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  1. Wedding Invitation To All

    grats! It's about time you stepped up Scorp.
  2. Who is your arch enemy?

    Echo. She's like way cuter than I am.
  3. The Cadaver Calculater

    lol I noticed that your weight matters also, I left all my answers the same but went from slim/slender to average, then overweight then obese my price went up.
  4. The Cadaver Calculater

    Congratulations, your dead body is worth $4175! Doesn't that make you feel great? ...yes. Yes it does.
  5. How old are you?

    28 one of the few grown true-fems in game (beer = edit)
  6. Whats your reason?

    My first character was named Annaniiah (I have no clue where that came from). I then realized there were many Ann's out there and people complained to me about how difficult it was to pm me. When I thought hard about what name to change to, well... I wanted something fem, but also something that made a statement of sorts. I chose Sin because it suits me in so many strange and unusual ways. (Edit spelling)
  7. Nuggets

    I am posting this just to give people a heads up when dealing with Nuggets. Imo he either wanted to use me as an experiment to see if I'd die, or he wanted whatever I would drop. Either way I felt I should share with others so that people are informed. [09:16:05] [PM from Nuggets: i need a body guard] [09:16:18] [PM from Nuggets: to the lily pad place] [09:16:20] [PM to Nuggets: haha] [09:16:32] [PM from Nuggets: what?] [09:16:34] [PM to Nuggets: and what's the lily pad place/] [09:17:07] [PM from Nuggets: where you click on the lily pad and it takes you to a secret place] [09:17:15] [PM to Nuggets: a secret place?] [09:17:22] [PM to Nuggets: what's in there?] [09:17:49] [PM from Nuggets: a npc that wants to kill you] [09:18:01] [PM to Nuggets: umm then why would I go there? ] [09:18:06] [PM from Nuggets: can you kill him?] [09:18:43] [PM from Nuggets: he is a noob in there] [09:18:58] [PM to Nuggets: who's a noob?] [09:19:07] [PM from Nuggets: the npc ] [09:19:20] [PM to Nuggets: oh the npc? so if I dress up in good armor I can kill him ] [09:19:26] [PM to Nuggets: does he carry anything good ] [09:19:50] [PM from Nuggets: dont know but if you die i will get your stuff] [09:20:07] [PM from Nuggets: wait no he doas not] [09:20:21] [PM to Nuggets: who does not what?] [09:20:39] [PM from Nuggets: he does not have enything on] [09:20:51] [PM to Nuggets: so that means I can really beat him?] [09:21:13] [PM from Nuggets: i guess ] [09:21:33] [PM from Nuggets: come on i will get your stuf if you die ] [09:21:42] [PM from Nuggets: i promise] [09:21:44] [PM to Nuggets: maybe I should try without any stuff so I don't lose anything] [09:21:51] [PM from Nuggets: ok ] [09:22:13] [PM from Nuggets: might want to bring a weapon] [09:22:20] [PM from Nuggets: go to docks ] [09:22:32] [PM to Nuggets: hmmm what kind of weapon? ] [09:22:38] [PM from Nuggets: eny] [09:23:17] [PM from Nuggets: come with me] [09:23:35] [PM to Nuggets: Nuggets, you do realize that I know about the *co* cave, which is what you call the lilly pad secret?] [09:23:47] [PM from Nuggets: nope] [09:24:07] [PM from Nuggets: so will you help me?] [09:24:27] [PM to Nuggets: no. The NPC that is down there is very powerful, it can kill pretty much anyone.] [09:24:48] [PM to Nuggets: I saw it killed only once and that was when I helped Mufossa do so. And even he had to flee] I didn't hear a thing from him after this. So, even if he didn't know, just make sure if he tries to take you somewhere that he understands where and what more fully, or that you do.
  8. It's a Dragon!

    lol hades, you'll confuse people....
  9. It's a Dragon!

    sorry, I didn't look... I was just happy about the fun we had and wanted to share.
  10. It's a Dragon!

    WooT! I saw a dragon and helped to kill it!! Well, helped as in I harmed it a bit... did the cheerleader thing... wooted a lot :> The Dragon is absolutely beautiful!!! Not only beautiful but fun!! TY so very much for this Edit: note the dragon scale, It's hawt \o/
  11. Bots channel

    I think it's an excellent idea! I do almost all my buying and selling through bots, I have many times wished for a bot channel.
  12. IF i could

    Without a doubt, Hatshepsut. Edit: if you don't know, google.
  13. getting rid of perks

    To be able to reverse a perk without reset would be great, but wouldn't that mean you spend the pick points to get it, then you spend more to get rid of it? Like I get one perk for 3 picks and some gc, then decide I don't like it, then spend so many more to get rid of it... that would be wasting quite a lot of precious pick points. In that case reset would be a better idea than say wasting 10 pick points acquiring and discarding a perk. I like the idea, but I know that myself and many others wouldn't necessarily have so many free pick points to throw around, making reset necessary even with this idea in place.
  14. Adaanu

    As Reni made it perfectly clear, more than once, it's not about the spawn so much as the insult. (A very childish one at that) Glad to see Reni is still handling herself as always, a lady.
  15. Funny alien

    my favorite part is when he's flying backward, lol the third time he flings his arms open I laugh so hard everytime EDIT: love this song btw