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    I live in hell where my soldiers await
  1. iron bars

    Im buying four iron bars for fourty gold coins each pm me in the game
  2. scammed

    I lost my leather items(and a sword) from a scammer named durgee who sead hed make it into better armor(im a noob)
  3. whitelist

    :lol: thank you for spending the time to reply
  4. character locked

    All i can say is follow the rules next time(if there is a next time) -_-
  5. hello, what about: pics,name [SOLVED]

    how do you get pics for your fourums and how do you get to give your char a name(ex.rabbit,white rabbit etc)found under the picture?
  6. whitelist

    Plz unban me!i didnt even do anything all i did was try to make a character then make a donation but I cant even play!even after trying to help you out(with the donation)so plz unban me
  7. whitelist

    I Need help finding the whitelist plz help me!
  8. need help

    I need help finding whitelist(when i try to make a person i press done 2 times then it freezes and turns off)it says i need to get to the whitelist in the banned section plz help me find it