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  1. Selling stones

  2. Suomi Finland Perkele

    *lurk* -V
  3. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Tuskinpa vain, tunnet pakottavaa tarvetta tulla varmistamaan asian kuitenki ennemmin tai myöhemmin ;p glhf
  4. Selling misc. stuff

    I offer 3.9k gc for all Raistlin (online on Monday) kk, catch me when you get online.
  5. Selling misc. stuff

    sry. someone PM'd me ingame bit faster -Vis
  6. Selling misc. stuff

    Selling some random items: Black Robe 3800gc Black Robe Skirt 4500gc Invasion Token 11500gc HS Removal Stone 2000gc 199 Leopard Fur 54 Black Panther Fur 17 Tiger Fur All prices are per each. Animal and flower stuff goes by offers. Drop a message or PM here on forums, or catch me ingame EDIT: Removed sold or reserved items
  7. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Will removal form IP taverns apple on cellar table.
  8. Selling and buying

    Selling some random items: Will removal stone: sold HS removal stone: 3.5k MM cape: sold Buying fancy stuff: Good ol Serpent Sword Night Visor Drop a message or PM here on forums, or catch me ingame
  9. IRC support/chat channel for EL?

    I use this in my E71, works like charm. I set up ZNC bouncer that i can connect from my "regular" shell with irssi and from cell phone, using mirggi. -Vis
  10. IRC support/chat channel for EL?

    /j #eternal-lands --> 19:58:21 -!- delirium- [delirium@irc.administrator.fi] has joined #eternal-lands 19:58:21 [users #eternal-lands] 19:58:21 [@delirium-] 19:58:21 -!- Irssi: #eternal-lands: Total of 1 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 0 normal] 19:58:21 -!- mode/#eternal-lands [+] 19:58:21 -!- Irssi: Join to #eternal-lands was synced in 1 secs come and join me (thats in IRCnet ) EDIT: Irc? What Irc?! Irssi Xchat -Vis
  11. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Terve! Enjoy your stay and watch out for santas. -Vis
  12. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Valtaan threadin henkilökohtaista whinemonologiani varten; lepponen istua duunissa betonibunkkerissa ja kattella webcamista ku ulkona on maailman paras keli.. 2 päivää talvilomaan -Vis
  13. Suomi Finland Perkele

    mitäs täällä metelöidään?! -v