (the old ones first): How much bonus does OL give, since it's basically what you are suggesting? How does OL handle magic kills? How does OL handle ranged kills? How does OL handle any other kill that is not melee combat (engineering, summoning, possibly others)? How does OL handle multi-combat scenarios? Are you suggesting removing the on hit/dodge model currently employed completely, or adding a separate bonus at the end of a fight? Have you made a character from scratch recently? If so, what build? What's your current preferred training method (including what level you are)? How is this different than OL? New ones: If I don't ever hit the mob via melee, but still kill it, do I still get bonus att exp? (example: magic kill while engaged, summon kill, igitd kill, others) If I don't ever dodge the mob, and still kill it, do I still get bonus def exp? An added emphasis, what happens in multi-combat situations (meaning two players hitting the same mob)? What happens in PvP situations? (both vs players and summons) What happens if I flee, then re-engage? (take something [say a dragon] that might have a BIG bonus down to very low hp, flee, re-engage, and kill within 15 rounds) Assume the same scenario as above, but my buddy damages the dragon down to very little, then I come and kill it, what then? Sorry, the more I think about this the less I like it and the more potential abuses I see. In the overall picture, I very much agree with Mr. Letters.
  14. EXP Bonus after the kill

    I have questions: How much bonus does OL give, since it's basically what you are suggesting? How does OL handle magic kills? How does OL handle ranged kills? How does OL handle any other kill that is not melee combat (engineering, summoning, possibly others)? How does OL handle multi-combat scenarios? Are you suggesting removing the on hit/dodge model currently employed completely, or adding a separate bonus at the end of a fight? Have you made a character from scratch recently? If so, what build? What's your current preferred training method (including what level you are)? Apologies for all the questions about OL, but if the suggestion is basically their system I would like to know what it is, since I do not play there. If what you are suggesting here isn't essentially what OL has, then an additional question: How is this different than OL? Personally, I don't really like the idea. EL has it's way of doing combat, I don't see the need to reinvent the wheel. If you like the system OL has... last I knew it was still up and running, maybe go try it?
  15. Final Token Effects Possibilities

    Checkmate! We got a shitty token use that was already in game! Hurray!!! Let's have something a bit more exciting for forc and morc tokens?