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  1. Adjust Sto NPC Talk Range

    Sure, it's fine as is if you open sto then walk away. But currently you can open sto from the NPC and not be able to access it without moving closer, which is weird.
  2. Can we adjust storage NPCs talking range to match storage access range or adjust storage access range to match NPC talking range? Currently you can talk to a sto NPC and bring up storage but not be able to access storage unless you move closer. The current range of being able to talk to the NPC is 5 squares from NPC (4 empty between you and the NPC). The current range of being able to access storage is 4 squares from NPC (3 empty between you and the NPC). Thanks.
  3. You have a typo in post, but it's correct in the file itself. item_extra_info.txt Thanks again for this post and all the updates (:
  4. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    Bluap, Thanks for all the work on client updates, but I get a little bit lost sometimes with this and the other two threads in programming. Could you start a fresh thread (here, or there, or somewhere (; ) that has all the updates in one place for those of us that don't compile our own clients to avoid having to check 3 different spots for different downloads that may or may not be the most current? Thanks again!
  5. EFE's giveaway

  6. new rare manu items

    More variety of items for EL is rarely a bad idea. Some of these probably need a little adjust or rethink, but overall. Sure! Getting the rate correct is the big issue... For leather stuff, 1/3000 might be okay. for the metal stuff, that seems a bit off.
  7. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Extra small inventory: Same size as actual inventory in the small size now, but make equipment only show with a button and get rid of the description area and 2 of the quantity options so that it fits horizontally.
  8. pps for mixers

    Uh... I guess my maths is a bit fuzzy... Unless this is for people who have maxed oa, I guess I don't get it? Level 0 to 100 is 43.7M exp Level 162 to 163 is 42.8M exp Level 163 to 164 is 45.0M exp Unless you are level 163 oa or higher, If you raise a mixing skill to level 100 (from 0) you already get +1 pp? If you get a mixing skill to level 130 that's an additional 145.2M exp (from level 100), which is larger than the difference of any two levels. Going from the arbitrary point of level 163 again, you'd get within 4M, or 97% of the way, to level 166. Meaning 4 pp. People have shown that getting pp is doable. People have shown mining hydro is doable. *shrug* I guess I don't see why more pp are needed unless we are talking about people who are maxed out on exp, and in which case, this seems like a cheap way of accomplishing that.
  9. Potion of Perception

    Uh... Night Visor. NV is already OP. A perception potion is probably the last xatt pot needed (if such things are actually needed). I don't see how it's obvious to add perception pot?
  10. Testing client ported to SDL2

    Whatever you did works! Thanks again, Bluap! Eternal Lands Version 1.9.5-20191221.0256 Will let you know if I find any other issues.
  11. Testing client ported to SDL2

    Yes it does. Sit-lock does still lock when activated without ctrl+click.
  12. Testing client ported to SDL2

    Press (left) ctrl and hold then right click and keep holding ctrl. Since you asked how I was pressing... I tried pressing them both at the same time and immediately releasing, and the window popped up and stayed. Weird. I don't know what you mean by "Does ctrl+click to override the site lock work for you?"
  13. Testing client ported to SDL2

    Not sure if this is the new client or just me: Issue with item list modifier click. Whenever I ctrl+right-click an item in the item list to edit the quantity or delete the item from the list, the menu pops up then immediately disappears. I'm running Eternal Lands Version 1.9.5-20191215.1435 in windows 10.
  14. Testing client ported to SDL2

    Thanks bluap! This works much more better. I'll post if I have any other problems/issues.
  15. Testing client ported to SDL2

    It's pretty easy to reproduce, have a non-fullscreen EL open, type something with mouse cursor inside the client box. then try to type something with cursor outside the client box. Works for any sort of keyboard input for me. Mouse inputs works as expected (can scroll console of whichever window mouse is hovering over), it's just the keyboard inputs don't work unless mouse is in the active window. Running windows 10. let me know if you need any other specs.