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    Hey sence im banned now,my oppenion probaly wont go to far but...anyway ive been baned for 3-4 months now i dont think yall think thats so long but when you REALLY love this game it is a REALLY long time i cursed a few times and tanyia warned me but i was up for 20 hours and grumpy ...and stupid...so i ignored her request and for that...i was banned...but im sure you dont wanna hear bout me all day...i agree with you vamp when they KEEp coming back and looking and posting and HOPING i think it really does show that they REALLY do love this game and really wanna play it i meen...they wouldnt spend so much time trying to get let back on if they just wanted to couse trouble now would they? anyway,i doupt my oppenion will go very far but well... there it is
  2. i was banned

    hey its you-know-who i know im not soppose to post more then once but ive read alot of the forums and more than 75% were unbanned and they did worse things than cursing a few times,please unban me entropy i love this game and i could only kill a deer when i was banned so i wasnt on very long,so please unban me
  3. i was banned

    hi its ilovecrazyfrogs/mrwhiteman/mrblackman iwas banned and i am sorry,ive been banned for quite some time,i few months at least,tanyia i AM sorry i will never curse or swear on any channels again plz unban me,i will even make a new charecter if i have to i love this game and plz i meen come on plz unban me i was banned sometime in 05 plz unban me entropy or tanyia or really anyone please help*echos and fades*
  4. Weapon holding/drawing

    un the quantrar the sheath is like a second part of the sword it-self so how can i sword be hidden in itself?
  5. please let me play again

    its me ilovecrazyfrogs please ive been banned now for at least 2-3 months im being patiant i will never say annithing nastey or dissobey the rules i promise give me another chance i am trying to be patiant but ive been more than patiant please
  6. An idea for more excitment to the game!

    howbout a mixture at most of the city that noobs get to fairly easy have gate that lower and raise gaurds will raise and lower though there open most the time but when they see a animal other then rabbit or rat they clos so that the monster cant get in to noobs and i love the "higher a gaurd" for say 50gp every 30 minutes real time so that a noob can offord them abd why not add like if you add trapper skill a game trapper like the training npc have a trapper npc you buy stuff like "snare books" excetera and "snare set" the trapper gives you a snare and snare book but they cant be "traidid" they can be dropped but not "traided" and howabout fishing you but fish lines fish bait you can dig for worms and you can buy "fishing book" and the trapper gives you fishing pole and bait to get you started just an idea
  7. An idea for more excitment to the game!

    Maybe make the effect's duration depend on the player's level. Basing it on an attribute or nexus would probably be better. That way the player has to spend pickpoints for the increase. Sort of like getting the MM perk now, except in stages instead of plunking down 5 pp in an all-or-nothing deal. I like the idea generally, but how would a player recognize an aggressive monster vs. a regular one? Or should we assume every monster is potentially aggressive? Dave Base it on Charm? no if you were to take and say a level 1 can have many as they want but say level 50 can only have 10 at a time or higher they get less they carry?? good idea?? :smartass: Perfect! I was thinking "charisma" from my D&D days - I couldn't remember the equivalent attribute here. It opens up a whole new set of potential curses, too. Setting someone's charm to 0 would render the amulets useless. How are attacks by current monsters on non-MM players decided now? Is there a fixed probability, or can it be modified by player characteristics? Dave ya the higher the luck they got the more the chance the ammy would work (excample) level 0 luck low chance it would work but level 50 luck it 90 percent of the time works?? ^_^
  8. my ip banned

    Do you promise the usage of points and commatas too? Here are some, just for the case you run out of them. ,.,.,.,...,.,..,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,., Piper yes,ill use all of my writing thingys but please let me have another chance,ill do anything almost,ill even reread the rulses again and follow them with no exceptions please give me another chance :shame: This is ilovecrazyfrogs ive been banned for about a week or more now and i am tired of not being able to play it is to my regret if i am banned for much longer im gooing to forget about el alltogather but it would certanly be a shame i mean comeon i love this game but d@$# it give me a chance here please
  9. my ip banned

    Do you promise the usage of points and commatas too? Here are some, just for the case you run out of them. ,.,.,.,...,.,..,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,., Piper yes,ill use all of my writing thingys but please let me have another chance,ill do anything almost,ill even reread the rulses again and follow them with no exceptions please give me another chance :shame:
  10. my ip banned

    ok well its ilovecrazyfrogs im sorry i will never mark my words NEVER curs on this game again sas or disobey any rules there are i will reread those rules and follow them to the excact content the were written so there will be no trouble tween me and anyone again i will no curse sas insult or anything but please please please give me another chance pleeeeeeeeeAAAAaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeee i will do anythying almost but please let me play again please forgive me :shame:
  11. my ip banned

    hi im mrwhiteman (ilovecrazyfrogs brother) i saw him playing it thats why i made mrwhiteman couse it looked fun but yes he was cussing and arguing with her but she was also saying stuff and making fun of his name wich i dont think is very nice at all but still i think he should be unbanned becouse she was saying nastey things to him almost as bad as he was to her and when he pmmed her when i created my charectar he was very nice and oppalogetic to her i think he should be unbanned
  12. my ip banned

    i had sassed tanyia and i was up for 20 hours before that and would like another chAnce on my ip please i will never sas her or anyone agai nnor will i disobey any other rules please let me have another chance :shame:
  13. School Shooting

    If you live in a country where everyone is allowed to have a weapon, it is logical to expect that the robber will be armed as well. It's a vicious circle. still it would be nice to have protection even if the robber was armed wouldnt it? i mean c-mon he's armed + you armed = better chance of suvival on the other hand he armed + you not armed = not a good chance I agree and disagree now i love action movies and games with guns and peaple maiming each other but if there were none in the world i think it would be a much better place to live in
  14. my ip banned

    its ilovecrazyfrogs also known as mrwhiteman(my brother) or mrblackman(my other brother) please i was up 20 hours and was trying to get more money with flowers and i was abusing tanyia and being very nasty and i am very very very very sorry to that like i said it was 2:00 am when it happend i had got up at 10:00pm for my job the day before so like i said i was very tired and i was off that day so i went to my moms and then at 8:00pm a was home then i ordered pizza on the way home it was ariving as i got home i got done round 9:15 9:20 pm and i watched the movie "grimlins"so it was over at 11:00 pm then i played my ps2 till about 12:00 and then i got on el and was picking flowers,exploring and killing bunnys so i was unhappy couse there were no bunnys around so i want to exploring then i got tired of getting attacked (i was attacking) foxes but was trying to win so i deid a couple of times thats where i met tanyia she helped me get out of the underworld so we talked while i was havesting lilacs then allasudenly tanyia and i got in an aurgument then i was banned my brother got on mrwhiteman and he let me pm tanyia then my ip was banned yes i AM guilty of abuse but i will never abuse anyone again or disobey any rules please let me play give me another chance please