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  1. Who the hell are you?

    i get an alt on pk, so now i have 2 chars -rurdy -babaroga cheers!
  2. --> don't change anything on pk serv <--
  3. pk action on the pk server

  4. Daily Quests

    I love daily quests! It's fun, but i am not sure how it will affect the pk server I came back in EL 2 days ago, and I'll play only on pk serv, so for me - go, go daily quests! ) greets
  5. A passive mail system on PK server

    voted yes
  6. Who the hell are you?

    main serv: mc_boca pk serv: rurdy and I dont have any alts... i didny play el for some time, and now i am playing only at pk serv, main is kinda boring... -boca
  7. Do you want Trade bots on PK server

    yepp mc_boca -rurdy on pk
  8. THC

    It sounds like very nice guild, and i like name of it THC heh have luck
  9. CA$H is back and recruiting

    make it hot.... for you.... or for others.... we will see...
  10. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    In this moment: Blackmore's Night - Ghost Of A Rose and some old songs of serbian rock group EKV (Ekatarina Velika) like: krug, tonemo, neko nas posmatra, idemo... i mean, ALL THEIR SONGS, they will live forever...
  11. hey, hey all of you i am back in the game with mc_boca, i am unlocked and my guild TNT is still alive, so my guild mates, friends in rl wanna start great new season in EL and we want to make our guild bigger... Everyone are welcome,who wanna fun with us, work together, and make great time in el... after more than year non-playing el i am bk, and my desire for it has grown so cya in the game... 4real -boca
  12. The El Theater needs performers!

    hehe i have one idea i will act some bag jumper, so u put ur stuff in bag than move, and ill get it, than u can swear or something and we will make great preformance, but ill keep stuff ofc hehe kidding...not...
  13. Did you always want to be an all arounder?

    when i started to play i was first wanted to be mage, but it was hard from begining, than i start fith attack/def, and than i met blodoks, he shows me how to play El and some stuff, so after that i wanted to be alc or manu but i am still all arounder and its pretty cool for u to do all the things, u can make armor, than use it in fight, heal, cast spells... i think that when u are strong enough in all skills, than u are good player, but its great to be specialist in some skill and to be the best ofc, but for me not, i like to role play, make allot of fun, and i am all arounder in my heart and btw i was locked for a year and now i am unlocked again, so cya in the game... again
  14. mc_boca

    Ok thanks. Il be good