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  1. Very sorry to hear this, she was one of my oldest friends and even though i am rarely on, she was one of the people in my thoughts over the years.
  2. Rule #5, multiplaying

    Does this mean I can 1. PVP 1 char vs another with 2 clients open 2. have 2 chars go on the same instance 3. kill monsters together on 2 chars 4. PK together or is this regarding trades only? This sounds to good to be true I might lose another girlfriend over EL again now LOL
  3. The solution to the KF rosto or no rosto controversy.... and im sure this would increase pk... Im suggesting you split KF in half with a decorative divider... maybe different color grass or trees or some shit.. Radu & Co. here have come up with some pretty genius stuff and Im sure it can be done in a smart way that looks good.... Make the north half of the map you lose a rosto and the other half u dont lose a rosto or vice versa.... let the people chase each other back and forth or pk ojn whichever side they want to also while ur at it, Give us our brod and special weapons back which are useless now! Poof every Mage skirt in the game and turn it into equal value gc so players get compensated and lets never use that shit again... also disable the formula in the mix window let that thing never be mixed again. (maybe make it $100 in webshop since it does what red cape does rare it would not be so bad) caps make mana bars more than high enough for 2 guys to whack each other back and forth for 10 minutes straight before someone tele's out they dont need an overpowered skirtt giving them more mana and doing what red cape does! Then put the mercury back in kf on the lose a rosto side... even if someone was to successfully farm it for hours (which would not happen anyway) NOONE CARES and it wont have any effect on the economy. Noone is die hard profiting or using mercury. Maybe 1% of players will even mix with it in the next week. Let the fun begin!
  4. Split KF in Half

    modifying the cape so casty can be tanked with a COTU would not be hard.. make it casti-proof with 1 line of programming
  5. Split KF in Half

    LOL are you drunk? read my post it is not so crazy a thought that the mage pants are a bit overpowered with the COTU perk and +mana... Anopther player even agreed with me... Your post however is ridiculous and based on me stealing 1 too many dragons from you or a lot of alchahol
  6. Raising caps to 52. Radu is willing, are you?

    Sounds like a great idea for mixers we would have higher emu for when we harvest and health bars being higher would be nice for poison mixing and ebul mother nature.. now for fighters.. 1. will monsters be made stronger to compensate? and what affect would that have on lower level players, invances, etc... Some players will re-cap right away.. many will take a year. 2. Will there be any +damage compensation done to make pk *sigh* not take so damn long? silly me... but i remember a time when the average player could kill someone with a thermal.....AND IT WAS FUN! and because it was fun LOTS of PEOPLE PK'd for the higher level fighters who play, our Mana bars are super big (and higher health) make pk take forever as it is to get a kill. Because Capped we all hit like shit on each other 2 people hit each other barely doing damage as it is and our mana bars and health bars are so high we just heal over and over... basically 2 people just smack the hell out of each other back and forth until one guy is low on he/sr and diss/tele's. Will there be any +damage compensation done to make pk *sigh* not take so damn long? maybe the guy thats 10 or 15 a/d levels higher than his victim should actually be able to kill him with a 90$ shop sword? Uncapped every level made a difference because u not only had a/d but p/c from every OA u got... - The competitiveness and worthwhile of leveling up was destroyed with caps and never compensated for in the combat code. The 3 stooges game sucks and thats why i never waste my time Pking... And even as weird as I am, im probably not the only one who feels this way Even higher mana + health bars will make this worse.. but I guess atleast players would have more emu to carry more he/sr to waste in a KF map where even if u did kill someone they dont lose a rosto. LuciferX
  7. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Paid for Mary and access_denied just now 11/22/13 with paypal Your transaction ID for this payment is: 5CB81771C7834503U. Thanks
  8. Nexus potions

    This should be done on the day that you don't need to have read the books to mix an item because if u didn't read the book you likely do not have the nexus to mix it - and vice versa. I was in that predicament ever since the day this day was implemented and have never been able to use scientists day or day of knowledge or whatever the fuck its called.
  9. Nexus potions

    This is a great idea.
  10. Gold for advertising

    That's actually a good idea and Hussam has a good solution to the newbies not being affected when they try the game out
  11. Gold for advertising

    Not that i think any real gold farmer is harvesting (it would be 6000 ore at 2.5gc each for a farmer to harvest to make only $1 - that's $2 dollars a day maybe for a hardcore harvesting gold farmer). Removing Mini events would retain a lot more of the "new players" that will be checking our game out and probably bring back some casual players or people who quit because if their life got a little busier and with mini events there's pretty much nothing to do in the game for them. I think this deters more people from playing than is realized. I started out as a casual player. for my frist 6 months All I did was harvest afk in the diamond mine for exp (back then noone was high enough magic level to use air essence so it was useless). I later got more into the game. had there been Mini events I would not have stayed here I am sure of that. Also it would not ruin the economy if some people are harvesting while doing homework or cleaning their rooms.. 500 or 1k more ore in their storage is not going to affect prices. LOL, it took about 10 years but for once I agree with Scorpion King
  12. First 2 million gold coins for auction

    $130 (someone told me they bid 120 already via pm)
  13. PKarrows recipe: is it worth it?

    No it's not worth making them. It's cheaper and faster to mule from npc especially when you facto r risk of a 20k mold breaking.
  14. pr0 instance lost its worth

    I'm 170s a/d with all pk perks and capped attributes and never get invited to instance. Maybe now one of u pricks will invite me . and now that u need me ill tell u NO! I'm glad instance was changed .
  15. Hi everyone, In case some of you didn't know one really cool thing in the webshop that you can buy is custom clothes ( click here for link to see the page ). Aislinn is VERY fast at implementing your new clothes and it is a very nice service. Im hoping soon we will all look unique and it will be fun to see everyone's new looks as we adventure through the game. Make sure you update your custom clothes or you are already missing out. In your settings make sure the Bottom 3 check boxes are enabled (darkened) in the TAB called SERVER. Then just type #update. Its that easy Enjoy the new view everyone, I have a feeling this feature is going to get very popular in the days to come as more people get it more people will want it too. LuciferX
  16. Make sure you update your custom clothes meshes

    Thanks for the update I'll edit my post so its less confusing
  17. Gaming laptop

    Ive been very fond of ASUS products i have always usd their motherboards in my PC's and I have an ASUS Laptop i have been happy with. Although, you might want to try alienware.com their gaming laptops are very good too.
  18. Treasure Finders

    I could not have said it better myself. I am level 100 Engineering. With the Super high fail rate (even at level 100!) u mix about half that at level 100 and lose a lot of ingredients so it is even less exp per hour and the honeycomb is a major inhibitor. Any less exp and they would not be worth the work. People who put the time into making these should get the deserved exp. Honeycomb cannot be bought easily in large qty in market so anyone with enough to mix 6 hours most likely harvesrted most of it themselves. also... 1 Mule load with a max level mule only hauls ingreds + food for about 25 mixes!
  19. i wasn't going to say anything more but then i saw this mornings discussion you were having in 6 and i just couldn't keep my mouth shut Book ingredients have gone up because more people are making and buying books, not because 1 evil rich man is screwing the game. and as for current cost to make, below is my math and i pay top cost for my ingredients, most players harvest a little or make some or pay less so i am at worst case scenario... cost of each tailoring book: Quill and ink - 325 x12 = 3.9k paper 10+40+3=53 x24 = 1.3k potions of action -2600 x 4.5 = 12k 17k total cost to make, factor in 10-20% Failand uLoss of ingredients about 20kgc to make.. cost of each manu book: Quill and ink - 325 x6 = 2k paper 53 x12 = 636gc ptions of action -2600 x 2.5 = 6.5k 9.5k total cost to make fail and loses of ingredients rate of about 10 to 20% to make costs ar most: about 11.4k to make How cheap do you want these books to sell for??? as most items in game sell for the cost of ingredients or just a little more than that- 13k gc for 60k exp is awesome! With a god its 76k exp! as for tailoring, that skill is so expensive to level a max price is ell for 25k for 60k is awesome too. try leveling a million exp off thread or dyed fabric lol. \ I don't think these prices are bad at all, in fact pears have dropped from 60k to 58k each now and hopefully will go lower. and as for shortage of ingredients?? EVERY DAY i have more and more people sell my bot Trice feathers i have had no trouble getting them. You have a habit of following my bot prices but making yours pay +1gc more and as i raise mine to compete with you you keep going up my price +1 gc. I dont complain at all about this as I like the free market however the effect of price wars on the economy is that prices go up which you seem to be complaining about and you are part of the problem lol. Also im surprised you do not have more Amber and feathers because all day when im at work you had the higher paying price... Unless there might be a reason people don't want to sell to your bot?? i have had people refuse to sell to me in the past so i know exactly how that goes. And as for paper and ink i make all my self and less than 5 people have ever sold me Wood Logs i almost always harvest those myself so I am not affecting "your book economy". I have sold large numbers of grapes to fellow book-maker raistlin (i believe he sells more books than any of us) every time he needed for exactly the cost i payed for them, and i would do the same for anyone else who isnt nasty to me. i am not a resource hog, and anyone who has talked to me in game knows im a nice friendly player with a positive impact in the game.. I even have my luciferx2 in a newbie guild and while i harvest i teach them how to play answer their questions and give some of them tons of free stuff. As for amber, MY Bot does NOT even buy amber anymore so don't say im hogging it all. also keep in mind when you do price wars with me your bot was paying more than mine for Amber so you should have as much as me if you wanted this much (yours kept paying +1 gc more if i remember correctly no matter what i made my price ;-) ) like i said there might be reason players don't want to sell to you i've been on guild and peoples blacklists years ago too. there's people who to this day still would not sell me anything no matter what i offer. LuciferX
  20. 100 Action points is worth about 2.5k in in potion. Making FR perk triple the amount of action points you get per hour would make this perk not only too good for the 3 pp it is but give people way too many action points. currently the price of amber is about 350gc each that is nto bad at all, in fact due to the cost of action points your getting it at about half the cost to harvest
  21. Fact 1. at the moment the lowest level person in The top 50 Engineering is level 70 or higher Fact 2. The only items you can make with level recomended 60 Through 80 are Astrology predictors. Fact 3: NPC Sells them all 80gc each - very cose to the cost to make them - SO they are NOT worth making everyone just buys them from the npc. There are NONE on bots. Fact 4. if you do make them the NPC does NOT buy them and you are stuck with them. Assumption 1 (and i migth be wrong althogh i dont think i am). They are so cheap at NPC because when astrology was implemented players were not high enough to make them in mass quantity and we needed to buy them at the npc. There is a 20 level gap where you for the most part level off making low level items that give between crap exp to 100-160's exp... At the moment anyone stuck in this 20 level gap is levelling at high level on low level stuff and it takes FOREVER and it realy sucks. or they are spending a shitload of gc and "buying levels" poofing expensive shit at the school on engineeering day Why not raise the NPC price so players can level off predictors and get the exp they should get at their level when they are ready to make tthem and sell them fo rthe cost of the inrgeds - which is just about the same price as the npc which is at the moment screwing over engineers stuck in this 20 level gap. PS. For those of u who might accuse me of posting this for my own gain rather than that of the community - I will freely admit that I fall into the category of players buyng the levels im a school poofer ;-) LuciferX Disclaimer * I use the recommended levels from el-cel website - because i believe this is the 50% fail rate the levels #s might be shifted to a higher range maybe at 66 you would really start making a level 62 predictor BUT the same # of levels between them it is and a 26 level gap where your stuck levelling off lower than you should exp is crazy. At level 87 you need 1,433,388 exp to a level and instead of making a predictor for decent exp u need to level off crap that giveds u 6 to 100's exp. That is worse than any orther skill
  22. yes the longer time span would make them a lot more useful
  23. Magic Essence big auction

    I bid 10 each ill buy it now