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  1. Cannot open application..

    Awesome Ben. Glad got resolved. See you in game Cody. feel free to drop a pm. o/
  2. Cannot open application..

    I moved the entire folder into applications, though I don't see why dragging only the app would make a difference. You've probably tried already but... Try extracting/unzipping directly into application folder, or not moving it after unzip?
  3. Cannot open application..

    Ouchu... problem is above my paygrade, sorry. Seems like you're missing a file somewhere (not sure how)... but that file-path seems like gobbledigook so, I'm not sure what to tell you.
  4. Cannot open application..

    You probably have the same issue as this thread: Basically the 'fix' is reboot your computer, try again. I find that starting EL from the server chooser is often better as well (and you can easily open multiple clients that way). Try using it instead.
  5. Poly in 6080 instance

    After chatting with you... I don't really see the harm in leaving or changing. Maybe make it an either-or selection? Like DCW/Feros While I've never experienced your seemingly terrible luck with this instance, the fact remains that most of the other instances are much more profitable. Even when you factor some scaling of drops for difficulty and time requirements, 6080 probably still falls easily at the bottom for profitability. So, sure. let's change it.
  6. Hero Points

    The idea for points for 'extra' oa exp after oa 179 is fine. Giving incentive for people who've reached the beginning of the end to keep playing is good. Your examples for possible uses are quite bad in my opinion though.
  7. These are just bad. Add a bad day that makes everyone look like a penguin? Sure! Add a bad day that spawns a random monster (one up or down from original) instead of the actual monster? Sure! Add a bad day that makes Wizzy say the moon is turning rainbow instead of red? Sure! The one's you've presented though... You would probably have better luck telling radu to turn the server off for 6 hours.
  8. New daily fight quest

    I agree a lot with Zarukuu, and have some other comments and concerns as well. Not having anything for the lower level fighters is something I think you should be more concerned about. I realize that logistically it may be difficult to incorporate lower level mobs into a scheme like this, but excluding lower players will just give even less incentive for new players to keep playing. Already some of the worst dailies are low level ones, not to mention that you get the least exp, least gc reward, and worst drops. Perhaps you could add another level range below 100, say 70-100, where Heimdall gives you both a monster to kill and a few possible locations. For example; a PW on c1, or an Armed Male Orc on an inside map. Putting the cut at 70 instead of 100 would let more people do it, and would still let you cut out most the handful of monsters with large numbers of spawns (everything [and possibly including] troll and below). The above change would put this daily sort of in line with how Novac's quest progression works: Mobs on a particular map first, then mobs somwhere. Adding on to Zarkuu's concerns about the given example with spawn # differences. Giving the dailies an equal sense of 'adventure' across the board would make it much more appealing to me... Like Zarkuu, if you get fluffys as your target, you might need to visit all those different maps to track down the proper one. Sure that makes it more difficult, but that should be the point of this daily. To add the same amount of 'adventure' to the higher level quests, where there are fewer spawns, would be relatively easy: just add extra steps. For the top levels, maybe they need to kill an ACW then a Leg-troll, then Mr. Icey Dragon. Sure, it'd be more involved, but remember that you're getting a better reward. Can we stick the NPC on C2? The Irsis lighthouse would make a good spot, or the AA lighthouse or castle would also make nice locations.
  9. Sell Hydro ring in store

    Can this be revisited? Both selling in shop and rare mix from ring mixes?
  10. New Helm of Life and Mana's

    Same stats except +cold/fire? Sure, why not? That's not terribly cost prohibitive, and gold sinks are always nice.
  11. Most Profitable SKill

    HE actually aren't the highest profit margin for alchemy. HE do sell extremely easily (arguably much easier than those with better profit). However you also should consider that HE do not have rares. With rares, life, death, and magic (and to some extent fire) can quite easily double your profits. How many you can make in an hour varies on how distracted you are, but you can estimate between 1k and 2k an hour for most all of the essences (some faster on Joule). The good thing about essences is that the ings for all the essence (save DE and SE) are easily accessible and you don't have to buy anything at an NPC. So, anything you harvest yourself increases your profits. This is Alt Lands now, if your essence of choice needs 2 flowers and a mineral, run an alt on each item, and mix with a fourth. Harvesting on alts doesn't need to be efficient, anything an alt harvests is something you don't have to buy. Harvesting for the point of selling is a decent option, but there's a lot to consider based off your playstyle. Are you getting xp anywhere else? Harvesting items desirable for sale is quite slow OA exp. OA/pp are valuable, and neglecting them for the sake of profit might not be as beneficial as mixing stuff for xp and a bit less gc. Depending on what you harvest, you can also factor in a bit (or a lot) extra due to rares. I don't potion, so I'll not comment on it any further than agreeing with Darrock about vegetable as well as adding that potion requires things bought from an NPC. those costs are fixed, make sure you include them. Fighting (well) should also be considered one of the best gc generators in the game. Yes the initial costs can be very high, but even at lower levels if you build well and gear decently, fighting can definitely generate quick gc. TL/DR Overall, I'd argue that it's not alchemy, potion, harvesting, or anything else that is the best, it's whatever you can stand doing for hours on end the easiest.
  12. Harvestacular

    You're correct, the new Zirak sto has changed some of the c2 fastest times and overall best places. I'll update these two. If you have any others feel free to list them. Most of the information is from the wiki, and 'fastest' indicators are generally older information that probably hasn't been updated in a while.
  13. Harvestacular

    Harvestacular Harvesting tool that shows many of the 'good' locations to harvest things. Simply enter what you want to harvest into the blue box. Included are: Most C1 and C2 fastest to sto locations Most fastest on map locations All IP harv locations All daily locations Feel free to PM me (Diealot) with suggestions, comments, or requests for additions, or post/forum pm if that's more your thing. Enjoy.
  14. Bring back old Neno

    There's so many other options: Add something new. Something that can only be hurt by any of the non-melee damage things (mines, range, magic, summons, etc.) or one random thing from that list. A new sort of badaran that takes specific (perhaps random) items to damage, with hints to location and items given on a chat channel Any of a number of ideas in the suggestion board could be pretty easily adapted to fill the spot vacated by 'old neno' with the proper spawn AI: Add some automated ways Nenos can spawn: Add Neno to GIWS (remove timer for neno GIWS) Change Dung-rat to Neno (a bit harsh for such a noble creature) Let Joker randomly spawn a Neno but only tell the person who found Joker where Add a mob once per #day (or maybe once every 4 days) that when killed, turns into a Neno Add day stone drops to more things: Lower level instance bosses Low level monsters (very super ultra rare) Similar to pear, but non-detectable. Very super ultra rare daily reward
  15. Indicator for Glow

    If it were cool... I'm not sure people would care too much? And you could turn it off and stop glowing to keep your secret.