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  1. Modable Titanium Short Sword: bidding starting 10k, buy now 20k (SOLD) Red Dragon Helm: current bid 20k, buy now 35k (sold to haze) 236 Titanium Long lot: bidding starting 90k, buy now 110k (sold to tico) 19 Titanium Chain lot: bidding starting 50k, buy now 70k (sold to hompf)
  2. Part 2 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    Sale is still going on, just didnt have a chance to log on yesterday
  3. Part 2 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    I think everything as of this post is almost updated
  4. Weapons: 1 Modable Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword (25k) 236 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword (600gc each) Armor: 1 Red Dragon Helm (40k) 19 Titanium Chain Mail (4k each)
  5. Just curious

    Builder 329 of 337: good job on getting serp of ice and magic book, tried forever and never found seller
  6. Part 1 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    Almost all prices reduced
  7. Part 1 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    out for the night, will remove items that are taken when I get back from work and will resume trades then. ~17-18 hrs from this post date
  8. Part 1 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    afk for a few hours, priority on people that post first if identical item wants
  9. NMT Cloak on the PK Server

    Woot, nice drop. I can't get one to drop in the main server and you already snagged one on the Pk. Anyone find an artificer cloak yet?
  10. Deslinda

    You're imagining things. Bzzz guild has nothing to do with this topic, neither Eiri nor I is acting as member of bzzz guild, moreover eiri has never said there are L.A. guild members on that screens so i can't see how we came to 'L.A. vs Bzzz bjing issue' ? I know I am making a small leap... but right below where he mentions he has "collection" @Talixim \o\ \o/ /o/ Talixim's next post: What if it is a high ranked person doing the bagjumping? Can't wait for Eiri's montage of invisible bjers...that will pwn LA's "no bj" policy smile.gif If you feel and have proof of something that goes against our guild rules, then why not bring to attention of GM?
  11. Deslinda

    As Korrode stated: I like how you're attempting to re-direct attention to Levin, off his point that making a collage of screenies that you were only able to obtain due to your moderator status would be irresponsible at best, and a mis-use of power by anyone's standards If Eiri was acting as a player, then I could care less what he posts, but if he has obtained information while having a "green tag" next to his name, which I believe does grant him additional powers, than that is what I have a problem with. And funny how far some people will go in an attempt to damage a guild instead of reporting incidents to the GM. How many people have decided to create a montage of screenshots to ridicule? damage? a person/guild instead of reporting the incident to a GM? Tempest: Awwww is there someone scared that he could be in the screenshots? biggrin.gif Lol, if you are referring to me, I have certainly conversed at least a couple times with Mortos/Selain/people green named while invisible dodging monsters, so I certainly don't care whether they can see me or not. I have played EL for 2+ yrs and don't regret anything I have ever done. Interactions I have had with allies/enemies have always been polite, moderating disagreements, listening to people vent, etc without a harsh word to anyone rarely spoken (barring when I left caps lock on and was in a rush looking for hyperbag in PL storage) EDIT: italicizing Tempest's quote
  12. Deslinda

    :/ my reading skills are lacking today. Eiri is in bzzz guild, but gossip stating "tempest was in the DIE! guild as of 15 hours ago", " talixim was in the DIE! guild as of 7 days ago" EDIT: I am sorry if some of my statements of been incorrect: mainly that Eiri mentioned LA, and that he was in DIE! guild as I first thought. However, hopefully everyone can still understand the gist of my argument, which I would think would be the bigger issue here.
  13. Deslinda

    Clarified to remove your name, thank you for the correction. I was referring to members of the guild you are in; Tempest's post (Aug 1 2008, 08:31 AM) and Talixim's post (Yesterday, 07:46 PM). "... toward an evil, biased, nasty and generally irritating moderator" Lol, nice attempt to minimize my argument by embellishing what I said in hopes that people would think I'm blowing steam. My fix would be to "...toward an evil, biased, nasty and generally slightly irritating moderator"
  14. Deslinda

    I guess having moderator/narrator privileges during an invasion does have its advantages. However, I doubt he discussed with Entropy that he would be taking screenshots while playing the part of Mortos/Narrator or whatever in an official capacity to attempt to damage a guild he dislikes. Classy. so in other words, bagjumping is allowed if no one sees ? btw how do you know somone from l.a. is on that screens ? 1) ... although unintentional, please don't put words in my mouth. No where in the above did I say that. If it against the rules of a guild, and if it was reported to the guild, it would be addressed (which afaik no one has said anything to a GM) I was merely commenting upon the fact that I thought it was unfair for someone who has been given the privilege and RESPONSIBILITY of being a moderator, to use to his advantage against a group of people in the game he doesn't like. 2) From what other DIE! members (whom you shared a guild with) previously posted. EDIT: removed Eiri's name