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  1. Cooldown log

    when you making several thousand fe that 10 gc adds up and when for 45 the profit is only 135 gold so 10 gold of that is 7% of your profit (or something like that i'm bad at math) which is quite abit.
  2. Cooldown log

    I hate it >< How it affects me... makes all alching times so difficult it can take like 15-30 mins to make 50 fe because i have to keep waiting for food so it is so annoying >< and using feasting posts is so much money ><
  3. GCRA

    Gnome Civil Right Activists This has been around for sometime but we just became public as Tirashazor as my vice-president! http://s14.invisionfree.com/GCRA/index.php?act=idx Is our forum check out out and join. To join click the redirection catergory on our forums and then type your name. If you are a gnome i have only currently got about 12 gnome names on the list. Thanks to freeone3000 for making the code for it. If it comes up with the message you are not a gnome but you really are a gnome Pm me or hazor in forum or ingame (hazor's in-game name TirasHazor). Note: GCRA Is not a guild, it is an organization of gnomes protecting our rights as Gnomes! Once you are on the registered list your status will be changed on the forum to be able to see member only places. Anyone can join the forums. Have fun! -Rebel
  4. Conquer

    I'm playing conquer on the Thunder Server I think
  5. Hellfire Phoenix

    lol Alderan
  6. Whats your favorite race?

    Gnome 4 lyfe
  7. An Eternal Lands Comic

    your just jeaulous because you cant draw as good
  8. damagedtmx

    its the next shivar
  9. The Gnome Bawwel Theme

    Nice song Tuma... and theres that Rebel noob thats a gnome too O.o Play 2 of them like a second apart it sounds so weir... better yet.. play 10 of them
  10. An Eternal Lands Comic

    true story
  11. An Eternal Lands Comic

    Ok this is what happened today at the Gnome Roast someone did give an announcement before hand tho..... now now now dont all rush on to me im not going to do any artwork for el sorry.. my amazing art work will be kept for my self right now because its just to good to share..
  12. What's your desktop?!?!

    IE sucks it takes like 20 mins to load each page
  13. What's your desktop?!?!

    Here GGM You cant see it but my icons spell Halo 2
  14. Hellfire Phoenix

    Hey long time no see Warbladez hows it going?
  15. What's your desktop?!?!

    wincustomize.com and i like the media player cause i have a cool skin for it? i also have halo xfire now