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  1. RC2 Windows binary and Linux/OSX data

    Maybe this will help clarify: Not only is the rotations slow, but adjustments to the settings produce unpredictable results. Setting the increment to 1 for a fine rotation (previously very accurate), seems to turn a fraction of a degree now. Setting the large increment produces very large jumps, where it was more of a 5 degree change previously. Setting the deceleration gives various results, but is not intuitive. Turning X times and back the same amount will not always return you to the same position.
  2. EL research, if you want to participate, post here

    count me in. DustPuppy male Though I don't often make forum posts, I consent to allow Radu to forward you posts from non public sections as he sees fit.

    It's not a question of whether you use the EL shop. You gave items to your alt. That is the part that is not legal. Look closely at Learner's post and pay particular attention to the highlighted parts. Have somebody translate it for you if necessary. Your alt gained benefit by not having to earn all the items you gave it.
  4. hey why i get banned ?

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=44665 note the PS underneath the 7th item
  5. RiP

    If he has sufficient signal to play EL, he should have more than enough signal to post on a forum. Please have him create a forum account and post on his own behalf.
  6. Why i am Banned?

    From the date of the first post on this thread, you have 6 more days... but please be patient. Aislinn gets very busy with things.
  7. the banning of draconis69 and MULLIENUWA

  8. the ban of Hydro

    1. Bans is to be used for the moderator who did the banning and for the person banned ONLY to post on their own behalf. Your brother might want to make a forum account and inquire about the lock
  9. RC8 for the flicker problem ONLY

    Flicker is gone. XP with Visiontek Xtasy Radeon 9250 pci
  10. RC 8

    Crash on logon attempt. Vista on HP Pavillion 6000 Intel 945 Mobile Video card: Intel 945GM Vendor ID: Intel OpenGL Version: 1.4.0 - Build
  11. What is your hobbies

    mining and alchemy
  12. Alchemy Bug

    seems ok to me... and yes, I do alch a little bit...
  13. Carmien Manor Bug

    height discrepancy under Carmien Manor 117,107... drop under the floor.. similar to the way the pits in TD were near the camp fires.
  14. Buyable nexuses

    Can someone point out the innacuracy in those quotes? regular S2Es are not sold at the shop... if you spend a fortune on magic ones to degrade them and then *HOPE* that Tankel can repair them for use, you should seek professional help
  15. Matching hydrogen bars donations

    thank you!